Delhi Live: Kejriwal will not hold any portfolios, says Manish Sisodia

4.30 pm: Kejriwal won't keep any portfolios, says Deputy CM Sisodia

Addressing a press conference, Delhi's Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that he will hold finance, education and revenue portfolios while Jitender Singh Tomar will be in charge of law and justice, home, tourism, art and culture.

Manisha Sisodia, however, clarified that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal will not hold any portfolios. Kejriwal will focus on communicating with people, Sisodia added.

Kejriwal's first cabinet meeting rescheduled for Monday

15:22 Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had to cancel his first cabinet meeting, scheduled for 4:30 pm today as he is still running a fever. According to TV  reports, the cabinet meeting has been rescheduled for Monday.

CNN IBN reported that the cabinet portfolio's will now be allocated only at the cabinet meeting on Monday.

14:22 Will not tolerate politics of hatred, says Kejriwal on church attacks

Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in as Delhi's chief minister in a public ground filled with thousands of his supporters, wearing boat-shaped white caps emblazoned with the words: "I am a common man."

He said there had been a spate of attacks on churches in recent days and his administration would move quickly to ensure the capital remains safe for people of all faiths.

"Some people are trying to stir up politics of hatred. We will not tolerate this," he said.

On Friday, people broke into a Christian school in south Delhi, stole some money, damaged closed-circuit television cameras and ransacked parts of the building.

It was the sixth attack on a Christian building in the city, prompting Modi to summon the city police chief and ask him to tighten security around religious places.

Modi's rivals, however, say he is not doing enough to rein in the hardliners in his Hindu nationalist party and affiliate groups who have been quarrelling with Muslim and Christian groups over religious conversions. ( With inputs from Agencies)

'Mukhyamantri Arvind Kejriwal ki Jai, Aam Aadmi zindabad' chant Delhi's autowallahs as Kejriwal leaves Ramlila Maidan

13:33 As a sea of people are leaving Ramlila Ground, a large group of Delhi's Autowallahs, the real support base of AAP  come from different corners of Delhi.

"We're here to be a part of this historical moment. We pray Arvindji not to leave government this time. We know they will do justice and fulfill promises the party has made to voters. We Autowallahs are confident that as CM he'll solve our problem and stop the police harrasment we face," Auto driver of Kalkaji Santosh Kumar told FP.

Supporting him other Autowallahs raised slogan "Mukhyamantri Arvind Kejriwal ki Jai, Aam Aadmi zindabad".

13: 20 Kejriwal ends speech with Manna Dey Song

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal capped his speech at his oath-taking ceremony by singing a few lines of a song of brotherhood - the same Manna Dey song which the AAP leader sang at the Ramlila Maidan in 2013.

"Insaan se insaan ka ho bhaichara, yehi hai paigam hamara (People should have brotherly relations, this is our message)," he sang to loud cheers.

"Har ek mahal se kaho ke/ Jhopdiyo me diye jalaye/ Chhoto aur bado me ab/ Koi phark nahi rah jaye. (Every palace should light up lamps in huts, and there should be no differences between rich and poor)."

The revolutionary song, sung by Manna Dey and penned by Pradeep, is from an old Bollywood film, "Paigham".

When Kejriwal sang a song during his oath-taking ceremony in 2013, he broke convention as it was quite unlike what any chief minister has done in India until then.

On Saturday, he once again struck a chord with the 'aam aadmi' by singing the song.

Don't judge me by hours, judge me by years, Kejriwal urges Delhiites
13:16 Despite a sore throat, Kejriwal ended his speech with the ' Insaan ka insaan se' song. He had sung the same song when he took oath as Delhi's CM back in 2013. He reiterated that AAP will make Delhi the first corruption-free city and promised the crowd that their taxes will not be wasted.He also made a strong demand for full statehood in Delhi.

He also reached out to his volunteers and said that he would not accept any form of hooliganism or arrogance from his party members.

Kejriwal said: "The decision to fight polls across the country after winning 28 seats in the last assembly polls was a result of our arrogance. And we could see the results."

"We should not become arrogant after winning 67 out of 70 sets in the assembly this time," he said.

The chief minister said he could see a little arrogance in some leaders when they said on television that "we will fight polls in other states".

"This is not right. Why did Congress lose, they had become arrogant. The BJP which got such a massive mandate in Lok Sabha polls in May, but this time (assembly elections) it lost due to arrogance,” he said.

“I have decided and God has told me, I will only be in Delhi for the next five years and fulfill my responsibility,” Kejriwal added.

13:10 Will make Delhi corruption free in five years: Kejriwal

Speaking to tens and thousands of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporters at the Ramlila Maidan where he along with six others were sworn in, Kejriwal said: "I remember, during Anna (Hazare) agitation we asked for a corruption-free India. Even our opposition agreed that during our 49 days rule, we were able to end corruption in Delhi.

"Now, we are much more confident. We will make Delhi India's first corruption free state," Kejriwal said to thunderous applause.

Kejriwal promises to end VIP culture after taking oath as CM
13: 04 Addressing the crowds at Ramlila Maidan, Arvind Kejriwal said it's a miracle that people from all caste and class voted for AAP in such huge numbers. "Did not know Delhi loved us so much. But this also means that we must check our ego and arrogance for arrogance will not let us achieve our mission," said Kejriwal.

Refuting claims that AAP will now go campaigning across India, Kejriwal said " I have heard that we will fight elections in other states. This is not right. For the next five years I will just serve Delhi and within these five years I can say with confidence that I will remove corruption."

These are the highlights from Kejriwal's speech
1. Will restart anti-corruption phone line and ensure Delhi becomes corruption free in five years
2. If anyone offers a bribes, take note of it, record it on your phone and bring it to me. Will launch strict probe
3. Delhi police is not under Delhi government but we can make sure people from all religions and castes feel secure
4.Kejriwal refuted all rumours that AAP will contest elections in other states as well.
5. Will pass Jan Lokpal Bill as soon as possible and will fight for Delhi's complete statehood, promises Kejriwal
6. Women security, cheap water and electricity, is my priority and I will make sure your money is not stolen, says Kejriwal while urge people to pay their taxes
7. Kejriwal wants an end to the VIP culture in Delhi

"We want to stop this VIP culture. Do you like it when a minister is travelling and roads are blocked and traffic jammed for an hour?

"I came to know in European countries, prime ministers are seen standing at bus stops. We need such type of culture. It will take time. But we will do it," Kejriwal said, addressing thousands of AAP supporters at the sprawling Ramlila Maidan after taking oath as Delhi's chief minister.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal was Saturday sworn in as Delhi's chief minister by Lt Governor Najeeb Jung at the Ramlila Maidan in the heart of the capital.

12: 10 pm The swearing-in ceremony has begun. The crowds at Ramlila Maidan roar as Arvind Kejriwal entered Ramlila Maidan while the live band played the national anthem. Chief Secretary D.M. Spolia announced that the President has appointed Arvind Kejriwal as the Delhi Chief Minister.

After Kejriwal's swearing in, Manish Sasodia took oath as Delhi's Deptu CM, followed by Asim Ahmed Khan and Sandeep Kumar.

