Amit Shah lashes out at Kerala government, claims 'atheist' regime tried to deny justice to believers

  • Amit Shah on Friday took potshots and attacked the proposed

  • The mahagathbandhan was just a

  • Shah also wanted Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to explain what the two previous UPA governments have done for Kerala.

Palakkad: BJP president Amit Shah on Friday took potshots and attacked the proposed "mahagathbandhan" of Opposition parties and said if it comes to power, there will be a new prime minister on each day of the week.

Addressing party workers, Shah said the 'grand alliance' was not good for the country.

The mahagathbandhan was just a "front of the corrupt people to grab power" and does not have any ideology, leader or programme, Shah, who was in Palakkad to review his party's poll preparedness for the Lok Sabha elections, said.

Taking potshots at the proposed Opposition front, Shah said every day of the week, there would be a new prime minister, if they came to power. "I will tell you who will become the prime minister if the Opposition comes to power. On Monday, Akhilesh Yadav will be the prime minister, on Tuesday it will be Mayawati. Wednesday will be for Chandrababu Naidu and Thursday for Deve Gowda and Mamata Banerjee will the prime minister on Friday. On Saturday it will be DMK leader M K Stalin. On Sunday, since it is a holiday, there will no prime minister," Shah said.

He said the 2019 election was important for the BJP as it would return to power, and expressed hope that there would be MPs from Kerala to be part of the central government.

 Amit Shah lashes out at Kerala government, claims atheist regime tried to deny justice to believers

File image of BJP chief Amit Shah. PTI

"This poll is important to the country as well. Rahul Gandhi was eager to form a mahagathbandhan. This is not good for the country. This mahagathbandhan doesn't have any ideology, leader or  programme. This is just a front of the corrupt to grab power," Shah said.

Do the people need a "leader or a dealer?" he asked.

"The Opposition just has dealers, but BJP has got a leader — Narendra Modi, one who can lead this country," he said.

Claiming that the prime minister was a workaholic and puts in 18 hours of work each day for the country, Shah said there was no corruption allegation against Modi.

"He is the most popular and respected leader of the world. He is working hard to make the country a world leader," Shah said.

Shah also attacked the ruling CPM-led LDF in Kerala and the UDF opposition spearheaded by the Congress.

"When the LDF comes to power, there is violence and during UDF regime, there is corruption and both fronts help cover each others mistakes. But if the BJP-led NDA comes to power all the corrupt will be put behind bars," he said.

Attacking the left government, he said the "Communist party has become extinct in the world. That's the situation of the Congress party in the country. NDA is planning a big win in the state," Shah said.

He also asked the people of Kerala to give an opportunity to the Narendra Modi government to make the state the best in the country.

"People of Kerala have been alternatively electing the ruling CPM-led LDF and Congress-headed UDF. Give a chance to Narendra Modi. We will make Kerala the number 1 state in the country," he said.

Shah also wanted Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to explain what the two previous UPA governments have done for Kerala.

"I want to ask Rahul baba what the Congress has done for Kerala. The UPA government ruled for ten years. During the UPA regime, Rs 45,392 crore was spent for the state. But the Modi government had allocated over Rs 198,00 crore in five years, despite not having a single MP from Kerala," he said.

This is four times more than what the UPA government had done, he said. Besides this amount, various projects worth  Rs 59,000 crore had been allotted to the state.

Lashing out at Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, he said, "Pinarayi Vijayan comes to Delhi and asks Prime Minister what we have given to the state. I don't have any obligation to answer Vijayan, but my obligation is towards the people of the state," Shah said.

The BJP government has given four times more assistance to the state government, he said and alleged that the Left government in Kerala had been creating hindrances on various projects sanctioned by the Centre.

"The state government has delayed land acquisition for Kanjikode Railway factory and AIIMS projects," he said.

Shah alleged the state government has been delaying these projects out of fear that if these become a reality, it might enhance the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shah also alleged that Vijayan was "playing politics" and stalling the state's development. Hitting out at the ruling CPM on the Sabarimala issue, the BJP chief said the state govenrment has been "cheating" crores of Ayyappa devotees and denying them justice.

"This would only result in "unsettling the foundation of the communist party in the state," Shah said.

He alleged the LDF government has not yet removed the loudspeakers from mosques despite the Supreme Court verdict.

"The LDF government has been stating that they were bound by the Supreme Court verdict (on the Sabarimala issue). However, the top court has also said that no loudspeakers can be used in mosques. From how many mosques have you removed the loudspeakers. Have you implemented that Supreme Court verdict?" Shah asked.

"The atheist communists have tried to deny justice to the believers," he said.

Updated Date: Feb 24, 2019 16:06:15 IST