Google Doodle celebrates 145th anniversary of Gauhar Jaan, first classical singer to record on gramophone

FP Staff

Jun,26 2018 15:12 14 IST


Legendary musician and dancer Gauhar Jaan's recorded music was released by the Gramophone Company of India in November 1902. She conducted her recording session with Fred Gaisberg, the first recording engineer to have worked in India. Facebook


Born to an Armenian father and a British mother, Angeline Yeoward embraced Islam along with her mother upon going to Benaras and came to be known as Gauhar Jaan. Despite that, she sang thumris with verses that praised Lord Krishna. Facebook


Gauhar Jaan started learning classical music in Kolkata under the tutelage of the three founders of Patiala gharana — Kalu Ustad, Ustad Vazir Khan and Ustad Ali Baksh. Additionally, she also took training in Kathak from Bindadin Maharaj. Facebook


Gauhar began performing at the age of 23 and was flamboyant and feisty; her photograph adorned several postcards and products like matchboxes. She had also mastered the art of condensing lengthy Hindustani performances into three-minute recordings. Facebook


Some of Gauhar's notable thumris include 'Mora Nahak Laye Gavanava', Ras Ke Bhare Tore Nain', 'Mere Dard-e-Jigar', 'Jabse Gaye Mori Sur Huna Live'. She also sang bhajans and kajris among other forms of classical music. Facebook