"The colour of Valentine's Day is evident at Ramlila Maidan. There are heart shaped placards on which it's written "Arvind Kejriwal we love you" are visible," reports Firspost's Debobrat Ghose. While most AAP activists and supporters were from Delhi, large numbers also came from other states, particularly neighbouring Haryana. Many in the gathering waved the Indian tricolour and others the AAP flag. Many held large photographs of Kejriwal, who led the AAP to a thumping win in the Delhi assembly election, sweeping 67 of the 70 seats.

Kejriwal arrives for swearing-in, sea of topi-walas cheer him at Ramlila
11:45 am   Arvind Kejriwal with a muffler wrapped around home has reached Ramlila Maidan in a  grey-black Toyota Innova, flanked by his trusted lieutenant Manish Sisodia and others like Kumar Vishwas and his colleagues to be a part of his cabinet.

There is massive sloganeering welcoming Kejriwal.

Historical Ramlila Maidan is in a festive mood, completely  ready to welcome the grand swearing-in ceremony of Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal as the new CM and his team. People are pouring in large numbers. There is  sea of people wearing AAP's white topi from one end to other. Simultaneouly, there's a massive security cover wth persönnel frm Delhi Police, BSF, CRPF, SSB etc, reports Firstpost's Debobrat Ghose from Ramlila Maidan.

Kejriwal, wife Sunita leave for Ramlila, Modi to skip swearing-in

11:05 am Aam Aadmi Chief Arvind Kejriwal along with his wife Sunita have left for the swearing-in ceremony which will be held at Ramlila Maidan at noon.  Around 3,000 security personnel have been deployed at the venue. 50 CCTV cameras and 12 LCD screens have also been installed to ensure that no untoward incident takes place. Despite running high fever for the last two days, Kejriwal will chair a cabinet meeting at the Delhi secretariat soon after being sworn in as Delhi's CM.

Meanwhile,  the 'AAP Cola' being  distributed at Kejriwal's swearing in seems to be dominating the conversation on Twitter.  The drink is being distributed free of cost at the venue. The brand will be launched in the market tomorrow.

Kejriwal to take oath at noon, Modi to skip swearing-in
10:29 am  Even though Arvind kejriwal is running a high fever, he will take oath as Delhi's CM at the Ramlila ground at 12 noon.Reports say Kejriwal will leave his residence at 11:30 am and after the oath taking ceremony he will head to the Delhi secretariat where he will hold a cabinet meeting.

Six other Aam Aadmi Party leaders - Manish Sisodia, Asim Ahmed Khan, Sandeep Kumar, Satyendar Jain, Gopal Rai and Jitender Singh Tomar will also be sworn-in as ministers. Kejriwal is expected to share his government's priorities after taking oath.

Kejriwal is expected to keep the key portfolios of Home, Power and Finance with himself, while giving Education, PWD and Urban Development to his confidante Manish Sisodia, who will also be the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi.

Meanwhile AAP has invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi, members of the Union Cabinet and opposition leaders like Ajay Maken and Kiran Bedi for the ceremony. Manish Sisodia, who is tipped to be deputy chief minister, said many of those people have sent regrets as they have other plans, including the PM.

10.15 am: Kiran Bedi tweets saying it is a day of celebration and reflection

BJP's CM candidate Kiran Bedi, who lost the Delhi election from Krishnanagar tweeted out that today (Kejriwal's swearing-in) is about celebration and reflection. Check out her tweet below:

10.00 am: It's an AAP mela at Ramlila grounds According to Firstpost's, Tarique Anwar, the entire area around Ramlila ground is filled with hoardings congratulating Kejriwal and his team for their stunning victory and wishing them good luck. The signature AAP cap is a common sight everywhere in Delhi right now and people are flocking towards the ground from different directions in large numbers. A large number of people can be seen in AAP caps carrying national flag and chanting slogans like Bharat Mata Ki Jai at metro stations like Central Secretariat and Rajiv Chowk, says our reporter.

9.55 am:No Rajghat visit for Kejriwal who is seriously unwell Arvind Kejriwal will not go to Rajghat as he is down with fever. According to team of doctors who is examining his health said his temperature is still high as is his sugar level, reports Firstpost's Tarique Anwar. He is expected to go to secretariat for a short to assume office. He won't hold a cabinet meeting today either.

9.30 am:  Gopal Rai to ANI: Will take forward honest work culture Gopal Rai, first-time AAP MLA is likely to be appointed minister of Transport and Labour. He told ANI, "The campaign of good intention & honest work culture that we undertook in the 49 day govt we will take that forward." Satyendra Jain who has been appointed Minister of Health and Industry told ANI that all 67 MLAs will be given responsibilities. He said the priority is to fulfill promises that we made to the people.

14 February 8.20 am: It's going to be a sweet Valentine's Day to remember for AAP and Arvind Kejriwal  The AAP chief will be sworn in as Delhi's Chief Minister today at 10.30 am. According to Firstpost's Tarique Anwar, the common man including NDMC's safai employees view him as their CM. One employee told Firstpost, “He (Kejriwal) is our CM. He has given us honour by selecting the broom as his party’s symbol. He is someone who at least talks about us.” Read the full story here. Kejriwal is expected to leave his house at Kaushambi in UP’s Ghaziabad. As he is down with fever, he will not take the metro. He will take the road route and go in a car. AAP's MLAs won't use the VVIP enclosure. AAP’s Deepak Vajpayee told Firstpost, “We are aam aadmi (common man) and therefore, our MLAs will not use the VIP enclosure. The area will be used by the guests invited by the lieutenant governor and central government.” End of updates for 13 February 2015.

4.45 pm: Down with fever, Kejriwal to travel by car to Ramlila Maidan Unlike last time, Kejriwal will not be taking the Metro, a move that had drawn a lot of criticism from the people. A party member, involved in preparations related to the ceremony at his residence in Kaushambi, said that since Kejriwal is down with fever, he has decided to go by car. "He is not well today and may not be well enough to ride in Metro tomorrow. So he would take road route tomorrow," the AAP member said. "He (Kejriwal) may leave home around 10.30 am from home along with his family. Traffic police would be escorting him via Barakhambha road," a police official said, adding that he would be accorded "CM route protocol". - PTI

2.00 pm: Willing opted out of Delhi cabinet, says Somnath Bharti After being dropped out of the new Arvind Kejriwal-led cabinet, former AAP minister Somnath Bharti today said he had willingly decided not to take any responsibility because he wants to focus on building his constituency as a model one. "Let me put all speculations to rest. I have willingly opted not to take any responsility in the government and not because I possess any demerit. "I want to focus on building my constituency as a model one and utilise all my time and energy for the same," the Malviya Nagar MLA tweeted. Party sources, however, told PTI that Bharti will be kept away from the cabinet till his name is cleared from the case relating to a midnight raid on the house of African women.

12.00 pm: Centre recommends revocation of President's Rule in Delhi The Union Cabinet today recommended the revocation of President's Rule in Delhi paving the way for the Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal to be sworn-in tomorrow. The swearing in ceremony will take place at 11 am on Saturday at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan. Kejriwal had issued a video urging Delhiities to come and attend the ceremony, saying "each on you will be the Chief Minister of Delhi." AAP stormed to power in a historic verdict winning 67 of the 70 Assembly seats.

