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BJP-PDP alliance ends in Jammu and Kashmir updates: Rahul Gandhi says opportunistic tie-up set fire to Valley

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BJP-PDP alliance ends in Jammu and Kashmir updates: Rahul Gandhi says opportunistic tie-up set fire to Valley
  • 19:00 (IST)

    Situation in J&K deteriorated completely in last three years: Sitaram Yechury

  • 18:57 (IST)

    Coming together of BJP, PDP just to grab power was opportunistic: Left

    Coming together of the BJP and the PDP after the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly polls in 2014 to form government was an "opportunistic" move, the Left parties said.

    Soon after the BJP decided to pull out of the ruling alliance with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, the Left parties voiced their concern over the political and law-and-order situation in the state, and said the Centre should share its assessment of the present situation with all political parties. - PTI

  • 18:53 (IST)

    BJP and PDP devasted state govt: Ghulam Nabi Azad

    “The BJP and PDP have devastated the state government. They have had the maximum number of ceasefire violations in this period," said Ghulam Nabi Azad.

  • 18:48 (IST)

    Rahul Gandhi reacts to BJP pulling out of alliance with PDP

  • 18:43 (IST)

    BJP's move a bid to save itself from governance failure: NCP

    On a day the BJP pulled out of the Mehbooba Mufti government in Jammu and Kashmir, the NCP said the saffron party took the decision in a bid to "save" itself from the "governance failures" of the last three years.

    "The four-year-old BJP rule at the Centre and the three-year-old coalition of the BJP and PDP in Jammu and Kashmir has been an utter failure. The BJP's decision to pull out (of the coalition government in the state) is a bid to save itself from the governance failures of the last three years," alleged NCP national spokesman Nawab Malik.

  • 18:36 (IST)

    Yogi Adityanath reacts to the fall of Jammu and Kashmir government

  • 18:18 (IST)

    It took you sacrifice of around 600 soldiers to realise you should take back your support: Uddhav Thackeray to BJP

  • 18:03 (IST)

    Things are going out of control in J&K: Chetan Bhagat

  • 18:00 (IST)

    BJP has always maintained the policy of 'nation first': J&K BJP chief spokesperson

    Chief spokesperson of J&K BJP Sunil Sethi said the insistence of the PDP for extension of the period of suspension of operations and soft approach towards militants, Pakistan and separatists were hurting the nationalistic sentiments not only in Jammu and Kashmir but across the country.

    "It is well thought decision in the given circumstances as continuation of the alliance would have been against national interest," he told reporters in Srinagar.

    Sethi said that the BJP has proved to one and all that for it staying in power is not significant when it comes to national interest.

    The party has always maintained the policy of 'nation first', he added. — PTI

  • 17:51 (IST)

    Unless Centre delinks governance with larger political issue, all measures will fail: Engineer Rashid

    Claiming that the end of PDP-BJP alliance has exposed New Delhi’s failures and its flawed policies, independent lawmaker Engineer Rashid has said that unless New Delhi doesn’t delink governance with the larger political issue, all measures are going to fail.

    Rashid said, “BJP has made PDP a scapegoat for more than one reason, and while on one hand, the party proposes to gain sympathies in the rest of India by claiming to have preferred so-called national interest over party interest, on the other hand, New Delhi has been facing huge embarrassments at national and international levels for its failures in Jammu and Kashmir.”

    “Whosoever rules Jammu and Kashmir, it makes very little difference unless New Delhi doesn’t stop seeing Kashmir from the law and order perspective. Time has proved that from ceasefire to talk offer, everything has failed,” Rashid said.

  • 17:39 (IST)

    How I wish Mehbooba Mufti had left with her head held high: Omar Abdullah

  • 17:28 (IST)

    Political leaders react to the end of BJP-PDP alliance

    Reactions from politicians and other stakeholders started pouring in even before Madhav ended the press conference. Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah was one of the first to react to the news of the split.

    Click here to read the full report.

