Nitish Kumar resigns as Bihar CM highlights: JD (U) chief to take oath of office tomorrow at 5 pm

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Nitish Kumar resigns as Bihar CM highlights: JD (U) chief to take oath of office tomorrow at 5 pm
  • 13:59 (IST)

    Tejashwi Yadav pulls out old Sushil Modi, Nitish Kumar tweets to take a dig in NDA govt


  • 13:55 (IST)

    Nitish Kumar leaves from Bihar Assembly after winning trust vote

  • 13:52 (IST)

    At least 10 RJD MLAs would have voted for us if there was secret ballot: Sushil Modi

    "An unnatural alliance died natural death," Sushil Modi said as he lauded Nitish for not 'bending the knee' to keep the alliance alive. He said that the RJD was seeking vote through secret ballot but if that would have happened "then at least 10-12 people from RJD would have crossed over to our side," Modi said.  

  • 13:30 (IST)

    JD(U) MLAs celebrate outside Assembly

  • 13:30 (IST)

  • 13:30 (IST)

  • 13:28 (IST)

    Tejashwi Yadav questions Nitish Modi's intention, says Sushil Modi too has FIR against him

    Tejashwi said that the people of the Bihar are feeling cheated, adding that RJD will take the fight to every village. He said, "I asked many questions to the CM but he had no answers. Will he now pass a law with the BJP that every person who has an FIR should resign from public office? Will he bring liquor ban across the nation" Tejashwi asked. He said that Sushil Modi too had a case against him, how is it that he is fit to be deputy chief minister in Nitish's eye then. 

  • 13:23 (IST)

    Tejashwi was just an excuse, Nitish plotted to bring down government: Tejashwi Yadav

  • 13:21 (IST)

    Bihar had to see four governments in four years, only because of one man: Tejashwi Yadav

    Tejashwi Yadav blamed Nitish Kumar for bringing insatbility to Bihar. He said that if Nitish had to make the government with BJP's support why did he waste so much time and public funds on election. 

  • 13:19 (IST)

    Nitish Kumar did all the drama to sit in the lap of RSS-BJP: Tejashwi Yadav

  • 13:18 (IST)

    Bihar's people feel cheated; Nitish has hurt everyone: Tejashwi Yadav after Nitish wins trust vote

  • 13:14 (IST)

    Sushil Modi thanks RJD, Congress for making him Dy CM

    "I should ththankful to RJD and Congress. I wouldn't have been here if Tejashwi Yadv would have resigned. The mandate was not for corruption and building 26 benami properties in 26 years." said Sushil Kumar Modi.

  • 13:13 (IST)

    Nitish Kumar wins trust vote, gets 131 votes against 108

    Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar won the trust vote with the support of 131 MLAs against Opposition's 108 votes. 122 votes were needed to cross the half-way mark in the 243-member Assembly.  

  • 13:01 (IST)

    Bihar trust to vote take place through division of vote

  • 12:58 (IST)

    Decided to quit in interest of Bihar; mandate was to serve  people not one family

    "My decision to quit was taken in the interest of Bihar. We had the mandate to serve the people, not one particular family," Nitish said.  

  • 12:51 (IST)

    Secularism no justification for corruption: Nitish Kumar

  • 12:49 (IST)

    Congress would not have got 15 seats; I gave them 40: Nitish Kumar

    Not sparing the ertwhile junior partner in alliance, Nitish Kumar said that given the Congress' party's situation in the country, they would not have had got 15 seats in any coallition. "I gave them 40 seats," Nitish said. 

  • 12:47 (IST)

    Power given to serve people, not to amass wealth: Nitish Kumar's barbs on RJD corruption charges

    After Tejashwi Yadav's livid speech, Nitish Kumar rose to address the House. He said that he tried very hard to run a government but RJD never followed the coallition dharma. 

    "They protected Shahabuddin, the never explained corruption cases agaist them. The coallition broke because of their corruption not because of me," Nitish said. 

  • 12:43 (IST)

    Nitish Kumar addresses House, promises point by point rebuttal of all accusations

  • 12:34 (IST)

    Meanwhile... Nitish Kumar maintains calm

    From a saap (snake) to dhokebaaz (deciever), Nitish Kumar has been called names and taunted for his political volte-face by the Opposition. However, the Bihar Chief Minister has maintained his calm, without showing any signs of retort. Nitish is known to speak with carefully chosen words and avoid making personal attacks. 