10:00 am: What did PM Modi tell Kejriwal during their meeting? Nothing is permanent in democracy According to one report, the Kejriwal-Modi meet on Thursday went so well that the Prime Minister has hinted at meeting the state government's demands for greater co-operation would be met. Or did he? The India Today report that during the conversation between the two leaders, potential deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, said that two governments could work together saying that the central government could handle the nation while they should be allowed to run the city. "Nothing is permanent in democracy, We'll think about it," Modi reportedly told him. So does this mean a new era of co-operation between the Centre and state government, full statehood even? Or was the Prime Minister just giving them some sound political advice?

End of updates for 12 February 2.40 pm: Did not resign, Maken slams news channel Congress leader Ajay Maken took on news channel NewsX for misquoting him saying he was not going to resign after former CM Sheila Diskhit's remarks. "No question of leaving Congress," Maken told TimesNOW.

2:00 pm: Maken to resign after Dikshit's comments? Congress' Delhi leader Ajay Maken is reportedly very hurt after former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit pinned the blame  for the party's loss in the Assembly Polls on the former. News X, quoting sources, reported that Maken wants to resign from the party after Dikshit said he lost focus and never took the party forward.

1.30 pm: Sheila Dikshit breaks silence, slams Ajay Maken Former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit broke her silence on the Congress party's massive drubbing in the Delhi Assembly elections pinning the blame on party leader Ajay Maken. "I pity him... that's all I can say... Maken was the campaign head, it should have been aggressive, he should have conveyed the work done by party. He lost focus and never took us along," Dikshit said, adding that last minutes changes by the campaign committee hurt the party. "Ajay Maken coming in, Lovely not contesting, confused the Congress workers," she said. The three-time CM also hit out at at Maken for his remarks about her government's decisions on regularisations of illegal colonies as well as power tariffs. In January this year, Maken had said her tenure has now come to an end, signaling a generation shift. "Every person has an era of glory which also comes to an end." "Those remarks came back to hurt him... and not just him, they hurt the party too... Every family or party goes through a generation shift... it's normal.. but were those remarks needed before an election?"

11.30 am: PM said he will think about full statehood for Delhi, says AAP Aam Aadmi Party leader Manish Sisodia today said that Minister Narendra Modi has assured that his government will look into the demand of granting Delhi full statehood. "We spoke to the PM about the benefits of full statehood, such as safety and better civic administration.. he heard us out and said he will think about it," Sisodia told ANI. Sisodia also said that the Prime Minister congratulated them saying it was a golden opportunity for the development of Delhi. On whether Modi would be attending the swearing-in ceremony, Sisodia said: "We invited him to attend the ceremony but he will not be able to due to prior committments."

 Delhi Live: Kejriwal will not hold any portfolios, says Manish Sisodia

Delhi CM-elect Arvind Kejriwal in a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PIB

10: 45 am: Told PM there's a golden opportunity to develop Delhi, says Sisodia Manish Sisodia met with the press after the meeting with Prime Minister but refused to comment on the cabinet of the new AAP government in Delhi. However, he did speak about what they had spoken about with the Prime Minister. Sisodia told reporters that they had a good talk with the Prime Minister and told him that there is a full majority government in Delhi and the centre and it was a golden opportunity for them to develop the national capital. He also confirmed that the Prime Minister wouldn't be able to attend the swearing in ceremony due to a prior commitment.

10:40 Kejriwal leaves after meeting with Modi They were all smiles when they met for the first time despite having engaged in verbal spats in the past. After almost a half hour meeting, Kejriwal has now left the Prime Minister's residence.

 10.10 am: Modi to skip Kejriwal's swearing-in ceremony Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be attending Arvind Kejriwal's swearing-in ceremony on 14 February, news reports have said. Modi is expected to be attending an event in NCP supremo Sharad Pawar's Baramati constituency on the same day.

10.05 am: Kejriwal sends out personal invite to Delhiites In an audio message released this morning, Delhi CM-elect Arvind Kerjiwal asked every Delhiite to come to Ramlila Maidan and join him in the oath-taking ceremony. "This is your swearing-in ceremony... every Delhiite will be CM," Kejriwal said. Promising to bring about change in the national capital, Kejriwal said his government will do all it takes to make the city a much better city. He also congratulated everyone for winning the election saying "those who keep trying will never face defeat."

9.47 am: Delhi to get its youngest Assembly ever Delhi is all set to get its youngest Assembly with the average age at 42 years, primarily due to 28 newly-elected MLAs, who fall in the 25-40 years age bracket, a 35 percent rise as compared to the last Assembly. According to a report by the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR), in the 2013 Assembly, 18 MLAs fell in that 25-40 age group. 26-year-old Prakash Jarwal of Aam Aadmi Party, who won from the Deoli constituency, is the youngest legislator whereas Patel Nagar MLA Hazari Lal Chauhan (66) is the oldest. AAP's Ritu Raj Govind (26), Rakhi Birla (27), and Sarita Singh (28) representing Kirari, Mangolpuri and Rohtas Nagar constituencies respectively, are among the younger candidates to have been elected to the Delhi House. There are a total of 13 MLAs who fall in the bracket of 25-35 years followed by 28 MLAs in the 36-45 year age bracket. Only 2 MLAs fell in the 66-75 years age group whereas the report said that one MLA fell in the "unknown age" category, down from two in the previous election in 2013. The percentage of MLAs aged between 25 and 50 is 70 this time as compared to 57 and 41 in 2013 and 2008, respectively.

9.30 am: Kejriwal leaves for 7 Race Course, hundreds gather to greet him Delhi CM-elect Arvind Kejriwal has left his Kaushambi residence for a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 7, Race Course. At the meeting, Kejriwal is expected to raise the issue of full statehood for the national capital as well as handing over the Delhi Police administration to the state government. Kejriwal will be accompanied by confidante and Deputy CM-elect Manish Sisodia. Hundreds of supporters had gathered outside Kejriwal's residence to greet the leader after his party's historic victory in the Delhi elections.

09.00 am: Kejriwal does a Modi, asks all departments to do presentations  Chief Minister-designate Arvind Kejriwal has asked Delhi Chief Secretary DM Spolia to prepare a roadmap for implementation of AAP's 70-point manifesto which includes 50 percent cut in power tariff, free Wi-Fi across the city and installation of 10-15 lakh CCTVs. Senior AAP leader Manish Sisodia said "clear cut" instructions have been given to all the departments to prepare presentations on how the promises mentioned in the manifesto could be implemented. The Chief Secretary met Kejriwal at the Vithal Bhai Patel House in New Delhi.

8.50 am: Kejriwal drops controversial former ministers Two former ministers - Somnath Bharti and Rakhi Birla - who had courted controversy during Kejriwal's 49-day government have been kept out of the Cabinet this time. Bharti had conducted a midnight raid alleging a sex racket operating out of a rented flat in Malviya Nagar. The Delhi Police refused to cooperate with Bharti and his actions faced widespread criticism from women rights groups. Birla, then minister for women and child welfare, had filed a case against a young boy for allegedly stoning her car. The police, however, said it was a cricket ball. Kejriwal then asked her to withdraw the case.

