Pinky is a recluse who rarely leaves the suburbs. When her husband, Pasha, goes missing and everyone assumes the worst, she sets off to find him. In her search, she encounters a dream-like landscape, the ancient interior of the city she was born in; the bright farms and fields of Pasha’s childhood and the dark wilderness of the mountains, where she must finally confront her fears.

Still Life is an experiment in visual storytelling, using pictures and words to create a world that is both unsettling and extraordinary. Part road trip, part existential thriller, it seeks new ways to look at love, isolation, memory and loss, asking what connects us to each other and to the natural world, and how we are governed by impulses we barely understand.

Following excerpt from Still Life has been reproduced on Firstpost with due permission of the publisher Penguin Random House India.






— Anoushka Khan is an artist and freelance editor. She grew up in Pakistan and the Netherlands, and currently lives in the UK. This is her first graphic novel.