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Meghalayan Way of life

Meghalaya is ready to embrace you with its beautiful locales, picturesque sights and a festival you’ll never forget.

Are you seeking solace? Are you seeking thrill? Are you a music aficionado? Or does tasting and experiencing new cultures give you the ultimate joy?

No matter what your desires are, the Meghalayan Age Festival is bound to whet your appetite and plunge you headfirst into an unforgettable experience.

To be held at the surreal Thadlaskein Lake in Jaintia Hills, this festival aims to boost the tourism for this picturesque and dreamy state. A hearty mix of mist-laden mountain tops and lush green natural heritage, Meghalaya will have you literally in the clouds.

Enjoy surreal hot-air balloon trips, sway to some crazy music, dance with the locals, get a taste of the local cuisines, explore caves and dive into the waters for some snorkeling; this festival writes itself.

7th March – 15th March, 2020