7.15 am: Manish Sisodia to be Deputy Chief Minister? Senior AAP leader and Kejriwal's confidante Manish Sisodia could be appointed Deputy Chief Minister in the Aam Aadmi Party government. According to ANI, the cabinet could include the following MLAs: Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Satyendra Jain, Adarsh Shastri, Saurabh Bhardwaj, Jitender Tomar, Kapil Mishra, Sandeep Kumar and Asim Ahmed Khan. Ram Nivas Goyal is likely to be the Speaker of the Delhi Assembly while Bandana Kumar could be the Deputy Speaker. According to a report in today's Economic Times Kejriwal could also bring technocrats on board to make up for the lack of experience of some of his MLAs. He told ET in an interview, that he would need experts to execute some of his ambitious promises. "Yes, we need experts. We will encourage sector-wise expertise in this government." Kerjiwal will be sworn in on 14 February along with several other cabinet ministers. He is likely to announce the portfolios shortly thereafter. In the previous government, Sisodia held the posts of Education, PWD, Urban Development, Revenue, Land & Building and local bodies.

07.10 am: Kejriwal to meet PM Modi today, talk development Delhi CM-elect Arvind Kejriwal will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning and is likely to raise a host of crucial issues the main being granting Delhi full statehood. "We had sought time from the Prime Minister, Kejriwal will be meeting him... at 10.30am. He will also extend an invitation to him for the oath ceremony on February 14 (Saturday)," an AAP leader told Hindustan Times. While the AAP had attacked the BJP for not including full statehood as a promise in its vision document for Delhi, now that it has stormed to power with a massive mandate, the party is looking forward to all the cooperation it can get from the Modi government. On Wednesday, Kejriwal and AAP MLA Manish Sisodia met Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu as well as Home Minister Rajnath Singh and requested them to assist the state in ensuring its overall development. Naidu, speaking to the press after the meeting, said he told Kejriwal, "my cooperation depends on your performance."



Updates for 11 February end 7.35 pm: Arvind Kejriwal meets President Pranab Mukherjee After meeting Rajnath Singh, Arvind Kejriwal also called on President Pranab Mukherjee. AAP leader Manish Sisodia said told ANI, "We met the President, thanked him for his guidance. He gifted Kejriwal ji two books, Constitution of India & Thoughts and reflections."

6.36 pm: Kiran Bedi blames fatwa for her defeat Kiran Bedi has done it again! Just a day after results of Delhi elections were announced, BJP's CM candidate Kiran Bedi said that she should not be blamed for the defeat. It was all fault of a fatwa issued by Jama Masjid's Shahi Imam Bukhari. "I have been told that Fatwa led to my defeat. Election Commission should inquire into this. Infact, do a study on how Fatwas affect votes," Bedi said while speaking to mediapersons.



5.33 pm: RSS, BJP leader Ramlal to assess BJP defeat, says reports BJP seems to have found a person who will assess their humongous loss in Delhi, and it is supposedly an RSS man. NDTV reports BJP and RSS leader Ramlal will analyse why BJP lost in New Delhi. 5.08 pm: Delhi is now Congress-mukt thanks to AAP, says Sakshi Maharaj Now BJP's controversial MP Sakshi Maharaj says that while he accepts BJP's defeat in Delhi, he refused to accept that his controversial remarks had any effect on the voters. He said, "We accept defeat in Delhi. Delhi is now Congress-mukt thanks to AAP." When the reporter asked if he thought his four babies comment had affected BJP's chances, he said, "I don't think so." 5.01 pm: No invite to Rahul, Sonia for Kejriwal's swearing-in Even as AAP invites every leader from the BJP, Times Now reports Congress leaders Sonia and Rahul have not been invited to Kejriwal's swearing-in. Also, other state chief ministers aren't on Kejriwal's guest list either. 4.35 pm: Want constructive relationship with Centre, Kejriwal tells Rajnath Meanwhile after meeting Rajnath Singh, Arvind Kejriwal told the media that he told the Union Home Minister that he wanted a constructive relationship with the Centre. Kejriwal said, "I have demanded full statehood for Delhi, also we want a constructive relationship with the Centre." 4.26 pm: Kejriwal invites Rajnath Singh to swearing-in Reports suggest that while Arvind Kejriwal was discussing law and order in Delhi with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, he also took the opportunity to invite him to his swearing-in as Delhi Chief Minister on 3.53 pm: Kejriwal, Rajnath discuss full statehood for Delhi Arvind Kejriwal in his meeting with Rajnath Singh discussed full statehood for Delhi. Meanwhile news is also breaking that Kejriwal has refused Z+ security. After the meeting, AAP leader Manish Sisodia told the media that, "We have discussed issues and have decided to cooperate on them. We won't let party line come into agenda." 3.38 pm: AAP leaders Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia meet Rajnath Singh Arvind Kejriwal is right now at Rajnath Singh's residence. Along with him is AAP leader Manish Sisodia. Visuals showed the two leaders shaking hands with the Union Home Minister. According to NDTV reports that while law and order and Delhi police is on the agenda for discussion, it won't come upfront. And it was more likely to be a courtesy call.

