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Lemons, empty chairs and Batman: Poll-bound Karnataka heats up as BJP-Congress trade potshots on Twitter

As the political campaign gathers steam in poll-bound Karnataka, the politi-speak is turning shriller by the day. Both Congress and the BJP are busy campaigning across the length and breadth of the state as their leaders take potshots at one another. Meanwhile, a Twitter war of sorts has escalated between the parties, each mocking the other with parodies, memes and GIFs, accompanied by barbed words.

BJP's Karnataka unit hit out at Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday for campaigning with a lemon in hand and challenged his atheist/ secular/ anti-superstition credentials.

Siddaramaiah was quick to respond, and bash the BJP. He accused the party of spreading fake news on anti-superstition law and claimed that the lemon was handed to him as part of a welcome ritual. But the BJP was prepared with old visuals of Siddaramaiah holding a lemon while taking over as the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

And the saffron party had this to say on the fake news barb.

The two parties also exchanged barbs on footfall at campaign rallies. While Siddaramaiah tweeted out a news article claiming repsonse to one of BJP president Amit Shah's rally was tepid, BJP claimed that the Karnataka chief minister had only learnt 'division' (of votes) in school.

The BJP also took potshots at Congress president Rahul Gandhi who has been campaigning and had targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP repeatedly. The party used a visual from the movie Batman Begins to mock the Gandhi scion for his social media attacks on the party.

Rahul tweeted a patched up video of sections of Modi's speech and some funny reactions as he called the prime minister the king of misinformation.

Meanwhile, the Congress also tweeted out infographics slamming Narendra Modi while highlighting the development work undertaken by the Siddaramaiah government.

Updated Date: Apr 04, 2018 20:10 PM

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