From ‘Tarun go go’ to ‘dictator’: Who said what in the run up to Assam Assembly Election 2016

As it happens with every election, there has been much political mud-slinging this time around too. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi threw themselves into the fray in support of the respective BJP and Congress candidates and verbally attacked each other. Here’s the pick of the most notable statements:

BJP President Amit Shah. Reuters

BJP President Amit Shah. Reuters

Time to throw shade
“Who is BadruddinAjmal?”
This was Tarun Gogoi’s response to a question on whether the party will ally with AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal.

Invoking Gandhi
“The RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) people have spread out in the entire state and are quietly campaigning for the BJP. The BJP is a communal party with people like Nathuram Godse, the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, becoming its inspiration. This is BJP's actual face," said Gaurav Gogoi in his public address in Tengajan.

Nagpur vs Italy
“What does BJP want in Assam? First they will come and ask for your votes and then Assam will not be run from here, but will be run from Nagpur or the Prime Minister's Office,” said Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi while addressing a poll rally in Karbi district.

“Rahul Gandhi says that if BJP forms government in Assam, it will be run by RSS from Nagpur...What about 10 years of the UPA government which was being run from Italy?” BJP president Amit Shah at poll rallies in Barak Valley.

Tarun Gogoi vs Narendra Modi

“Tarun Gogoi will turn 90 soon...Some people came to me and said we have a problem with the alphabet ‘I’, and so from now on, they told me they would say Tarun Gogo..Go Go..”
- Narendra Modi

“Modi has become such a big dictator that he comes to Assam and insults me on my soil.”
- Tarun Gogoi, who according to poll affidavits, is 80 years old


Updated Date: Apr 03, 2016 17:36 PM

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