AIADMK Crisis Day 7 LIVE: Sasikala to move out of Poes Garden, will stay with MLAs at Golden Bay Resort

AIADMK General Secretary Sasikala was formally made the party legislative party chief on Sunday, paving way for her to be sworn in as the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

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AIADMK Crisis Day 7 LIVE: Sasikala to move out of Poes Garden, will stay with MLAs at Golden Bay Resort


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MLAs supporting Sasikala allowed to meet families | Times of India

While reports have emerged of Tamil Nadu MLAs being held at the Golden Bay Resort against their will, a Times of India report stated that the MLAs supporting Sasikala are being allowed to meet their families. The report, said, "A few of them went out of the resort to visit their family members, who reached a location near the resort. A few MLAs were (also) permitted to invite their family members for a brief stay in the resort."

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Panneerselvam attends office after a week | Zee News

After a week's gap, caretaker chief minister O Panneerselvam attended office on Monday, Zee News reported. Earlier, Panneerselvam has announced on Sunday that he will visit the Secretariat on Monday. According to reports, he also wished Governor C Vidyasagar Rao a happy birthday.

As Firspost had reported earlier, apart from Panneerselvam, state education minister, K Pandiarajan was also expected to visit his office.

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Jayalalithaa didn't want to enter politics, claims Sasikala at Poes Garden

While Jayalalithaa voters in Tamil Nadu are still wrapping their heads around the curious sight of Sasikala and her brood on board the vehicle that held Jaya's body before her burial. Sasikala wants to rewind 30 years to MGR's final journey, which launched Jayalalithaa as the rebel.

Speaking in front of a tightly shut door of Jayalalithaa's Poes Garden residence, Sasikala was hugging Jayalalithaa's enigma tightly and trying desperately to evoke some memories that may help turn on the people's sympathy towards her as the suffering loyalist.

Dabbing her forehead often with a handkerchief and lurching wildly between scolding DMK and O Panneerselvam for exchanging smiles in the state Assembly, to illuminating her supporters about Sasikala, the political strategist from three decades ago, her speech at Poes Garden must rank as the most bizarre claims in the last week since she made known her desire to "capture" the Secretariat. Sample this: "When MGR died, Akka ( elder sister Jayalalithaa) said she didn't want to join politics. She said enough of all this. I told her she should do it for MGR. Slowly, I grew her interest in politics."

Since Jayalalithaa is 10 feet below the Marina sands and Sasikala is inside Poes Garden, there's no telling what's next. Sasikala certainly holds the IP for all her post-Jaya claims. She thinks Tamil Nadu voters will pick the bait, after so many years of being subjected to radio silence. Tough luck.

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Panneerselvam visiting Secretariat is not just for the waiting cameras

For O Panneerselvam to head to the State Secretariat is tactical and essential. He's going to Fort St. George to flex his muscles, but there's more. In certain cases, especially regarding important projects awaiting signatures or to meet people from faraway areas or on job extensions, it's not easy for bureaucrats to carry on in a prolonged state of uncertainty. So OPS visiting the Secretariat is more than just a top shot for waiting cameras.

Delays in such matters can change a person's life. It's not just about Sasikala and the political mess in the state. This also affects real people, those without Twitter handles in places without decent WiFi.

Technically, OPS is the caretaker chief minister, and the governor has asked him to continue till the stand-off is sorted. He is also in touch with the chief secretary, and optics will certainly help. Remember that chief secretary Girija Vaidyanathan is new to the job and has been watching over a remarkably animated few weeks ever since she took over in late December. She was appointed in place of P Rama Mohana Rao following IT raids at his residence soon after Jayalalithaa’s death.

Ever since, the chief secretary, the DGP and senior bureaucrats of the state have all been putting things in order to deal with any situation that could erupt this week and would want to apprise OPS. It’s no secret that Panneerselvam enjoys a cordial relationship with the state bureaucracy — another point which the Sasikala camp dislikes.

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Blame Tamil Nadu turmoil to no leadership succession policy in AIADMK

The ongoing political tussle in Tamil Nadu — the fifth most industrialised state of the country — has pushed it to the brink of unspeakable instability. An op-ed published in Hindustan Times said that the reason behind this could be the fact that a actual succession policy is missing in the AIADMK. "The Election Commission of India has reportedly highlighted the impropriety in the election of Sasikala, as an interim AIADMK general secretary, because such a position does not exist in the party’s organisational structure." 

Panneerselvam definitely has more credibility to run for an administrative post than Sasikala as the former has both experience and clout to be the chief minister of the state. "Whether Sasikala can become the next CM of Tamil Nadu or not revolves largely around the Tamil peoples’ acceptance of her leadership rather than legal and constitutional considerations."

