EC studying EVMs with voter-verifiable paper option

Ahmedabad: The Election Commission of India (ECI) is carrying out a study to check the feasibility of introducing EVMs with voter-verifiable paper print trail, an ECI official said in Ahmedabad.

"After a meeting with all the political parties, it was discussed whether a voter-verifiable paper print trail machine can be introduced to increase the level of voter's confidence. In the wake of their request, the ECI is conducting a feasibility study," ECI Director General Akshay Raut said on Saturday.

 EC studying EVMs with voter-verifiable paper option

Electronic Voting Machines. AFP

Raut was replying to a media query over the possibility of introduction of Paper Audit Trail Machines during elections in India, in the wake of controversy over the performance of electronic voting machines.

Several political parties have time and again raised questions on the possibility of tampered EVMs. The ECI has denied the charge and said EVMs are absolutely tamper proof and voter-friendly.

"The Commission—administratively, legally and technically—is absolutely assured that EVMs are tamper proof and voter-friendly," Raut said.

"The feasibility study is being done to check whether it was technically feasible," he said while referring to paper trail machines, where voters could cross-check that the vote cast by them electronically on EVMs was the same as appearing on paper.

"Once the feasibility study is done, then only we can say something on it," he said.

An independent committee is studying the feasibility on whether improvements should be made in EVMs, Raut said.


Updated Date: Nov 25, 2012 12:02:07 IST