Bihar political crisis: Tejashwi Yadav slams Nitish Kumar on Twitter, calls JD(U) chief opportunistic rival

A livid Tejashwi Yadav, who was in the eye of the storm that ended up desecrating the Bihar Mahagathbandhan, took to Twitter on Thursday to slam his former ally-turned 'opportunistic rival' Nitish Kumar. He took to the social media platform to express his anger over the political volte-face by Nitish as the latter canned the RJD-Congress alliance for siding with BJP, which was ironically formed to stall the saffron party.

Initially, after reports of Nitish Kumar's decision became public, Tejashwi announced that he would visit the governor's office to launch a dharna against the decision.


The march failed to stop the inevitable and Nitish Kumar was sworn-in on Thursday at 10 am as the chief minister of Bihar.


Tejashwi said that RJD being the single largest party in Bihar should have been considered for forming the government and called Kumar an "opportunistic rival."   

He went on to say that his performance as deputy chief minister of Bihar unsettled the BJP and this move exposed their viciousness and a personal vendetta against him. The move was even coined as 'opportunistic politics'  and he added that BJP had reached new lows in their vindictiveness.


Yadav questioned the governor Keshari Nath Tripathi honesty and asked him why the 11 am deadline of the swearing-in ceremony was changed to 10 am. 

 He said that people would see through BJP's 'power grab' mentality and this attitude will spell doom for the party.

In his latest tweets, he questioned the government's attitude towards dissent and claimed that the growing voice of the 'marginalized section' of the society contributed to the move. He also added that RSS and BJP were 'hell bent to impose past caste based order in society with the help of the JDU.'

Updated Date: Jul 27, 2017 13:58:38 IST