3.28 pm: Arvind Kejriwal at Rajnath Singh's residence to hold meeting AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal has reached Rajnath Singh's residence to hold a meeting with him. According to reports Kejriwal had sought a meeting with Singh to discuss the law and order situation in Delhi. Kejriwal is also likely to meet other Union Ministers as well. 11.20 am: "Let's work together as Team India," Naidu tells Kejriwal Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu today said the Centre will offer all cooperation to the AAP government in Delhi but cautioned Kejriwal of the great responsibility that came with the massive mandate. "I've assured him that the Centre will cooperate with the state for development of Delhi. We'll be working as 'Team India'. I congratulated him on his great victory but also reminded him of the great responsibility," Naidu said, promising Kejriwal that the Centre will provide all necessary help. "Center and state will work together as Team India. I told them my co-operation depends on their performance." 10.29 am: Arvind Kejriwal to meet PM Modi tomorrow morning AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow, the latest reports said. Previously the CM designate, had sought an appointment with Modi, and had said that he wanted to invite him for his swearing in ceremony which will take place at the Ramlila grounds on Saturday morning. Kejriwal will meet the Prime Minister at around 10.30 am tomorrow. 10.08 am: Asked Centre to give full statehood to Delhi, says Manish Sisodia AAP leader Manish Sisodia told reporters that during Arvind Kejriwal's meeting with Venkaiah Naidu, they requested the Centre to give full statehood to Delhi. Sisodia also said that they asked for Centre's support in the swift regularisation of unauthorised colonies and aid for the development of rural areas. "There are a lot of schools, colleges, hospitals and parking lots which need land in Delhi. We asked the Centre for support in this issue as well," said Sisodia. "We will work for Delhi's development without any political divide," said the AAP leader. On Kejriwal's meeting with PM Narendra Modi, he said, "We have requested for time from the PM but he may meet us only tomorrow." 9.14 am: Kejriwal meets Venkaiah Naidu Arvind Kejriwal met Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu at the Nirman Bhavan in New Delhi. He was accompanied by Manish Sisodia. Kejriwal will also meet Prime Minister Modi later today. He will reportedly meet the Home Minister Rajnath Singh at 3.30 pm today. 8.51 am: Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi to get invite for Kejriwal's oath-taking ceremony AAP will invite the entire Modi cabinet for Arvind Kejriwal's oath-taking ceremony, according to Headlines Today. Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi will also reportedly get the invite for the ceremony. 8.29 am: Shiv Sena editorial slams PM Modi for Delhi debacle Saamana, the Shiv Sena editorial, took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for BJP's defeat in the Delhi polls, according to CNN-IBN. "People of Delhi have used the broom to sweep out the BJP...elections are not won solely on announcements and speeches" said the editorial. "Anna Hazare said this is Modi's defeat. We agree with him...If this isn't Modi's defeat, whose defeat is it?" The editorial also said that it is "not enough to put all the responsibility on only Kiran Bedi," according to Times Now. 8.16 am: Kejriwal invites people to oath-taking ceremony through radio In an FM radio advertisement, Arvind Kejriwal invited people for his oath-taking ceremony. "It is my duty to give you your right. Please come to Ramlila Maidan for oath taking ceremony because I am not going to be the chief all are going to be one. Will you come to Ramila Maidan? "We will take an oath to make Delhi a better place. We will take the oath to bring back happiness of the Aam Aadmi. Please do come because I am your voice. Jai Hind," Kejriwal said in the advertisement. - PTI 8.04 am: Kejriwal to meet PM Modi, Rajnath today Arvind Kejriwal will meet Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh today after the landslide victory in the Delhi polls. "Kejriwal is meeting Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh tomorrow (Wednesday)," Aam Admi Party (AAP) leader Manish Sisodia had told IANS on Tuesday. 7.52 am: Modi, BJP got good beating in Delhi, says Akhilesh "BJP and Modi have got a good beating in Delhi. That's very good news for us. But they will get the real taste of defeat next at the hands of the Samajwadi Party in UP," DNA quoted Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav as saying. "AAP ne BJP ko sabaq sikhaya hai, hum bhi BJP ke saath badaa daon khelenge (AAP taught BJP a lesson, we will also give BJP a tough fight in UP)," Akhilesh also said, according to The Times of India. The report added that the Samajwadi Party vice president Ram Gopal Yadav said that "people have taught a lesson to those who made false promises to the people." 11 February, 7.29 am: Parrikar refuses to comment on Delhi poll verdict "I was not given the responsibility of the Delhi poll campaign. Those who were given the responsibility will react to it," Parrikar said. "I was not involved in Delhi campaigning. So I will not be able to comment," he said. - PTI End of updates for 10 February 10.28 pm: Kejriwal to invite PM Modi for oath-taking ceremony  The Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday said it will invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Arvind Kejriwal's swearing-in ceremony as Delhi Chief Minister on February 14 at the Ramlila Maidan. "We will invite the Prime Minister to the oath-taking ceremony of Arvind Kejriwal," AAP spokesperson Ashish Khetan said. -- PTI 7.58 pm: PM Modi discusses loss with Jaitley, Rajnath and others As AAP celebrates its historic win, and BJP comes to term with its humiliating loss, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding a meeting with his leaders over the loss. NDTV reports that discussed Delhi poll results with Arun Jaitley, Venkaiah Naidu, Nitin Gadkari and Rajnath Singh. 7.26 pm: Arvind Kejriwal meets Delhi's Lt Governor Najeeb Jung After winning a landslide majority, Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal is meeting Delhi's Lt Governor Najeeb Jung to stake claim for forming a government in Delhi. 7.13 pm: Arvind Kejriwal gets Z-plus security

Arvind Kejriwal after his win. PTI

Arvind Kejriwal after his win. PTI

Chief Minister-designate Arvind Kejriwal was today given Z-plus security by Delhi Police under which he will be protected round-the-clock by 12 commandos armed with automatic guns. "Arvind Kejriwal has been provided with Z plus security," Special Commissioner (Security) SBK Singh told PTI here. Under the heightened security cover, armed guards will be kept at his residence and visitors will have to pass through Door Framed Metal Detector (DFMD). A pilot car followed by two escort cars carrying security personnel will accompany Kejriwal wherever he goes. Kejriwal is set to take oath on February 14 at Ramlila grounds after AAP swept the Delhi Assembly elections by winning 67 seats. Delhi Police has already conveyed to its counterparts in Ghaziabad about the security arrangements made for Kejriwal. 6.50 pm: Arvind Kejriwal elected leader of AAP legislative party Arvind Kejriwal has been elected leader of AAP legislative party at a meeting of newly elected lawmakers, reported NDTV. The Aam Aadmi Party won a landslide majority of 67 seats out of 70. 5.56 pm: Counting is over, AAP to form govt winning historic 67 seats It's official, counting is over and Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP has been voted to power in Delhi with a landslide majority of 67 seats. Delhi has 70 assembly seats in total. BJP, which was hoping for the kind of win Kejriwal has got, has been reduced to 3 seats and the Congress has been wiped out winning no seats at all. AAP won a total of 48,79,127 votes and 54.3% of the vote share. BJP's vote share was 32.2% winning 28,91,510. The Congress won no seats but got 9.7% of the vote share with 86,7027. The BSP is on the verge of losing its national party status getting 1.3% of the vote share and winning 11,7124 votes. 5.53 pm: Satish Upadhyay accepts defeat, offers to resign Meanwhile Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay has 'humbly' accepted defeat. According to NDTV reports Upadhyay has even offered to resign over loss in Delhi polls. 5.45 pm: Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik congratulates AAP, Kejriwal Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today congratulated Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal for his party's landslide victory in the Delhi Assembly elections. "I will like to congratulate Arvind Kejriwal and his party for their tremendous victory in the Delhi Assembly elections," PTI quoted Patnaik as saying. 5.40 pm: Humbly accept defeat in Delhi, says Ravi Shankar Prasad Accepting defeat, Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the BJP respects and welcomes voter's choice in Delhi. "We humbly accept our defeat in Delhi. People chose to go with PM Modi and BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, but chose AAP over us in Assembly elections," Prasad said. "We will play the role of a responsible opposition," Prasad said. He hit out at the Congress saying, "The Congress has been wiped out of Delhi. It is the oldest party in the country. They need to think over it." 4.26 pm: AAP wins 64 seats, leading in 3 As counting reaches its last leg, the Election Commission website said that Aam Aadmi Party has won 64 seats and is leading in 3 while BJP is still sitting at the paltry three seats. In terms of vote share, AAP bagged 48,76,590 votes while BJP was at 28,88,985 votes. 4.14 pm: Fadnavis congratulates Kejriwal on Delhi landslide victory Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis congratulated AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal for his party's massive win in the Delhi Assembly polls. "AAP has won a decisive mandate. I hope his government will concentrate on development of Delhi," Fadnavis said. The BJP would do necessary introspection of the poll loss and take steps accordingly, he said. 3.52 pm: AAP wins 60 seats, leading in 7 Meanwhile as counting is reaching its end AAP has now won 60 seats and is leading in 7, and since no other party is leading in any other seat, it is safe to say AAP has won 67 seats in Delhi, creating history. In terms of vote share, AAP has won 54.3% with 48,50,299 votes while the BJP has won 32.2%, with 28,72, 894 votes. 3.30 pm: Results show India still holds secularism as vitaln says Kanimozhi With AAP sweeping to a landslide win and BJP biting the dust in the Delhi elections, DMK Parliamentary Party Leader Kanimozhi today said that the results showed that the country still holds secularism as vital. "I think, in a way it is an unexpected result, I mean, this kind of margin, this kind of victory, they have just swept the polls and we have to think about it. "One major thing is that the country still thinks secularism is very important," she told reporters here. Asked whether the election results was a referendum on the Narendra Modi-led NDA government, she said that it was too early to comment on it. 3.28 pm: Arrogance and political vendetta have been defeated, says Mamata With the BJP suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of AAP in Delhi polls, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said "arrogance and political vendetta have been defeated today" and that BJP's "balloon has burst". "Never disrespect people in a democracy. Arrogance and political vendetta have been defeated today. People have the final word in a democracy. What an audacity ? There is a (Bengali) proverb that unchecked rise of anything leads to its downfall," Banerjee said. "In politics there should not be political vengeance and character assassination and insulting the people", the Trinamool Congress supremo said. Banerjee is strongly critical of various policies of the Modi government and had earlier accused the BJP of political vendetta against her party over the CBI probe into Saradha scam. Hailing AAP's victory, Banerjee who is speaking at a state government function on welfare projects said, "This is a victory for formation of government of the people, by the people and for the people. Loser is always a loser and winner is a winner." 3.06 pm: BSP to lose national party status after poor show in Delhi polls Looks like it is a bad day for every other party in New Delhi except for AAP Barring a few seats, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which fielded candidates in all the 70 constituencies in Delhi, registered a poor show in the Assembly elections. The party, which has been trying hard to maintain its national party status, managed to win below 1,000 votes in most of the constituencies while some of its candidates polled substantial votes. The development may not come as a good news to party supremo Mayawati as the Election Commission is set to take a call on its show-cause notice to BSP as to why its national party status should not be withdrawn. 3.03 pm: AAP's Delhi tsumani bigger than Modi wave, says Uddhav Thackeray AAP is being showered with congratulatory messages from all corners and one of them was NDA ally at the centre Shiv Sena's chief Uddhav Thackeray. Thackeray said, "Delhi tsunami is bigger than the Modi wave. If I get invitation for oath ceremony then I will go and attend it." 2.51 pm: AAP wins 52 seats, leading in 15 Now AAP wins two more seats winning a total of 52 seats and leading in 15. 2.43 pm: AAP wins 50 seats, leading in 17; BJP wins 3 seats As counting continues, the AAP has won 50 seats and leading in 17 more. the BJP, meanwhile, has won in three seats and are leading in none. Here's a look at the latest numbers: numbers