  • 17:23 (IST)

    This is what happens when you put politics over people: Arvind Kejriwal

  • 17:20 (IST)

    We should've had a Hindu chief minister: Subramanian Swamy

    "Mehbooba Mufti should not have been chief minister. We should have had a Hindu chief minister," BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told CNN-News18. "No Hindu would have been terrorist-compliant like Mehbooba was."

  • 17:18 (IST)

    BJP's withdrawal from J&K government will create greater political instability: CPM

  • 17:12 (IST)

    This alliance should never have been formed: Subramanian Swamy

    "This should have happened a long time. This alliance should never have been formed. It was something which could never possibly work," BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told CNN-News18. "Mehbooba has never been straight. She has deep sympathy for terrorists," he said.

  • 17:09 (IST)

    The alliance had a bigger motive — unilateral ceasefire: Mehbooba Mufti

  • 17:08 (IST)

    We did not enter into this alliance for power: Mehbooba Mufti

    "The healing touch policy of PDP is the only policy which will work in Jammu and Kashmir. Muscular policy won't work in Jammu and Kashmir," Mufti said.

    "We had not entered into this alliance for power. The bigger objective for this alliance was unilateral ceasefire, peace in the Valley, talks with Pakistan. We did not do this for power," said the outgoing chief minister.

  • 17:05 (IST)

    Reconciliation and dialogue was the main objective of our govt: Mehbooba Mufti

    "I have submitted my resignation to the Governor. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had entered into this alliance, thinking that BJP is a big party which had got a big mandate," Mehbooba Mufti said.

    "It took a lot of months to come to an agenda, whose main objective was reconciliation and dialogue in Jammu and Kashmir. We wanted confidence-building measures in Kashmir," she said.

    "The biggest apprehension was Article 370, about our special status. In the last three years, we defended Article 370 in courts. We also withdrew cases against over 11,000 youths," she added.

    "We have always believed that muscular policies won't work in Jammu and Kashmir. This is not enemy territory. This is the reason for the unilateral ceasefire," she also said.

  • 16:59 (IST)

    Mehbooba Mufti to brief media about the end of BJP-PDP alliance

  • 16:58 (IST)

    BJP slams its own coalition govt: Prashant Bhushan

  • 16:47 (IST)

    Trust wisdom of Governor NN Vohra to take right call for state: Omar Abdullah 

    "We requested the governor that Governor's rule should not remain imposed for a long time period. After all, people have the right to choose their government. Fresh elections should take place & we will accept the mandate of the people," Omar Abdullah said. 

    "I think we should trust the wisdom of Governor NN Vohra to take decisions in favour of the state. We have to understand that he is a very senior man and has completed 10 years in the state. He knows how to rule the state," Omar added. 

  • 16:37 (IST)

    Rajnath Singh chairs high-level meet on Kashmir security situation 

    Union home minister Rajnath Singh is reportedly heading a high-level security meet on the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir. NSA Ajit Doval and Intelligence Bureau chief Rajiv Jain are reportedly at the home minister's residence, breifing him on the security situation in the Valley. 

  • 16:34 (IST)

    Mehbooba should have gone out with some dignity, says Omar Abdullah 

    "I as a former chief minister wish Mehbooba Mufti would have gone out with her dignity intact. She chose to be dismissed not to leave with dignity," Omar said. 

    He said that he had suggested many times that Mehbooba should leave the alliance but she did not do it because she wished to remain in power. He also said that the BJP not informing its coalition partner of its decision was unfortunate. 

  • 16:26 (IST)

    Not celebrating this break up, NC mourning death of democracy, says Omar Abdullah 

    Omar Abdullah said, "We are not at all celebrating this break up. No responsible political party could be happy with the governor's rule. We are mourning the demise of democracy."

  • 16:22 (IST)

    Won't stake claim to form govt, says Omar Abdullah 

    After meeting the governor of Jammu and Kashmir, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah said that he has told the governor that his party does not have the mandate to form a government in the state. "We have not approached any party for support, and nobody has approached us either. We won't stake claim to form government by any other means," Omar said. 