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OPS and Sasikala take fight to President Pranab Mukherjee

AIADMK Karnataka state secretary V Pugazhendi told India Today that they have the support of 129 MLAs. "If we don't get a call from the governor today, we will march to President," Pugazhendi said.

Meanwhile, reports said that Panneerselvam will be visiting the state secretariat later on Monday. This will be hi first visit to the secretariat since he revolted against Sasikala's move to take charge as the chief minister.

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Panneerselvam's camp: Look at the ministers who are fighting against Sasikala

As the leadership crisis and power struggle between the two warring factions of AIADMK intensifies, Panneerselvam is determined to prove his majority in the state Assembly to shut down rival Sasikala. But Panneerselvam has a group of loyalists who are making this endeavour possible for the caretaker chief minister: 

V Maitreyan: Among the first to cross over to the Panneerselvam camp, this Rajya Sabha MP has been assigned to meet Governor C Vidyasagar Rao and apprise him. He will coordinate matters with regard to the governor.

K P Munusamy: Useful for his sharp and bold attacks on Sasikala's family members, the former minister was taking them on by himself even before Panneerselvam broke away.

K Pandiarajan: This businessman-turned-politician has been entrusted with the task of roping in high profile MLAs like R Nataraj and AIADMK ally and Nagapattinam MLA Thamimun Ansari.

P H Pandian: The OPS faction hopes to draw on the AIADMK co-founder's experience as an assembly speaker and deputy speaker in the state assembly. He will provide inputs on constitutional matters.

E Madhusudhanan: The former AIADMK presidium chairman was a key player during the formative years of AIADMK. His rich experience will help get MLAs from Chennai constituencies. He stands staunchly against Sasikala as the acting general secretary of the party fired him from the post of presidium chairman. 

C Ponnaiyan: The former minister and AIADMK spokesman is the much-needed expert on legal matters. He held the law portfolio for 16 years under the MGR and Jayalalithaa regimes and is well-versed in law

Natham R Viswanathan: As a member of Jayalalithaa's 'Aivar Ani' (five-man team), Viswanathan was privy to internal machinations and planning. The former minister will reach out to MLAs in the south.

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A-list of legal minds in the Disproportionate Assets case

As we wait for the Supreme Court verdict, a look back at the A-list of legal minds whose names will remain associated with this corruption case that has its roots in a gaudy million dollar wedding that pockmarked both Tamil Nadu and Jayalalithaa’s legacy and continues to haunt Sasikala. Everytime Jayalalithaa went in and out of courts for 19 years, these are the folks behind those headlines. 

Justice John Michael D’Cunha: Special court judge who delivered the September 2014 verdict that sent Tamil Nadu into a tizzy — he convicted and jailed the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 for holding disproportionate assets. In November 2016, he was appointed judge of the Karnataka High Court.

Justice CR Kumaraswamy: The judge who acquitted Jayalalithaa of all charges in the Disproportionate Assets case. Was his judgement a “tragedy of arithmetic errors” as Subramanian Swamy calls it? The last word on that comes up this week. 

BV Acharya: First special public prosecutor in the case.

Fali S Nariman: After Jayalalithaa was jailed, her team leaned on this eminent jurist to get bail for the AIADMK chief.

Justice HL Dattu: Former Chief Justice of India Dattu heard Jayalalithaa’s petition in the Supreme Court against Karnataka High Court’s rejection of her bail plea in the DA case. 

Justices PC Ghose, Amitava Roy: Heard the appeal against the High Court Judgment delivered by Kumaraswamy J, and reserved the verdict June 2016 after 20 days of court arguments. 

Senior Advocate L Nageswara Rao: Appeared for Jayalalithaa as defence counsel in Supreme Court, argued that appeals by DMK and Subramaian Swamy had no locus.

B Kumar, S Senthil: These two led 25 lawyers from Tamil Nadu defending Jaya; strengthened the hands of more famous lawyers pushing for bail, played a leading role in the Karnataka High Court acquittal. 

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SC verdict hangs like a sword over Sasikala's head: Tension running high in camp

Tension is running in the Sasikala camp, with the Supreme Court ruling expected any day this week in the the corruption case against former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa plus three others — VK Sasikala, J Elavarasi and VN Sudhakaran pending since 1996. 

A conviction means Sasikala cannot contest elections for six years after she comes out of jail. The nervousness is clearly spilling over — Sasikala broke down while addressing her AIADMK campers over the weekend and told us about her dream of “capturing” the Secretariat, conveniently unburdened by detail. Sasikala claims 129 MLAs are still with her — she needs the backing of 117 to win a floor test — while the OPS team is turning on the heat with a steady if sluggish trickle of crossover MLAs and MPs. 

