Game of Thrones season 7 finale: HBO releases photos from 'The Dragon and the Wolf'

FP Staff

Aug,24 2017 15:27 58 IST


Episode 7 and season finale — The Dragon and the Wolf — will see Dany's army of the Unsullied and Dothraki make their staggering presence felt as they march right outside King's Landing. Jaime and Bronn look at the massive army from a watchtower. Image via HBO.


Bronn and Jaime are seen in an intense discussion about what lies ahead while Dany's troops approach towards the capital. Image via HBO.


Jon Snow and Tyrion arrive at the Dragonpit to make Cersei realise about the impending war with the dead. Tyrion will meet his evil sister after a long time. Image via HBO.


Jon, in the finale trailer teaser, says, "The Great War is here." He has arrived at King's Landing to bring forth the captured wight as a proof of the cloud of troubles about to hover over the realm. Image via HBO.


Cersei is seen giving snooty looks while her brother and lover Jaime looks intently towards her. Tyrion's presence during the armistice meeting has definitely bothered Cersei. Is her evil mind again plotting of something vicious? Image via HBO.


Cersei in episode 5 — Eastwatch — that she is pregnant with Jaime's child, thus questioning the prophecy that was made way back in season 5 by Maggie the Frog. She is seen clutching her stomach here. Image via HBO.


While a lot is happening at King's Landing, situations up in the North look grim. Bran is seen sitting by the fire and thinking deeply. Has he seen the Night King along with the resurrected blue-eyed, Viserion in his visions? Image via HBO.


Sansa stands alone in the snow at Winterfell looking scared, worried and sad — all at the same time. Has Littlefinger been successful in creating a rift between the Stark sisters? Has she laid hands on some more of Arya's stuff? Image via HBO.


Theon Greyjoy is seen at Dragonstone. Has he been able to free his sister from the clutches of his cruel uncle Euron? What will be his fate by the end of this season? All these questions are set to be answered when the season 7 finale premieres on Sunday. Image via HBO.