Jagga Jasoos movie review: A surprisingly fresh musical afflicted by curse of the second half

FP Staff

Jul,14 2017 14:20 13 IST


Jagga Jasoos is the story of a young detective, played by Ranbir Kapoor, who is in search of his foster father. He is aided in his efforts by Shruti (Katrina Kaif). Image via Facebook


Ranbir Kapoor takes on the character of Jagga as though it's a second skin, once again showing us his killer acting chops. Image via Facebook


Katrina Kaif's character Shruti has been given just the right amount of dialogue and screen time so that her onscreen presence is enjoyable. Kaif takes on the role of the 'goofball' with ease; however the 'clumsiness' of her character seems slightly overdone. Image via Facebook


Even though the movie was delayed in its path to the theatres, having been shot over a long period of time and released with an even longer delay, the narrative of Jagga Jasoos flows smoothly and easily. The first half makes for a surprisingly fresh musical adventure. Image via Facebook


The concluding half of Jagga Jasoos, however, unravels a lot of the hard work that was done by Basu and the actors until then. The movie takes on a slightly unbelievable and fantastical quality that's a damper on the viewing experience. Image via Facebook


Anurag Basu's directorial venture pans out as a good effort in the musical film genre, however it seems like the makers of Jagga Jasoos got bored during the second half and let just about anything fly. Image via Facebook


Disney goes desi with the storytelling, and the songs are among the only things that keep Jagga Jasoos going in its final stretch. Image via Facebook


Jagga Jasoos ends on a cliffhanger, paving the path for a sequel, and we can expect a reprisal of Ranbir's Sherlock Homes-inspired role sometime in the future.