2.27 pm: More good news for AAP as Somnath Bharti wins from Malviya Nagar Here's more good news for AAP as more of its leaders win seats across Delhi. Times Now reports that Somnath Bharti has won from Malviya Nagar. In Bijwasan, Devinder Shekhawat has won, In Burari too AAP leader Sanjeev Jha has won along with Alka Lamba win Chandni Chowk. AAP's Kartar Singh Tanwar won from Chhatarpur.

1.26 pm: AAP leads have now risen to 67 seats The AAP juggernaut just won't stop rolling. The party is now leading in 67 of Delhi's 70 seats, an unprecedented margin of victory. The BJP is down to a paltry three seats with the Congress no where in the picture. Meanwhile, Janata Dal-United leader Nitish Kumar Tuesday congratulated AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal for leading his party to a huge win in Delhi's assembly elections. "People want development with justice. They never accept arrogance. This is reflected in AAP's victory in Delhi," Nitish Kumar told the media. He said people want basic facilities, better living standards and a honest leadership. 1.10 pm: I apologise to Modi for not living up to his expectations, says Bedi Speaking to reporters from her balcony, Bedi congratulated AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal for his party's massive victory, saying she failed to live up to Prime Minister Modi's expectations: "I am a defeated candidate today. I have faith that Arvind's leadership and his team will give the poor of Delhi everything he promised. This is the outcome of 5 years of struggle by Arvind Kejriwal, which began with the Lokpal movement. Maybe this is the last time you will hear me talk like this. I hope that Arvind Kejriwal and AAP turn Delhi into a world-class city. I apologize to Modiji for not living upto the trust BJP gave to me," she said. Bedi also said that she hoped Kejriwal would work for the urban poor. 12.47 pm: Kiran Bedi loses from BJP 'safe seat' Krishna Nagar After leading briefly, Kiran Bedi has now lost the seat of Krishna Nagar, which has been held by the BJP's Harsh Vardhan since 1993. Bedi promised to be a 'gardener and guardian' for Vardhan in the seat, overriding BJP worker's protests at the fact that he had been overlooked in the nomination process. Clearly the voters were not swayed by her campaign, and it is also a lesson perhaps to the BJP leadership, that they should not ignore the wishes of the worker on the ground. As pointed out in this article, Narendra Modi, who had to overcome opposition from extremely powerful quarters to occupy the BJP throne, ought to have known better. He owed his ascension to the BJP rank-and-file whose unstinting support allowed him to humble party patriarch LK Advani. Was it not then unwise for Modi and Amit Shah to ignore these very workers and foist Bedi upon them in an unilateral decision? 12.36 pm: Kejriwal wins New Delhi seat by 27,000 votes, will take oath on 14 Feb NEW-DELHI_wins AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has won the New Delhi seat by 27,000 votes over his closest rival, the BJP's Nupur Sharma. Kejriwal was widely expected to retain the seat, which he wrested from three time CM Sheila Dikshit in a classic David and Goliath contest in 2013. He will take oath as CM on 14 February. 11.45 am: Kejriwal says 'don't be arrogant' as he acknowledges huge AAP win It's the man of the moment himself. Arvind Kejriwal has finally come out to talk to the celebrating AAP workers at the party headquarters. And his first comments show that the AAP leader seems to be indeed a wiser person than he was in 2013. "Don't get arrogant, Congress and BJP were defeated because of arrogance", were some of Kejriwal's first comments to the cheering crowd. Of course with all the cheering, applause and bursting of crackers, it is highly unlikely that they would have even heard him. This is more a message to the media, and all his detractors who have been attacking him for exactly that personality flaw. It was arrogance that was blamed for Kejriwal's decision to quit as Delhi CM and try to take on Narendra Modi in Varanasi. "I am a very small person, but with the people of Delhi we can work for the development of the city", he said, adding that "the real challenge begins now, every person in Delhi will have to become Arvind Kejriwal." Kejriwal has also said that the massive win was 'very scary'. And he's right. The massive mandate means that he has got the approval of a majority of Delhi's population. As pointed out by Firstpost editor R Jagannathan, "This is where AAP’s 50 percent plus vote share is worrisome. This means everybody has voted for it for his or her own reason, and so the chances of being able to meet everybody’s excessive expectations are remote. I would not like to be in Arvind Kejriwal’s shoes right now. His mandate is truly scary." 11.40 am: First official win comes in from Badalpur The EC has just released the first official win of the Delhi elections. It's for Badarpur where AAP's Narayan Dutt Sharma has won, garnering 94,242 votes. Second placed Ramvir Singh Bidhuri of the BJP only managed 46,659. 11.02 am: AAP workers party hard, with leads in 66 seats Is AAP going to win all 70 seats? That's the question that everyone is asking, and right now it doesn't look impossible. The party is leading in 66 seats, and the BJP only in 3. Meanwhile from inside the AAP office:


10.50 am: Ajay Maken resigns as Congress general secretary Congress General Secretary Ajay Maken has resigned from his post of Congress General Secretary, after congratulating Kejriwal for his massive victory. " I congratulate the AAP and respect the people's verdict. I hope that the AAP will fulfill its promises. I believe I should take responsibility and therefore resign as Congress general secretary. I was face of the Congress campaign and haven't been able to win the seat which I contested in as well", he said. You have to feel for Maken. The landslide win by AAP is not really a verdict against Congress. 10.35 am: Please take Delhi to the heights it deserves, says Bedi After PM Modi congratulated Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi has also tweeted, congratulating the AAP leader.