  • 16:18 (IST)

    Omar Abdullah addresses press conference after meeting governor 

  • 16:17 (IST)

    BJP looks at consilidating base in Jammu, Leh by ending alliance

    Breaking of the alliance was the only legitimate move in a toxic climate where radicalism is riding pillion on separatism in the Valley. The BJP could sense that the only way for Valley-based parties like PDP — which unlike the saffron unit has no national base — to survive is by adopting a shade of separatism that is just a bit softer than the secessionist narrative in the troubled state. BJP's move can therefore be termed as an attempt to cut its losses and consolidate its power in the Hindu-dominated Jammu region

  • 16:13 (IST)

    Mehbooba chairs emergency meet of PDP MLAs

    Outgoing Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti is currently chairing a emergency meet with her party's legislators. The meeting was hurriedly called up after the BJP publically announced it was puling the plug on the state government, pushing Mehbooba-led government in minority. She is expected to speak to the press at around 5 pm. 

  • 16:07 (IST)

    Didn't BJP say demonetisation had broken the back of terrorism, says Arvind Kejriwal

  • 15:56 (IST)

    PDP ministers left for Mehbooba Mufti's office after news of pullout broke

    Meanwhile, PDP ministers were sitting in their offices when the news of BJP pulling out of the coalition reached civil secretariat in Srinagar.

    According to eyewitnesses, PDP ministers soon began to leave towards Mehbooba Mufti’s official residence at Gupkar, where she will head an emergency meeting at 4 pm.

  • 15:49 (IST)

    Omar Abdullah meets Jammu and Kashmir governor: Reports

  • 15:44 (IST)

    Will PDP and NC come together?

    This will be difficult for Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah but given the fact that SP-BSP came together in UP, Congress-JDS in Karnataka, RJD-JD(U) in Bihar, this is a possibility that the leaders of the two parties in Kashmir can explore.

    Governor's rule means proxy rule by the Centre and Assembly is likely to be kept in suspended animation till possibility of alternate government is explored. Governor's rule also means that security agencies would act tough in days and weeks to come.

  • 15:43 (IST)

    Governor calls National Conference chief Omar Abdullah for a meeting: CNN-News18

  • 15:39 (IST)

    Ajit Doval driving to Amit Shah's residence wasn't unusual

    NSA Ajit Doval driving to BJP chief Amit Shah residence in the morning was not an unusual affair. Most mistook it with Amarnath Yatra preparedness. But now it's clear that before coming to conclusions, Shah wanted to have first-hand knowledge of the situation in the state.

  • 15:28 (IST)

    Arvind Kejriwal lashes out at BJP

  • 15:27 (IST)

    Jammu and Kashmir governor's term to be extended by three months: CNN-News18

    The news channel reported that the governor's term was going to be extended till the Amarnath Yatra ended.

  • 15:26 (IST)

    Imposition of governor's rule is the right step: Former Director General of Police K Rajendra Kumar

    "Imposition of governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir is a right step towards the restoration of public order and peace, especially in the context of rising terrorist incidents and radicalisation. (This is a ) relief for the peace-loving people of the state," Rajendra Kumar said.

  • 15:22 (IST)

    Immediate fallout of split will be on Valley's security situation

    The immediate fallout of the breaking of ruling coalition will be on the security situation in the Valley. Despite all the rifts and disagreements, alliance compulsions had restricted the Centre from going all out against the separatist elements.

    With these ideological and operational differences now gone, it is conceivable that security forces will now be given a free hand under Governor's rule. In fact, while announcing the split on Tuesday, BJP senior leader Ram Madhav said: "In order to bring control over the situation prevailing in the state, we have decided that the reign of power in the state be handed over to the governor."

    The operative words here are "brining control". It is likely that security forces will now launch renewed search and cordon operations without being subjected to the ambiguities of political will. Governor's rule may also serve to extend the state's writ over people which is now spread dangerously thin.

  • 15:21 (IST)

    Mehbooba Mufti to address press conference at 5 pm

  • 15:20 (IST)

    Whatever has happened is good: Ghulam Nabi Azad

  • 15:19 (IST)

    Cracks in the PDP-BJP alliance had emerged since Mufti Mohammad Sayeed's death

    "The top figures in the coalition have been uneasy with each other ever since the three month period after Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s death, during which Mehbooba had sought concrete confidence building measures from the Centre before she took office. The unease lay dormant over the subsequent year, but the Centre’s unease increased manifold after there was intense violence during the bye-election for the Srinagar Lok Sabha seat in April this year," David Devadas had written in August 2017.

