Behind the scenes of Steven Wilson's 'Permanating': How the Bollywood-themed music video was made

FP Staff

Jul,29 2017 09:57 41 IST


British musician Steven Wilson is back with a new album called 'To the Bone', and among its most pop-oriented moments is the track 'Permanating'. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


'Permanating' is accompanied by a fun, kinetic video featuring Bollywood dancers, and Firstpost got access to behind-the-scenes photos from its making. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


"'Permanating' is about the idea of a crystallised moment of happiness,” Steven Wilson told journalist Anil Prasad in an exclusive interview for Firstpost. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


The video for 'Permanating' begins with Steven Wilson at his piano, solo, performing the introduction to the song as dancers from The Bollywood Company, a British troupe, emerge around him, illustrating the song’s vibrant, inspirational intent. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


The idea is the dancers in 'Permanating' are part of Steven Wilson’s dream state as he plays the piece. As soon as he closes the piano’s keylid at the end, the fantasy concludes and Wilson exits the scene. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


"'Permanating' is about being able to celebrate life and rising above all of its difficulties. I remember playing the song and then watching some Bollywood dancing on YouTube and I felt the two would work together well. So, that became my ambition for the video,” Steven Wilson said. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


“I’ve always loved Bollywood dancing because it’s such a joyous form of expression,” said Wilson. “Using Bollywood dancers wasn’t a contrived decision." Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


"‘Permanating’ is a song all about colour and joy. So, the look of the video involves maximum glamour, cinematic elements and colour saturation," Wilson further explained. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


The video for 'Permanating' was influenced by dance sequences from Bollywood films Steven Wilson has enjoyed, including Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Guru, and Devdas. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


The video isn’t trying to be purist in representing Bollywood dance, Wilson told journalist Anil Prasad. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


Steven Wilson headlined three major concerts in India during 2016, including the NH7 Weekender Festival in Shillong and Pune, and the Backdoors Festival in Bengaluru. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile


He plans on including India in the 2018 To the Bone tour, which will see him evolving his already spectacular stage show, involving dramatic projections, films and lighting effects. Photo credit: Lasse Hoile