Rewind to exactly a week ago to know what a rush Sasikala is in to “capture” power - she got the entire state machinery to doll up the Madras University’s grand old auditorium for her “swearing-in” that wasn’t when the Tamil Nadu governor was in Mumbai. Thankfully, the policemen wandering around there aimlessly for days are now where they should be - on the city's main streets, ready to deal with an inevitable burst of public reaction this week, no matter what happens in the SC case. 

The Panneerselvam camp has already bought 4 days’ time after the Governor returned from Mumbai. Every extra day that it takes for the Supreme Court ruling and / or for the Governor to take a call on next steps is only going to get the Sasikala faction more high-strung and impatient. For the OPS camp, the ongoing tussle is just the beginning of an AIADMK party minus Jayalalithaa which is witnessing a rare and pleasant fallout of the chaos - more party members than ever before in the last two decades can have a go at their own mic drop moment. 

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Jeyasingh and Senguttuvan speak

News18 reports OPS camp MPs Jeyasingh and Senguttuvan as saying, "Panneerselvam is the only person who can follow the footstep of Jayalalithaa. He is the one who raised Jallikattu issue before PM Modi. He is a simple man and can understand people’s problem better than any state leaders. We are with Panneerselvam".

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No MLA detained, they are all rumours: Sasikala camp MLA from Golden Bay Resorts in Tamil Nadu

"No MLAs are on hunger strike. It’s a rumour. No one is detained here and I am freely coming and going out of the resorts," says Rama Jayalingam, AIADMK MLA  from Sasikala camp spoke to CNN-News18 over telephone from Golden Bay Resorts in Tamil Nadu.

"Cannot say how many days I will have to live in this Golden Bay Resorts. I am going to stay here till Governor’s decision on current political instability in Tamil Nadu," added Jayalingam.

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Supreme Court refuses urgent hearing of case to stop Sasikala as Tamil Nadu CM

The Supreme Court has refused to advance its hearing of a case that could prevent AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala from becoming the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

According to a report in NDTV, the apex court declined to hear a petition asking it to restrain Sasikala from taking office until it rendered its verdict in a separate corruption case against her — the petition is scheduled to be heard on 17 February.

The Times of India reported that the PIL was filed on Monday by Senthil Kumar, a Chennai resident and general secretary of NGO Satta Panchayat Iyakkam, just hours after the apex court indicated it could deliver its judgment on the appeals challenging the acquittal of Jayalalithaa and Sasikala in a 19-year-old disproportionate assets (DA) case.

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Mobile jammers installed to prevent MLAs from making calls: PMK

News18 reports: Balu K, Pattali Makkal Katchi, (lawyer who filed a case in High Court claiming that MLAs were detained in the Golden Bay Resorts) said, "Two mobile jammers were installed to prevent MLAs from making calls."

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Governor wants signatures of MLAs supporting Sasikala to be authenticated

Reports quoted sources as saying that Governor Vidyasagar Rao, who also holds additional charge for Maharashtra, wants the signatures that Sasikala has submitted as proof of support in her party to be authenticated.

"Many signatures in Sasikala's list are forged... Panneerselvam told the governor that he was forced to resign and that many legislators are being held in captivity in unknown locations," said V Maitreyan, one of the senior AIADMK leaders backing Panneerselvam. He was referring to about 130 legislators who haven't been seen or heard after they were bused by Sasikala on Wednesday to hotels and resorts in and around Chennai to prevent them from being poached by Mr Panneerselvam.

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Panneerselvam asked Governor Rao for 5 days to garner support? 

Sources have told NDTV that caretaker CM O Panneerselvam has asked for five days from Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao when the two met on Thursday in Chennai. Pannerselvam asked for five days to gather support of AIADMK legislators, who, he has alleged, are being held "captive" by the camp led by VK Sasikala, the close companion of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa who now heads the ruling party.

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130 MLAs from Sasikala camp whisked away to safe place: Reports

130 AIADMK MLA's who came to party office this morning were ferried away in a bus to an undisclosed location. 

A five star hotel, News18 reported. They will be there till Governor comes. Alternately AIADMK has also sought time from President to parade MLAs. 

If President gives them time, plan is also to fly them to Delhi.    

