New Google Daydream View headsets to come in three new colours and cost $99

Google unveiled the first Daydream view headset at the MadeByGoogle event in October 2016, that also saw the launch of the Google branded Pixel phones. The device was available for $79, and shipped in three colours, Slate, Snow and Crimson. Almost seven months later, the Daydream View was available in India, priced at Rs 6,499.

 New Google Daydream View headsets to come in three new colours and cost

The New Daydream View Headset. Image; Droid Life.

According to a report by Droid Life, the new Daydream View headsets that are likely to be launched with the Pixel 2 phones will come in three entirely new colours, Charcoal, Fog and Coral. The cost of the device has also been bumped up to $99 from $79. The controllers for the new headsets are matched to the colours of the headsets, which were previously available only in Slate and White.

According to Google I/O 2017, Daydream 2.0 will have a number of features that will allow recording and sharing VR content. The platform will also support standalone VR headsets.

Unlike the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, Google's Daydream VR headset does not offer a roomscale VR experience. Instead, users get a "sit down" experience, where the content is consumed without moving around. The controller offers some degree of immersion, and the soft cloth headsets allows for much longer viewing sessions than the hard cardboard or plastic VR headsets.

On the content side, while there already are already titles that are exclusive Daydream, and developers are enthusiastically creating content for the platform, three of Google's own VR applications, TiltBrushBlocks and Google Earth VR are only available on the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Updated Date: Sep 20, 2017 20:41:10 IST