    Click here to read the full article.

  • 15:18 (IST)

    People in Srinagar expected this development

    The Jammu and Kashmir chief minister had cancelled all meetings since morning, after getting a hint about the BJP's decision.

    On the streets of Srinagar, people are saying it was long awaited and hope it benefits them. “It is good that this government ended. They were both brutal. PDP came to power on the promise it would not allow BJP to form the government but ended up making an alliance with the same party.” Shuja Ahmad Sheikh, a resident of Srinagar told Firstpost on the Residency Road after the decisions taken by BJP.

  • 15:16 (IST)

    Many BJP leaders were "relieved" about alliance ending

    Sources within the BJP said several party leaders were "relieved" that the alliance had been called off.

    A principal reason, according to a person familiar with the BJP's decision-making mechanism, was the safety of pilgrims during the upcoming Amarnath Yatra; it was felt that with violence in the Valley continuing unabated during cessation of security operations, the likelihood of yatris being attacked was high, and this did not sit well with BJP leaders.

  • 15:15 (IST)

    BJP pulled out of alliance because it knew it was losing ground: Asaduddin Owaisi

    "I feel sorry for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This was an alliance between north pole and south pole. The people of the nation want to know what happened to the north pole-south pole alliance. BJP cannot run away from failing to stop attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. BJP is equally responsible," AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said.

    "BJP pulled out of alliance because it knew it was losing ground," he said.

  • 15:12 (IST)

    Jammu and Kashmir was destroyed socially and politically: Congress' Ghulam Nabi Azad

    "Who will create an alternate government in such a situation? They have made a khandar of a situation here," Congress' Azad said. "They ruined the balance of the society in Jammu and Kashmir. There was a lot of tension between the regions of Jammu and Kashmir. Socially, politically, Jammu and Kashmir was destroyed," he also said.

  • 15:07 (IST)

    Split has come not a day too soon

    With BJP's pulling out of the ruling coalition, the BJP-PDP government will fall. In 2014 Assembly elections, PDP emerged as the single largest party with 28 seats while BJP secured 25.

    The fractured nature of the mandate, which saw PDP's gains restricted to Kashmir and BJP's wins concentrated in Jammu, made transfer of writ difficult across the state. In the intervening three years, the positions have hardened to the extent that the alliance has served only to feed extreme elements in both sides.

    While the BJP feared a loss of its influence and vote bank among the Hindu majority in Jammu, the situation was trickier for Mufti who needed to compete not only with National Conference for popular support and political influence but more importantly with secessionist elements and violent operatives.

    For Mufti to carry on, a soft separatist narrative was inevitable that placed her in direct policy confrontation with BJP's nationalist policies. That this untenable alliance was kept alive for so long is a testament to BJP and PDP's compulsions for power and the state's lack of political alternatives. The split has come not a day too soon.

  • 15:06 (IST)

    Mehbooba Mufti resigns as Jammu and Kashmir chief minister

  • 15:05 (IST)

    PDP-BJP alliance was anti-national and unnatural: Shiv Sena's Sanjay Raut

  • 15:04 (IST)

    Glad that BJP accepted its mistake: Congress

    "We are glad that BJP has accepted its mistake," said Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad. "When Congress had formed a government in Jammu and Kashmir, we had reduced terrorism. But right from the moment BJP had come to power in Jammu and Kashmir, we had said that the state was on the path of destruction," he added.

    "During the rule of this government, the most number of ceasefire violations took place along the border," Azad said.

    "Today, after destroying the state, BJP cannot just run away from its responsibilities by pulling out of the alliance with PDP," he also said.

BJP-PDP alliance Latest Updates: In latest updates, Jammu and Kashmir BJP chief spokesperson said that the party showed that the nation was the most important for its policies.