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Anti-Sasikala petition garners more than 1.50 lakh signatures 

The petition 'Dissolve Tamil Nadu government and stop Sasikala from becoming Tamil Nadu CM' has so far garnered 156,410 supporters. Calling the stepping down of O Panneerselvam as a conspiracy, Tamil Asaran PSR has filed the petition via Earlier, reports said that the petition will be delivered to President Pranab Mukherjee, TN Governor Vidyasagar Rao and the Chief Election Commissioner's office.


Feb 13, 2017 - 21:50 (IST)

PINNED POST: Key highlights from Day 7 on AIADMK crisis

> SC verdict to decide Sasikala's political course on Tuesday

> Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi advises floor test

> Sasikala visits 'detained' MLAs, will stay with them

> Swamy says Governor under 'compulsion to cause delay'

>Two more Sasikala supporters join Panneerselvam

Feb 17, 2017 - 12:24 (IST)

Feb 17, 2017 - 12:24 (IST)

Feb 16, 2017 - 15:59 (IST)

AIADMK leaders reach Raj Bhavan for oath ceremony

Feb 16, 2017 - 15:57 (IST)

31 MLAs including Palaniswami to be sworn in today at 4.30

Edappadi Palaniswami to manage 18 portfolios including Public Works, Highways and Ports that he was managing earlier. Here are all the names and the respective ministeries they will be managing in the new Palaniswami ministry:

Name Designation
K Palaniswami Chief Minister
C Sreenivasan Minister of Forests
KA Sengottaiyan Minister for School Education & Sports and Youth Welfare
K Raju Minister for Cooperation
P Thangamani Ministry for Electricity, Prohibition and Excise
SP Velumani Minister for Municipal Administration and Rural Development, Implementation of Special Programme
D Jayakumar Minister for Fisheries
CV Shanmugam Minister for Law, Courts and Prisons
KP Anbalagan Minister for Higher Education
V Saroja Minister for Social Welfare and Nutritious Noon Meal Programme
MC Sampath Minister for Industries
KC Karuppanan Minister for Environment
R Kamaraj Minister for Food & Civil Supplies
OS Manjan Minister for Handlooms and Textiles
K Radhakrishnan Minister for Housing and Urban Development
Dr C Vijaya Baskar Minister for Health and Family Welfare
R Doraikkantu Minister for Agriculture
Kadambur Raju Minister for Information and Publicity
RB Udhaykumar Minister for Revenue
N Natarajan Minister for Tourism
KC Veeramani Minister for Commercial Taxes
KT Rajenthra Bhalaji Minister for Milk and Dairy Development
P Benjamin Minister for Rural Industries
Dr Nilofer Kafeel Minister for Labour
MR Vijayabaskar Minister for Transport
M Manikandan Minister for Information Technology
VM Rajalakshmi Minister for Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare
G Baskaran Minister for Khadi and Village Industries Board
S Ramachandran Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments
S Valarmathi Minister for Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare
P Balakrishna Reddy Minister for Animal Husbandry
Feb 13, 2017 - 21:37 (IST)

Rowdies rounded up in Tamil Nadu as political crisis extends for seventh day

In the backdrop of the tension prevailing in Tamil Nadu due to the ongoing political turmoil, the police has intensified its combing operations, arresting around 500 people across the state who might create law and order problems.

Chennai tops the list of most number of men arrested across the state with a total of 105 arrests, followed by 53 in Dindugul, 48 in Ramanathapuram, 35 in Sivagangai 31 in Virudhunagar and 24 in Namakkal. The police department has also tightened up security in prime locations of the city. As part of the precautionary measures, the police has been arresting repeated offenders and individuals with warrant recall.

A police official said that the operations are being conducted for the past few days. "And this will continue till a stable government is formed in the State," the official said. "We have also been checking rented houses so as to prevent mass congregating of people anywhere inside the city."

— News Today

Feb 13, 2017 - 21:27 (IST)

Security breach at Karunanidhi's residence  | ANI

Feb 13, 2017 - 21:23 (IST)

MLA Saravanan and MP R Gopalakrishnan extend support to Pannerselvam | ANI

Feb 13, 2017 - 21:21 (IST)

Everything will be good for me: Sasikala on DA case | ANI

Feb 13, 2017 - 20:04 (IST)

I want Amma's legacy and vision to be carried forward: Sasikala

'Justice will prevail. Dharma will win. I want Amma's legacy and vision to be carried forward. Everybody can watch what we do as a party under my leadership," she said while addressing the media and a gathering of her supporters at the Golden Bay Resort in Kuvathur.