10.17 am: PM Modi calls and congratulates Kejriwal as AAP heads to landslide Prime Minister Narendra Modi who often viciously attacked AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, calling him a 'naxal' in the run up to the Delhi polls, has now called and congratulated him as AAP heads to a landslide win. At last count, the party was ahead in 61 seats, while the BJP had gone down to 8. The Congress looks to record a big fat zero.

NDTV reported that Kejriwal had requested a meeting with the Prime Minister, who had agreed to meet him for tea. The PM had also assured him of his full support in Delhi. According to Firstpost senior editor Sandipan Sharma, "Modi calling up Kejriwal after the AAP victory is a healthy sign for Delhi. Kejriwal will need Modi by his side to fulfil most of the promises he has made. Modi would benefit if he is able to have a working relationship with the Delhi CM. It is in everybody's benefit if Delhi becomes a model of collaboration instead of confrontation." Here is a look at voteshare in the elections so far: Meanwhile Firstpost editor in chief R Jagannathan says that the mandate also means that Kejriwal will have to deliver instead of offering excuses. "His promise is his pitfall: like Modi after the 2014 mandate, he has no excuses for not delivering. Great expectations have to be met. In a sense, the Delhi voter has told Kejriwal, “we trust you to deliver. Now, don’t offer excuses.” Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. A majority does not automatically mean a blank cheque to rule how one pleases and deliver on promises according to the manifesto. (Read the whole article here) 10.05 am: Anna Hazare tells Kejriwal not to repeat the mistakes he made in the first term Anna Hazare who was in the unique and uneviable position of seeing two people he made famous running against each other in the Delhi elections, has now told Kejriwal not to make the same mistakes he did in his first term. Hazare added that this meant the end of Narendra Modi. 9.51 am: This was a referendum on Kejriwal, not an anti-NDA vote, says BJP Faced with a complete rout in Delhi, the BJP has got its explanation for Delhi straight. The party is saying that the result is not an anti-NDA vote and does not mean in any way, that the Modi and the BJP have lost popularity. Instead, they say, this is a referendum on Kejriwal, who was always the front runner in this election. Meanwhile with trends clearly showing a clean sweep by Aam Aadmi Party, Kiran Bedi said she will take full responsibility for the defeat. Bedi, said it was a match with AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and only one person emerges victorious in a match. "We both are competing, we both are playing a match. When we play we just play, only one person wins," she told reporters at her residence. Bedi dismissed the view that the Delhi poll results are a referendum on the Narendra Modi government." If the party wins it will be a collective victory, if it loses it is individual, I will take full responsibility. Even during my policing days if their was a failure, responsibility was mine," she said. Fighting words from Bedi, and she may have at least some comfort from the fact that she is now leading Krishna Nagar. 9.44 am: The Congress is being humiliated in Delhi The Congress is being humiliated in Delhi. Its vote share is likely to dip below ten percent. Its star candidates like Kiran Walia have not even got 500 votes in the first few rounds. Most of the Muslims, dalits and traditional Congress voters have voted for the AAP. It looks like a Congress mukht Bharat has led to a Bjp mukt Delhi, says Firstpost senior editor Sandipan Sharma. Meanwhile the workers are looking to another Gandhi to save them:

9.32 am: Trends are clear, AAP is heading to a two thirds majority There is no other word for it. The BJP is getting creamed. AAP is now leading in 54 seats, to just 12 for the BJP and only 1 each for Congress and others. Meanwhile the measured Yogendra Yadav has said that this result should not be seen as a referendum on Modi, and that this is not a reflection that this is the end of the BJP. "I don't know why the Prime Minister made this a personal referendum about himself, people are not factoring in the huge ground level effort made by AAP in the months before this election", Yadav said. Of course this is completely not how other opposition parties are seeing it:


Yadav was however quick to dismiss this. "I do not agree with opposition leaders who are becoming smug and think that this means that BJP will lose in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Modi has not lost his popularity and it would be completely wrong to think that", he told NDTV. Yadav added that what it did mean, was that Modi could no longer lend his presence to someone who was completely unknown and expect them to win. 9.27 am: AAP has become the rallying point for the whole anti-BJP vote At the beginning of the campaign, the AAP had given two catchy slogans: Paanch Saal, Kejriwal; and BJP half, Congress saaf. It seems the AAP got just one of them right as the BJP appears headed to being reduced to a third of its 2013 tally. The BJP vote share appears stuck at the 2013 levels but the AAP vote share has almost doubled. It seems the AAP has become the rallying point for all anti-BJP voters. 9.19 am: AAP ahead in 46 seats, BJP only lead in 13 The latest trends show that the results could well be more in line with AAP's own assessment of the situation on the ground. Remember AAP's psephologist Yogendra Yadav said that the exit polls had actually downplayed AAP's performance. "This is based on exit poll figures, our pre-poll survey and a feel from the ground which I got after roaming the city on the day of election. In fact, I feel that exit polls have underestimated AAP's performance. Not only have they understated our vote share but they also seem to have been conservative in translating it into seats," he said in comments to the media shortly after exit poll results were released. 9.09 am: Kiran Bedi is trailing in Krishna Nagar Kiran Bedi is actually trailing from the BJP 'safe seat' of Krishna Nagar. The Delhi CM candidate was up against AAP's SK Bagga, who has had Kejriwal campaigning for him. Bansi Lal of the Congress was also in the running. In a see-saw battle, she may end up winning ultimately. But the close contest in Krishna Nagar is indicative of the decline of the BJP in Delhi. Since 1998, the BJP had won every election in Krishna Nagar. Its candidate Harshwardhan won four consecutive elections from the area. If this BJP bastion falls, it will mean that the BJP has been completely rejected by the Delhi voters and its tally would go down drastically. 9.03 am: AAP now leads in 35 seats, headed to huge majority If AAP continues at this rate, it could go up to 50 seats. That would be a landslide by any standard. It has already reached the halfway mark of 35 seats while the BJO is only leading in 11. Congress has dropped one of its leads, and is only ahead in 4 seats.

8.58 am: Congress may be doing terribly, but they still want Amit Shah and Modi to resign

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah should resign if the BJP performs poorly, said a Congress spokesperson on Monday.

Coming from a party that stands decimated in Delhi - even the most positive of surveys don't give it more that three seats - it has amused the BJP supporters no end. Said one: "Yes they should, not for the defeat of the BJP though, but for the performance of the Congress.

The duo has has left the Congress in such a state that it does not even have a leader of any stature to hold responsible in case of a defeat. Both must own moral responsibility for the Congress' humiliation in poll after poll."

And to add insult to injury, Ajay Maken who was leading the Congress campaign in Delhi, is trailing in Sadar bazar.

8.54 am: Kiran Bedi says defeat is hers, as AAP races to lead

Brave words from Kiran Bedi as AAP races to leads in 29 seats to the BJP's 11. She says any defeat should be a reflection on her, and not on the Modi government. There are already huge celebrations on at AAP headquarters as the party pulls away into the lead.