  • 12:29 (IST)

    BJP's Nand Kishore Yadav hits back at Tejashwi, tells him his post a byproduct of dynasty politics

    Hitting back at Tejashwi Yadav, Yadav reminded Tejashwi that he was not the deputy chief minister due to his calibre, but due to Lalu's 'putra moh'. 

    "If Lalu Prasad didn’t have ‘putra moh’, Abdul Bari Siddiqui would have been Bihar deputy chief minister," Yadav said. 

  • 12:22 (IST)

    You conduct 'Champaran Yatra' and then sit in the lap of Mahatma Gandhi's killers: Tejashwi Yadav

  • 12:20 (IST)


  • 12:20 (IST)

     Nitish Kumar should feel ashamed that he is sitting near Sushil Modi, says Tejashwi Yadav 

  • 12:16 (IST)

    RJD calls Nitish RSS's chief minister

    "He cheated and betrayed the people of the state who gave him massive mandate. He played dirty politics. He just looked for an excuse to defame us and join the NDA", Tejashwi Yadav said before entering the House.

    "Everyone can see how he switched sides. Earlier he used to speak of Sangh-mukt Bharat and now he is the chief minister of the Sangh. He has changed his stand from 'Hey Ram' to 'Jai Shri Ram'." He also told reporters that he would raise the issue inside the House. He accused the BJP of corruption charges.

  • 12:08 (IST)

    Tejashwi Yadav concludes 41-minute-long charged speech, BJP's Nand Kishore Yadav to hit back next 

  • 12:05 (IST)

    Sushil Kumar Modi too is facing cases, why did Nitish side with him: Tejashwi Yadav

  • 12:01 (IST)

    Floor test begins in Bihar Assembly

  • 12:01 (IST)

    Floor test begins in Bihar Assembly

  • 11:58 (IST)

    Tejashwi Yadav questions timing of Modi's tweet, alleges Nitish used him as pawn

    Tejashwi Yadav alleged that Nitish Kumar was in cahoots with the BJP since months while he was only used as a pawn and an excuse to justify the flip-flop. He said that how was it possible that Narendra Modi tweeted so quickly when the prime minister doesn't seem to be so quick in responding to other political matters. 

  • 11:50 (IST)

    Could have considered resigning if Nitish Kumar would have asked: Tejashwi

    Tejashwi Yadav is taking on Nitish Kumar in the Bihar Assembly ahead of the floor test.

    "Nitish is still my uncle. I would have even considered resigning if he would have asked. But he had preplanned everything and was just waiting to betray us," Tejashwi said. 

  • 11:38 (IST)

    Ruckus in Bihar Assembly

  • 11:37 (IST)

    Nitish got less seats than us and lost 2014 elections badly, where was his image then, asks Tejashwi

  • 11:36 (IST)

    People have  suffered greatly under Nitish: Tejashwi

    Firing fresh salvos at his erstwhile ally and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, Tejashwi Yadav today claimed that people hav suffered greatly under Nitish Raj. He said that Nitish couldn't dare to sack me even with a 'greedy BJP' behind him. 

  • 11:28 (IST)

    Tejashwi Yadav seeks 40 minutes in Assembly to speak

  • 11:27 (IST)

    Ruckus inside Bihar assembly after a livid Tejashwi says Nitish should be ashamed : CNN-News 18

  • 11:22 (IST)

    Bihar Assembly Speaker bars live broadcast of trust vote

  • 11:15 (IST)

    RJD demands a secret ballot amid calls for vote of conscience by both camps

  • 11:04 (IST)

    Game of Numbers

    • Total Strength of Bihar Assembly : 243
    • Half-way Mark : 122
    • JD(U) : 71
    • NDA : 58
    • RJD : 80 
    • ​Congress : 27

    While JD(U)+NDA is expected to sail through the trust vote as they claim to have the support of 132 MLAs, discontent among JD(U) cannot be ruled out. RJD has also appealed to the Muslim and Yadav MLAs from BJP and JD(U) to vote listening to the call of their conscience. The party has warned the NDA of a stormy Assembly session, claiming that they won't let a governent that had 'murdered the mandate' function in the House. 

  • 11:00 (IST)

    Patna HC to hear RJD's plea against Nitish trust vote on Monday

  • 10:59 (IST)

    Tejashwi Yadav reaches Bihar Assembly

  • 10:56 (IST)

    Nitish Kumar turned out to be a snake: Tejashwi Yadav

    Former Bihar deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav today hit out at Nitish Kumar calling him a snake who betrayed his party's trust and used them to gain power. RJD MLAs also held protests outside the Vidhansabha, with placards reading "Murderers of democracy". 