O Panneerselvam on Saturday got a boost, with an MLA and four MPs of AIADMK joining him after deserting VK Sasikala who threatened to hold protest tomorrow while targeting Governor Vidyasagar Rao for the delay in swearing her in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Sasikala, the AIADMK General Secretary who met the legislators supporting her at a retreat near Chennai, said on Saturday night that the delay by the Governor in inviting her to form the government appeared to "facilitate split in our party."

Earlier in the day, she wrote to the Governor, asking him to take steps immediately to swear her in at the earliest. She said she was ready to parade the party MLAs supporting her before him.

Her outburst came as MLA and School Education Minister K Pandiarajan and four MPs -- P R Sundaram, K Ashok Kumar, V Sathyabama and Vanaroja -- switched over to the Chief Minister's camp, pledging their support to him amid mounting pressure from the party cadres and apparent public sentiment.

Party veteran C Ponnaiyan, party spokesman and minister in the MGR Cabinet, also drove to Panneerselvam's residence and offered his support.

After these switchovers, Panneerselvam camp now has seven MLAs, including him. In the 235-member Tamil Nadu Assembly, AIADMK has 135 MLAs.

A former minister MM Rajendra Prasad also joined the Chief Minister's camp.

Rattled by the desertions, Sasikala, who has been elected the Leader of the AIADMK Legislature Party on 5 February, drove to the luxury resort, 100 km from here, in an attempt to prevent the MLAs who have been put up there for the last three days from switching sides.

KA Sengottaiyan, who was appointed the presidium chairman after the removal of Madhusudhanan, told reporters after Sasikala's meeting with the MLAs that all of them have taken a pledge that they will back her to the hilt till she becomes Chief Minister.

AIADMK Crisis Day 7 LIVE Sasikala to move out of Poes Garden will stay with MLAs at Golden Bay Resort

As the Governor remained indecisive even 48 hours after she staked claim to form the government, Sasikala tonight said, "We waited till today. Tomorrow, we will protest in another form."

However, she did not elaborate what she meant by protesting in "another form."

Referring to the "delay" by the Governor in inviting her to form the government, Sasikala said it appeared "if such delay was happening to facilitate split in our party."

Earlier, speaking to reporters here after returning from a resort where she held a meeting with her party legislators, she said she met all the legislators and they are "all fine".

She said she had the satisfaction of meeting "AIADMK family members."

Asked if her party was contemplating any legal steps on the matter, Sasikala responded, "Please wait and see."

Meeting partymen at her residence, Sasikala also gave a veiled warning over the "delay" in being sworn in and said, "we are being patient because of our belief in fairness and trust in democracy. But we can be patient only to a limit but beyond that we will decide what we will do."

Sasikala also wrote a letter to Governor Vidyasagar Rao earlier in the day, asking him to take steps immediately to swear her in at the earliest. She said she was ready to parade the party MLAs supporting her before him.

She told him she had on Thursday submitted an "elaborate presentation to invite me to form the government as I have absolute majority," besides the original letter and true copy of the resolution electing her as the AIADMK Legislature party leader.

Sasikala said she believed that the Governor would "act immediately to save the sovereignty of the Constitution, democracy and the interest" of Tamil Nadu.

Sundaram and Ashok Kumar, Lok Sabha members from Namakkal and Krishnagiri, respectively extended their support to Panneerselvam, who has raised a banner of revolt against Sasikala.

Later in the evening, Sathyabama and Vanaroja, representing Tiruppur and Tiruvannamalai constituencies in the Lok Sabha, also came out in support of Panneerselvam, saying he enjoys the support of the people.

Rajya Sabha MP V Maitreyan has already extended support to Panneerselvam.

Sathyabama, in a veiled attack on Sasikala, said, "A priest, though venerable, cannot become God, and similarly nobody can become Amma."

She accused Sasikala of favouring those who were "rejected" by late Jayalalithaa.

"Today, those were rejected by Amma are holding big positions there (Sasikala group)," Satyabama said, flanked by Panneerselvam and other leaders of his faction.

She said Panneerselvam would "continue in office" and fulfil all the schemes that were envisioned by Amma for the people.

"People's support is there. I was flooded with phone calls from voters of my constituency to take a good decision," she said.

People consider only late Jayalalithaa as "Amma," she said and added that it will be Panneerselvam who will be able to take forward her work.

She also voiced Pannerselvam's choice phrase of "dharma will triumph."

Attacking Sasikala, Maitreyan said attempts were being made to create law and order problems in Tamil Nadu and urged the Union Home Minister to take steps to ensure peace.

Ponnaiyan, who switched over from Sasikala camp, told the cadres, "The leadership of the party and government should be in good hands and that is Panneerselvam who was trusted thrice by Jayalalithaa to be Chief Minister. All of us should work towards this goal."

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