AIADMK merger highlights: Resort politics return to Tamil Nadu; MLAs loyal to Dhinakaran may be moved to 'secret hideout'

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AIADMK merger highlights: Resort politics return to Tamil Nadu; MLAs loyal to Dhinakaran may be moved to 'secret hideout'
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    16 MLAs considered close to TTV Dhinakaran may be moved to 'secret resort'

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    Sasikala faction makes dramatic come back, likely to spell trouble for newly merged AIADMK

    Eighteen MLAs supporting TTV Dinakaran and Sasikala faction have reignited the political debate in Tamil Nadu, just when the dust was starting to settle on the high-decibel AIADMK merger. 

    The MLAs visited the Amma memorial, which has recently become the stage-setter for all political drama in the state, and sat in meditation. They also raised pro-Sasikala slogans, while announcing that they will meet the governor tomorrow at 10.00 am. 

    Now 18 happens to be the exact number needed to topple the AIADMK government in the 235-member Assembly. All that the Dinakaran camp has to do is submit a no-confidence resolution to the governor. However, Dinakaran's supporters have refrained from spelling out the agenda of the meeting. This could only be a warning call, a show of strength by the Mannargudi clan to remind Palaniswamy, what is at stake if he chooses to go ahead with Sasikala's ouster. 

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    TTV Dinakaran postpones media address to 23 August citing health reasons

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    TTV Dinakaran supporters to meet Tamil Nadu governor tomorrow 

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    MLAs backing Dinakaran visit Jayalalithaa's memorial, raise pro-Sasikala slogans

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    Merger of AIADMK factions won't benefit people: Kanimozhi

    The merger of two AIADMK factions would in no way be beneficial to the people of Tamil Nadu, DMK MP and the party's women's wing leader Kanimozhi said on Monday. Moreover, the people had not voted for these leaders and the continuation of the government itself was doubtful, she said.

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    CPM says BJP hand behind 'opportunistic' AIADMK merger

    CPM politburo member Prakash Karat today termed the merger of AIADMK factions as opportunistic and alleged that the BJP was behind it. 

    "The opportunistic decision by the two factions, at the behest of BJP. will be rejected by the people of Tamil Nadu," he  told reporters at the airport in Chennai. 

    The CPM leader said that joining hands with 'communal forces' like BJP will be dangerous to AIADMK and also the people of Tamil Nadu, "who will totally reject this opportunism."

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    Merger brought tremendous joy to lakhs of party workers: OPS 

  • 18:26 (IST)

    Revolts, split and union, a timeline of developments in party since Jayalalithaa's death

    Since the demise of former AIADMK supremo and chief minister J Jayalalithaa in December last year, Tamil Nadu's political scenario has witnessed unprecedented drama. Following is the chronology of major events in the southern state's ruling party. The state has seen it all — revolt, conviction in a graft case of Jayalalithaa's aide and her successor to the party post VK Sasikala, split in the party, cancellation of bypoll to RK Nagar seat held by the late CM, sidelining of party deputy chief TTV Dinakaran and the eventual merger on Monday.

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    Post AIADMK merger, is there an NDA reunion on the cards?

    The AIADMK, which has been a part of the National Democratic Alliance in the past too, is likely to join the NDA soon. CNN-News 18 sources report that the party is likely to get two Minister of State cabinet berths in the Central government if it goes ahead to join the BJP-led alliance. 

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    Modi congratulates OPS, EPS on AIADMK merger

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    AIADMK merger a ploy to fool people of Tamil Nadu: Sasikala camp

  • 17:09 (IST)

    Golden period for AIADMK: D Raja

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    AIADMK to meet to sack Sasikala as party chief

    The AIADMK General Council will be convened to expel Sasikala as General Secretary, a senior leader owing allegiance to former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam said on Monday.

    Former minister and party veteran C Ponnaiyan also expressed confidence that the AIADMK government would run its full course of five years and no MLA would take part in any attempt at toppling it.

    "There was no provision for Sasikala's appointment as General Secretary because election to that post can be done only by the primary members of the party. The General Council, which appointed her, will be convened to remove her from the post," he told reporters.

    He said under the AIADMK constitution whenever there is a vacancy to the post of General Secretary, the duties and responsibilities of General Secretary will be performed by an Executive Council. 

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    Demands for Sasikala's ouster grow strong moments after AIADMK reunion

  • 16:57 (IST)

    K Pandiarajan also sworn in as minister in Tamil Nadu Cabinet

  • 16:55 (IST)

    What will the new Tamil Nadu cabinet look like?

