Giriraj Singh calls for law to curb population to 'save India's democracy from growing divisive forces'

Giriraj Singh's comment comes hours after he triggered a controversy by tweeting that the country might witness another partition in 2047.

Asian News International September 16, 2018 21:28:43 IST

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Union minister Giriraj Singh on Sunday said that the government must formulate a law to curb the population if it has to save "India's democracy from the growing divisive forces".

File image of Union minister Giriraj Singh. PTI

"The population of the country in 1947 was only 33 crores. However, it has gone up to 135 crores in 2018. The Hindu population is witnessing a sharp decline. Neither social equitability nor any kind of development is possible if the population is not brought under control," Singh told ANI.

"Most countries, apart from a few, have a law regarding population control. In India, it had not been possible because of vote bank politics. In order to save the democracy, there has to be a law," he added.

Singh's comment comes hours after he triggered a controversy by tweeting that the country might witness another partition in 2047 akin to that of 1947, on grounds of religion.

"The country was divided in 1947 on the basis of religion. A similar situation will happen in 2047. In 72 years, the population has gone up from 33 crore to 135.7 crore. The population explosion of divisive forces is dreadful. At present there is an uproar over discussion on (Article) 35A. It will become impossible to even mention about Bharat in the times to come (sic)," his tweet read.

In July, Singh accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of conspiring to divide the nation and influencing the Muslim intellectuals to do the same.

Updated Date: September 16, 2018 21:28:43 IST

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