Meanwhile there is this on Twitter:

8.46 am: AAP pulls ahead of BJP, Kejriwal leads in New Delhi

AAP seems to be pulling well ahead of the BJP. NDTV has given AAP 21 seats to the BJP's 10, while Headlines Today has given the party 22 to the BJP's 10. Congress is doing surprisingly well with leads recorded in 5 seats.

If this trend continues, AAP is likely to head towards around 40 seats. AAP is roughly double the BJP, while the Congress is exactly half the BJP.

AAP's Manish Sisodia speaking to the media smilingly said that both the exit polls and the early trends reveal that the people of Delhi want AAP in the assembly.

8.35 am: Ajay Maken clings to little hopes

Poor Ajay Maken, you have to feel for him. He has got to have one of the least enviable jobs in the world right now. Mobbed by the media, Maken pleads with them to just wait a couple of hours until the results come out.

One reporter tells them him that Congress is way behind to which Maken wryly replies "Well at least we're doing better than what the exit polls predicted". Cue laughter all around.

8.26 am: AAP starts inching ahead, leads in 10 to BJP's 8

AAP has begun inching ahead in early leads, but not by very much. The party is ahead in 10 seats to the BJP's 8. Congress is ahead in 2 seats, while 'others' are ahead in 1.

Headlines Today meanwhile is showing a much more comfortable situation for AAP than NDTV. They are showing AAP leading in 12, BJP in 7 and Congress in 2.

8.15 am: Have exit polls got it wrong? BJP, AAP are neck and neck

Have the exit polls got it wrong? This election is looking like it just may be too close to call. Of the 14 constituencies called so far, AAP and BJP are neck and neck with six leads each.

The Congress is actually leading in 2 seats.

Interestingly Somnath Bharti, of 'midnight raid at Kirki extension' fame is leading in Malviya Nagar.

The BJP does not look daunted by the exit poll reports that predict poor results for it. Buoyed by its own survey that predicts a majority for it, the party, sources said has ordered orange and green barfis for victory celebrations a few hours from now. However, it's not clear who has been assigned the job to prepare the sweets. The party's internal survey gives it at least 36 seats.

Meanwhile according to Firstpost's Tarique Anwar, the Delhi unit of the BJP has made special arrangements for counting. Television sets have been installed, all spokespersons have been asked to remain present in the party headquarters to brief the media. As eyes are set on counting of votes polled on February 7 in the national capital, the BJP is preparing a defence for PM Modi and party president Amit Shah, who were star campaigners in this polls, in case it faces defeat.

"If the party wins the election, it has been unanimously decided to give the credit of the victory to Modiji because the polls have been contested with the slogan 'chalo chalen Modi ke saath'. But in the event of defeat, it has to be said that it was not a mandate of Modi government's works," sources said.

8.06 am: First lead out from Rohini, Vijender Gupta from BJP leads

The BJP has drawn first blood in this election. The first lead is out from Rohini and the BJP is in the lead. This is interesting because AAP won this seat in 2013. BJP's Sambit Patra has said that it is an encouraging sign for them, given that they are forging ahead in an AAP seat.

Gupta is a 'heavyweight' in the Delhi elections, and was once referred to as the 'young Turk' for his role in helping the BJP win local council elections a few years ago.

Meanwhile according to NDTV, there are four bellwether states we need to be watching carefully, because they have always voted for the winner.

These are Adarsh Nagar, Rohtas Nagar, Dwarka and Kalkaji.

7.50 am: We will know who has won by 11.30 am, says CEC HS Brahma

Chief Election Commissioner HS Brahma has said that counting should be over by 11.30 am, so we should know who will form the next Delhi government by early afternoon. Brahma also spoke at length about the safety measures taken to ensure a free and fair election, such as the fact that the EVMs are tamper proof. So that should maybe reassure Kejriwal, who alleged that some of the machines had been tampered, so that no matter what button you pressed, you ended up voting for the BJP.

7.43 am: Kiran Bedi feels for media, Arvind Kejriwal asks for prayers

With little to do but wait now, the two main contenders for the Chief Minister's race have taken to Twitter, perhaps in an effort to alleviate those pre-results jitters.

Kejriwal is palpably nervous and who can blame him? After all the exit polls gave his party an outright majority, the pressure to win will all be on him. No wonder he's asking for prayers!

Kiran Bedi on the other hand is playing it cool. She's feeling more for the 'poor journalists' who are gathered outside her home. Ah well Ms Bedi, it is a thankless job but someone has got to do it!

7:00 am: Will counting confirm 'paanch saal' of Kejriwal?

In a matter of hours, we will finally know the outcome of the Delhi polls, capping a high pitched and extremely dramatic poll campaign that has seen cross overs, last minute surprises, allegations and counter allegations, and of course, tears.



From the emergence of Kiran Bedi as the surprise choice for the BJP's CM candidate, to the allegations of money laundering levelled against the Aam Aadmi Party by a splinter group calling itself AVAM, and ex-AAP leaders Shazia Ilmi and Vinod Kumar Binny crossing over to the BJP, this election has been almost a sound bite a minute.

So how did the Delhi voter cut through the noise and actually choose someone? That's what we are set to find out sooner rather than later.

All the exit polls so far seem to suggest that AAP, which had found itself down and out following a trouncing in the Lok Sabha polls and reeling from Kejriwal's disastrous decision to resign from the Chief Minister's post after 49 days in power in Delhi, has not only picked itself up, but may just be in a position to deliver the BJP a knockout punch.

All save one exit poll, predicted that AAP would be able to form a government on its own. Here is a look at what they all say:

Stunned by the word on the ground, the BJP has admitted that it needs to learn some important lessons from its performance in Delhi, but are still holding onto hope that they may yet be able to swing this one.

This hope has been compounded by an internal review by state unit president Satish Upadhyay who spoke to leaders and said that the party was confident of winning at least 36 seats in the polls. This has however been shot down by the RSS, which after doing an internal survey of its own, said that BJP would most likely lose.

As per the survey, out of the 70-seat Delhi assembly, the BJP is likely to get not more than 34 seats in the best case scenario. While the party will face defeat on 20 seats, it has a neck-and-neck fight with the Aam Aadmi Party in 16 constituencies, sources in the RSS told Firstpost.

As indicated in the RSS survey, some constituencies are indeed too close to call, and if the BJP can swing some of these to its advantage, even by very slim margins, we could see the final outcome differing drastically from what was predicted in the exit polls.

AAP in the meantime has also disagreed with the exit polls, saying that their own surveys predict a much bigger win for the party. Yogendra Yadav said AAP was most likely to wind up with 50-plus seats.

"This is based on exit poll figures, our pre-poll survey and a feel from the ground which I got after roaming the city on the day of election. In fact, I feel that exit polls have underestimated AAP's performance. Not only have they understated our vote share but they also seem to have been conservative in translating it into seats," he said in comments to the media.

Congress meanwhile has squarely emerged as the 'also ran' in this contest. The exit polls indicate that the party faces the very real threat of being completely wiped out in the state.

Congress general secretary Ajay Maken who was the face of the party in the election could resign from his post if he fails to win from the Sadar Bazar seat in the Delhi Assembly polls, sources said.

Updated Date: Feb 14, 2015 18:35:43 IST