    Deputy Chief Minister ​Panneerselvam has been allocated the finance portfolio which was previously held by D Jayakumar. According to The Times of India, the former chief minister will also take charge of Housing, Rural Housing and Housing Development, Slum Clearance Board and Accommodation Control, Town Planning, Urban Development and Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority ministries that were held by Udumalai K Radhakrishnan. 

    Panneerselvam's key aide, Pandiarajan will get the Tamil Official Language & Tamil Culture ministry that was previously held by Sevvoor S Ramachandran. He will take charge of the Ministry of Archaeology from K A Sengottaiyan. 

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    O Panneerselvam takes oath as Tamil Nadu deputy chief minister

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    Watch: EPS, OPS pay tribute at Jaya memorial 

  • 16:43 (IST)

    OPS reaches Raj Bhawan for his swearing-in ceremony

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    Tamil Nadu cabinet expansion likely after OPS swearing-in 

    The AIADMK-led cabinet in Tamil Nadu is likely to be expanded after O Panneerselvam is sworn in as the Deputy CM of the state this evening. Media reports suggest that three Panneerselvam supporters will also get ministerial berths in the cabinet expansion as part of the merger formula. 

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    We are like brothers and no one can seperate us: OPS after AIADMK merger

    “The burden in my heart is gone,” Panneerselvam said adding “none can separate us, we are children of Amma (late chief minister Jayalalithaa), we are brothers.”

    He said the merger was not only the desire of Tamil Nadu people, but also of the of 1.5 crore AIADMK cadres.

    Chief minister K. Palaniswamy praised Panneerselvam for facilitating the merger, amidst thunderous applause and jubilant scenes at a crowded cermony. 

  • 16:31 (IST)

    TTV Dinakaran to address the press shortly

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    Panneerselvam has been sold a lemon: BJP's Subramanian Swamy

    BJP MP Subramanian Swamy, known to be friends with Jayalalithaa says that OPS has nothing to gain from the merger formula. He said that the dual power centre arrangement in the party and the government is a mere patchwork and he will not be surprised if another conflict flares up in the party. 

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    'Sasikala will be expelled soon'

    Sasikala will be removed from the post of AIADMK General Secretary soon, AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP Vaithilingam told The Indian Express. However, no official word has come out on the matter so far. 

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    Sore Sasikala camp hits out at EPS, OPS, says Sasikala can't be ousted

    "We want everybody to be together, we don't know why they are avoiding us. It was honourable Chinnamma who made Palaniswamy chief minister now they are avoiding us. The cadres are with us and just like OPS, they will soon come to us too for a merger and compromise," CR Saraswathy, a TTV Dinakaran supporter said.

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    AIADMK leaders head to Raj Bhawan for swearing in

  • 16:00 (IST)

    As OPS, EPS join hands at Amma memorial, AIADMK political drama comes full circle

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    Unique solution to AIADMK conflict: Precarious power balance in party, govt

    Eager to strike a merger deal. the two factions have, for now struck a unique deal. The two party stalwarts, each keen to inherit Jayalalithaa's legacy at one time, have worked out a formula to play second fiddle to each other alternatively in the party and the government.

    E Palaniswamy has relented control over AIADMK and appointed O Panneerselvam to be party coordinator, a post freshly created to accommodate OPS. Palaniswamy, will work as the joint coordinator and an 11-member steering committee will be formed to guide the party. In the government though, EPS will continue to hold the chief minister's post and OPS will be the deputy chief minister. 

    The dual power centre, both within the party and the governmnet, has created a tenuous arrangement for now, but the political stability of the reunited factions will remain questionable after seven month of bitter animosity. 

  • 15:46 (IST)

    O Panneerselvam to get Finance portfolio; two OPS loyalist to find place in the new Tamil Nadu cabinet 

  • 15:43 (IST)

    O Panneerselvam to take oath as deputy CM, Finance minister, swearing-in at 4.30 pm

  • 15:37 (IST)

    AIADMK reunion and the eerie silence around Sasikala's fate

    O Panneerselvam's stature is slightly diminished within the party as the former chief minister returns to AIADMK folds as Palaniswamy's deputy. He is also the AIADMK convener, a post especially created to accommodate him within the party while circumventing the formal chief position of General Secretary currently occupied by Sasikala.

    And this was arguably a necessary compromise for the OPS faction given the stakes involved. However, the eerie silence over Sasikala's ouster, one of the most rigid demands put forward by OPS camp, is unsettling. 

