Gadkari wife, sons had shares in Purti: Was Gurumurthy too hasty?

As the pressure for BJP President President, Nitin Gadkari grows, there is more uncomfortable news that the Economic Times has reported today.

The paper reports clear instances where there are direct linkages between Gadkari and the holding companies, through family members and aides. "They include his wife Kanchan, sons Nikhil and Sarang, nephew Sandip Bhurchandi, vice-chairman of Purti Jaykumar Varma and driver Manohar Panse."

The documents from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs show that all these family members were at some point shareholders or directors and that they continue to have substantial investments in Purti and Mahatma Sugar and Power Limited, another company set up by Gadkari.

Well known for his forensic accounting skills, Gurumurthy might have bungled this one. Reuters

This contradicts RSS ideologue and charted accountant, S Gurumuthy's 'clean chit' who had been asked by the Sangh founthead to probe charges against BJP President Nitin Gadkari. He had said he had found “no moral or legal wrongdoing” in Purti Group’s funding and alleged that the media is giving the issue a political colour.

In a letter to the BJP President, Gurumurthy emphasised that he has given a clean chit to the beleagured BJP leader. He said he stood by the views he had expressed at the BJP Core Committee meeting on November 6 after which the party had expressed its full faith in Gadkari.

Earlier Firstpost's Venky Vembu had called out the business of in-house clean chits. While Gurumurthy had made his name in the late 1980s, working alongside the Indian Express, when they unravelled the maze of shell companies and other corporate sleights of hand that underlay Dhirubhai Ambani’s Reliance empire, which had been built by taking liberties with the law and by brazenly bending rules and regulations, it seems more than a bit sad, that it has perhaps become legitimate now.

Updated Date: Nov 25, 2012 12:32 PM