Mehbooba Mufti said that she has submitted her resignation to the Jammu and Kashmir governor. She said that muscular policies will not work in the state.

Jammu and Kashmir governor NN Vohra met former chief minister Omar Abdullah.

Mehbooba Mufti has resigned as Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and sent her resignation letter to Governor NN Vohra, reports have said. Mehbooba Mufti had cancelled all meetings since Tuesday morning after getting a whiff about the New Delhi decision. On the streets of Srinagar people are saying that the break-up was long awaited and hope it happens for the good of people. Mehbooba is set to address media in Srinagar at 5 pm. The PDP has also called for an emergency meeting at 4 on Tuesday evening.

Bharatiya Janata Party has snapped the alliance in Jammu and Kashmir with the Peoples Democratic Party which is headed by Mehbooba Mufti, BJP national general secretary and in-charge of Jammu and Kashmir Ram Madhav announced on Tuesday.

"It is good that this government ended. They were both brutal. PDP came to power on the promise it would not allow BJP to form the government but ended up making an alliances with the same party," Shuja Ahmad Sheikh, a resident of Srinagar told Firstpost on the Residency Road after the BJP announced that the alliance with PDP has ended.

"The BJP has humiliated PDP like no other regional party could do it. It is move aimed at 2019 elections in India," Sheikh said.

Madhav said the parties tried hard to maintain the alliance but it became untenable to follow through. "We had called this meeting (Tuesday morning) to discuss the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Even freedom of expression has become an issue in the Valley," Madhav said.

"Terrorism, violence and radicalisation have risen and fundamental rights of the citizens are under danger in the Valley. Shujaat Bukhari's killing is an example," Madhav said.

"Centre did everything for the Valley. We have tried to put a full-stop to the ceasefire violations by Pakistan. PDP has not been successful in fulfilling its promises. Our leaders have been facing a lot of difficulties from PDP in developmental works in Jammu and Ladakh," said Madhav.

Described as "strange bedfellows" and "uneasy alliance", the BJP-PDP coalition always struggled to run in a state which struggled to sort out any issue amicably. The BJP-PDP alliance was, in fact, called the 'South and North Pole.' As described by Madhav, the problems plaguing Jammu and Kashmir were extremely complex and with an alliance which never saw eye to eye, it was extremely difficult to agree upon anything.

This is not the first time that differences have cropped up between the alliance partners. Earlier, the PDP reportedly threatened to pull out of the coalition over the issue of two BJP ministers rallying behind the Hindu Ekta Manch, which was demanding a CBI inquiry into the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua district. The BJP had asked both the ministers to resign from cabinet.

Here is a list of MLAs in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly

The Bharatiya Janata Party pulled out of the alliance with the People's Democratic Party, pushing the Mehbooba Mufti-led is Jammu and Kashmir government i minority. The news comes amid reports of growing tension in the BJP-PDP alliance, each blaming the other for rising militancy, mob violence and low voter turnout in the recent parliamentary bypolls. Amit Shah met the Jammu BJP leaders on Tuesday after which the party has called a press conference.

The BJP central leadership would deliberate on the party's strategy in the state ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and also take stock of the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir, sources said.

"All the BJP ministers have been called to New Delhi for a meeting," a senior Jammu and Kashmir BJP leader told PTI. BJP state chief Ravinder Raina and party general secretary (organisation) Ashok Kaul have been also called for the meeting.

The announcement comes after Ram Madhav said in April that there was no immediate threat to the alliance.

BJP ministers in the Mehbooba Mufti government, including state unit president Ravindra Raina, party vice-president and incharge of Jammu and Kashmir Avinash Rai Khanna, and state unit office bearers, will participate in the meeting at the party headquarters, The Economic Times report said. Party General secretary (Organisation) Asho Kaul has also been called for the meeting.

However, other reports claimed that suspending operations along the border area has miffed the PDP leadership and the rift is showing once again as the Centre wants to resume anti-terror operations in the state after Ramzan. While PDP thinks BJP leaders should make headway with the separatists and initiate dialogue with them, the BJP-led central government says that the separatists lost an opportunity as they did not take a cue from civil society, sources have told NDTV.

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