    If the two factions have agreed upon circumventing the major demand, even if by leaving the final decision on Sasikala, then OPS has gained little from the reunion. As of now, Sasikala remains to be the General Secretary of the AIADMK, even if in name. 

  • 15:25 (IST)

    OPS, EPS join hands to revive two leaves symbol, say a united AIADMK will last over 100 years

  • 15:19 (IST)

    It is offiicial!

  • 15:09 (IST)

    E Palaniswamy should fall at TTV Dinakaran's feet or we will pull down the govt: Sasikala supporter

    The Hindu reported that TTV supporter Nanjil Sampath has said that EPS will have to fall on Dinakaran's feet if he wants us to stop from pulling down his government 

  • 15:07 (IST)

    I am happy to be back in your midst: O Panneerselvam at AIADMK merger meet

  • 15:02 (IST)

    OPS reaches AIADMK headquarters

  • 14:58 (IST)

    Meanwhile... around 12 AIADMK MLAs in huddle with TTV Dinakaran 

  • 14:57 (IST)

    In Pictures: EPS convoy reaches AIADMK headquarters

  • 14:54 (IST)

    Is reunited AIADMK, headed the NDA way?

    Talks of an invisible hand pulling the strings of the tamil nadu political drama, eversince O Pannerselvam's open rebellion from AIADMK, has been around. BJP's extraordinary interest in the situation had given political pundits only a fair chance to propose that the saffron party may be fishing in troubled waters in Tamil Nadu politics.

    Now, the fact that an RSS ideologue is reportedly facilitating the merger talks and that both EPS and OPS had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the merger talks began suggests that post the high drama AIADMK merger, it wouldn't be a surprise if the party formally annonces joining hands with the NDA.  

  • 14:49 (IST)

    Kamal Hassan slams AIADMK merger, says whole country laughing on Tamil Nadu because of these 'political jokers'

  • 14:48 (IST)

    With AIADMK merger, realignment on cards, enter O Panneerselvam

    O Panneerselvam will be formally invited by chief minister E Palaniswamy to join his cabinet as the deputy chief minister. However, the former CM and Jayalalithaa loyalist will re-enter the Tamil Nadu government in a slightly diminished role, as part of the compromise. 

    In return, sources say, that OPS has managed to convince the EPS faction to boot out Sasikala and has negotiated several Cabinet berths for OPS supporters too. 

  • 14:42 (IST)

    EPS reaches AIADMK headquarter

  • 14:39 (IST)

    Expect good news soon: OPS faction

    S Semallai of the OPS faction claimed that the two factions have reached upon an agreement on the ouster of Sasikala, adding that all demands of O Panneerselvam are met. 

A group of AIADMK MLAs owing allegiance to sidelined party leader TTV Dhinakaran met Tamil Nadu governor C Vidyasagar Rao on Tuesday and sought the removal of Chief Minister K Palaniswami, saying he has lost their confidence.


File image of TTV Dhinakaran. Image courtesy: Twitter/@TTVDhinakaran

The move came a day after rivals factions led by Palaniswami and O Panneerselvam merged, ending a nearly seven-month feud, in a power sharing formula in the ruling party and the government with the rebel leader being made the deputy chief minister.

"We don't have confidence in the chief minister. What is the need to give the deputy chief minister's post to Panneerselvam who had levelled charges of corruption against this government earlier?" asked an MLA, who was part of the team that met the governor.

He said 122 AIADMK MLAs had supported Palaniswami at the behest of jailed party chief VK Sasikala during the 18 February trust vote while Panneerselvam had voted against the government.

He said the chief minister should have held consultations with all party MLAs before the merger of the two factions. "So we have briefed the governor and said that the chief minister should be removed," the MLA added.

The MLA lashed out at Panneerselvam, alleging that he had accepted the merger "only for posts" and asked if this was the deputy chief minister's "dharma yudh" as claimed by him earlier.

Raj Bhavan sources confirmed that the meeting took place between the MLAs and the governor, but did not divulge details, including about the number of the delegation. Around 18 MLAs were reported to have attended a meeting held by Dhinakaran, the party's deputy general secretary and nephew of party chief VK Sasikala, at his residence.

One of the MLAs, P Vetrivel, had claimed that Dhinakaran enjoyed the support of 25 MLAs. Of the 234-member Tamil Nadu Assembly, the AIADMK has 134 MLAs excluding the Speaker. Late chief minister Jayalalithaa's RK Nagar constituency is still vacant.

Opposition DMK has 89 seats followed by its allies Congress with eight and IUML one seat.

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