    Meanwhile, Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi also reached the Assembly, who were booed at by the Opposition MLAs.

  • 10:49 (IST)

    Lalu Yadav in touch with BJP JD(U) dissenters, spoke to Sharad Yadav yesterday, claims RJD

    RJD has appealed to the Muslim and Yadav MLAs from BJP and JD(U) to vote listening to the call of their conscience. The party has warned the NDA of a stormy Assembly session, claiming that they won't let a governent that had 'murdered the mandate' function in the House. 

  • 10:45 (IST)

    In Pictures: Bihar Opposition MLAs protesting outside Bihar Assembly

  • 10:42 (IST)

    Sushil Modi reaches Vidhan Sabha, quashes RJD claims that BJP MLAs may cross-vote

  • 10:40 (IST)

    RJD, Congress MLAs protest 'murder of mandate' outside Bihar Assembly

  • 10:34 (IST)

    Nitish Kumar reaches Bihar Assembly ahead of floor test

  • 10:28 (IST)

    The story of Bihar so far

    - Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar will take the floor test today at 11 am.

    - The 'reunited' NDA claims to have the support of 132 legislators in the 243-member assembly. Nitish Kumar needs 122 votes to win today's trust vote.

    -  Unrest boils in JD(U) ranks with several leaders openly declaring discontent over Nitish's decision to join forces with 'communal BJP.

    -  Sharad Yadav reportedly unhappy with Nitish's decision. He met Rahul Gandhi on Thursday and met JD(U) leaders, reportedly unhappy with the new alliance. 

    -  News reports say that dissent within Congress is brewing as local leaders blame Rahul Gandhi for not doing enough. Several MLAs may cross-vote in favour of Nitish.

    -  JD(U) declares support for Opposition's vice-presidential candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi despite joining hands with NDA  

  • 10:19 (IST)

    Game of numbers: JD(U) may get boost from Congress defectors

    Amid reports of widespread resentment in Bihar Congress, CNN-News18 reported that several Congress MLAs may vote for JD(U).

    The RJD too, on the other claimed support of Left MLAs and independents. Moreover, the party is also "banking on conscience vote of six Muslim and 11 Yadav MLAs within the JD(U)," Hindustan Times reported. 

  • 10:05 (IST)

    In-post Vajpayee BJP, will Bihar CM be able to blend in with Narendra Modi's ideology?

    After days of speculations, JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar has embraced the once estranged ally BJP, marking his Ghar Vapasi to NDA. 

    The secular image which he has fostered through the months might not resonate with the Modi and Amit Shah-led BJP. By jumping on the BJP bandwagon yet again and breaking an alliance which was considered as a marriage of equals, Nitish will now have to play second-fiddle to the BJP and demonstrate a greater readiness to accept its terms and conditions than he did before.

Nitish Kumar is on his way to meet Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi in Patna on Wednesday, media reports said. This comes just after Nitish Kumar held a closed-door meeting with Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav at his residence in Patna on Wednesday.

 Nitish Kumar resigns as Bihar CM highlights: JD (U) chief to take oath of office tomorrow at 5 pm

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. Image courtesy News18

Nitish might inform the governor that he has sacked his deputy Tejashwi Yadav from the cabinet or He himself can resign and recommend dissolution of Assembly.

Security has been beefed up around the Rajbhawan. Governor Kesri Nath Tripathi was supposed to leave Patna today but he changed his itinerary and decided to stay back.

Earlier the RJD also held meeting of its party after which party chief Lalu Prasad categorically rejected demands of resignation of his deputy chief minister son Tejashwi Yadav.

Amid rumours of rift within the Bihar Grand Alliance, Lalu on Wednesday tried to dispel rumours around strains in the alliance. Addressing the press, Lalu said that the so-called bitterness in the alliance was made by media, adding that Nitish has not asked for his son Tejashwi Yadav's resignation.

The alliance partners are said to be at loggerheads over a CBI case against the Yadav family, including Tejashwi, who is also the deputy chief minister of Bihar.

Lalu, clearing the air around RJD's position, once again ruled out Tejashwi's resignation. "There is no question of Tejashwi's resignation. All of this is BJP's propaganda and everyone knows this," Lalu said.

"We have built the alliance with great difficulty, it will endure," the RJD chief said. He, however, added that Nitish can pull out of the alliance if he wants to, clearly signalling that who will take the blame in case the alliance is scrapped. Lalu's wife and former Bihar chief minister Rabri Devi, echoed his sentiment, adding "jo hoga dekha jayega (We will see whatever happens)."


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