India Today Maha pre-poll survey live: BJP to win a whopping 133 seats

9.10 pm: BJP to win a whopping 133 seats?

The India Today-CICERO polls revealed that it would be the BJP who would take the cake if the votes were held today with a whopping 133 seats.

The Shiv Sena would get 54 seats, the Congress would get 30 seats, the NCP would get 33 seats and the MNS would get 14.

The BJP seat number crosses t he best ever number the BJP got in Maharashtra. It was 64.

BJP's Sheshadri Chari said, "What were the strong bastions of the Congress and the NCP are not going to the Sena or the MNS. At the grassroots level we are hearing of a sea change."

Meanwhile Congress' Mani Shankar Aiyar said he would rather wait for the real results. "There are at least two alternative surveys that predict that the BJP would not get more than 90 seats and the Congress would get 72 seats. The field is completely open as of now. I am willing to wait," he said.

8.50 pm: In Mumbai BJP is the favourite not Sena

In Mumbai BJP and Shiv Sena were neck to neck for favourite parties with 23% and 22% of the votes respectively. Only 13% voted for Congress and the same percentage voted for NCP.

Given Shiv Sena is a local party, the BJP has moved a step ahead of it. Journalist Siddharth Bhatia says, "Maharashtrians are saying enough is enough what did you for the Marasthi Manoos? Where are the jobs? Where is the direction they will shift? It is only one option."

8.38 pm: Corruption biggest issue on minds of Maha voters

The pre-poll survey shows that corruption seems to be the biggest issue on the minds of the people in Maharashtra with 17% choosing the option when asked about the critical issues needed to be dealt with in the state.

It was followed by 15% voting for water scarcity, 14% said electricty and another 14% said roads.

Siddharth Bhatia says ,"It is a message for the next government that if you arte seen indulging in corruption you will be in trouble."

However, Aiyar dismissed it saying, "It is a serious issue and one that really needs to be tackled. But if anyone sees reaction to Jayalalithaa's arrest people wonder if corruption is only on minds of TV anchors."

8.24 pm: 31% happy with Modi at Centre, 50% not ok with Chavan govt

The survey reveals that 31% of the people of Maharashtra thought that the performance of the Narendra Modi government was better than expectations, 43% said that it was as per expectations and only 18% said that it was less than their expectations.

Meanwhile, when it came to the Prithviraj Chavan government 45% of the respondents said they were satisfied and 50% said they were dissatisfied.

Congress' Mani Shankar Aiyar says, "It suggests that Mr Modi has continued to befool the people. If 45% of the people are satisfied with Chavan's government, then the numbers would rise during polling."

However BJP's Sheshadri Chari said, "When it comes to issues my party is the best choice for you. This is a win win situation for the BJP."

8.11 pm: Is lack of leadership forcing BJP to not project a particular leader?

Political Analyst Manisha Priyam says that the BJP's strengths lie in strong chief ministers. "This would be a new scenario that the party is saying that they would win without a CM candidate."

However Surjeet Bhalla says it is not surprising that the BJP don't have a strong leader right now. "That is why they are running on Modi's fame."

8.08 pm: BJP still biggest favourite for CM candidate

Right before the first big elections after the Lok Sabha Polls, the India Today-CICERO pre-poll survey has found that 18% of respondents want anyone from the BJP to be chief minister. 16% chose Uddhav Thackeray, 11% voted for Nitin Gadkari, 9% said Prithviraj Chavan, 6% for Sharad Pawar and 5% chose Raj Thackeray.

7.41 pm: Who are the favourites in Maharashtra's five cornered contest?

All eyes are on Maharashtra as the state goes to vote for its Assembly on 15 October 2014, more so because the political equations in the state changed drastically with the two major alliances crumbled at the eleventh hour before the deadline of filing nominations expired. This triggered a massive switching of parties as leaders scrambled in search of a weightier option. Ahead of the elections, Maharashtra today stands on the threshold of quagmire politics and nothing is certain until the results are officially out on 19 October. Amid this uncertainty, the India Today group in a pre-poll survey tries to figure out the favourites.

First it was the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance that broke over seat sharing followed by the controversy regarding the chief ministerial candidate. Cracks had appeared in the ties right after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power.

 India Today Maha pre-poll survey live: BJP to win a whopping 133 seats

Representational image. AFP

An earlier Firstpost article points out that "the final straw that broke the back of the BJP-Sena electoral camel: the Bhusawal assembly constituency in Jalgaon district, which belonged to the Shiv Sena under the old seat sharing agreement, "The BJP had promised the seat to the constituency’s current MLA and ex-minister, Sanjay Savkare, who left the NCP recently to join the party," Mid-Day reports."

The BJP's bone of contention also lay on the fact that to provide them the number of seats they wanted the Shiv Sena was cutting out seats for smaller allies. More so because these allies were forged recently.

Then came the split between the ruling NCP and Congress parties. After the split chief minister Prithviraj Chavan resigned.

Firing a salvo at his estranged ally Chavan, NCP president Sharad Pawar had criticised him for not having a "coalition mindset" and accused him of indulging in "diversionary tactics".

To further add to this contest is MNS. After the break up with BJP, the Shiv Sena did try a patch up with the party, but however that too fizzled out.

Updated Date: Oct 09, 2014 22:29:38 IST