Sant Kabir Nagar Election 2019

  • Counting Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • Voting Phase: 6

Sant Kabir Nagar is a Lok Sabha / Parliamentary constituency in of Uttar Pradesh and is located in Central India. Sant Kabir Nagar Lok Sabha seat is unreserved.

It is a rural constituency with an approximate literacy rate of 68.35%. In 2014, there were 1904315 voters of which 1045424 were male and 858808 were female and 83 voters of the third gender. Sant Kabir Nagar has an estimated Scheduled Caste population of 23.72% and a Scheduled Tribe population of 0.14%.

Sharad Tripathi of BJP (Alliance: NDA) won in this seat defeating BSP. BJP polled 3,48,884 of the total of 10,11,634 votes polled. BSP won the seat in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

The voter turnout in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was 53.15%.

Sant Kabir Nagar Election Result 2019 LIVE | Candidate, Constituency and Party-Wise Winner List

BJPWon Praveen Kumar Nishad 464,222 Votes 44% Votes
BSP Bheeshma Shankar Alias Kushal Tiwari 428,761 Votes 41% Votes
INC Bhal Chandra Yadav 127,488 Votes 12% Votes
Nota Nota 12,544 Votes 1% Votes
MAP Akhilesh Kumar 7,974 Votes 1% Votes
IND Rajendra Yadav Urf Colonel Sahab 6,877 Votes 1% Votes
BMP Anand Kumar Gautam 3,968 Votes 0% Votes
IND Lotan Urf Loutan Prasad 3,943 Votes 0% Votes

2014 Candidates List

BJPWon Sharad Tripathi 348,892
BSP Bhism Shankar Alias Kushal Tiwari 250,914
SP Bhal Chandra Yadav 240,169
PECP Rajaram 69,193
INC Rohit Kumar Pandey 22,029
IND Aparna 11,046
jhspt Shabbeer Husen 8,993
AAAP Aftab Alam Khan 7,458
IND Surendra Kumar Chaudhary 5,866
BMUP Rajmani 5,036
NOTA None Of The Above 4,747
PPI Mohammad Ali 4,082
SBSP Sant Siromani Baboolal Yadav Maharaj Ji 3,900
SSD Lotan Urf Lautan Prasad 3,618
IND Kailash Nath Beldar 3,181
IND Subodh Chandra 3,061
IND Amit 2,796
JPS Jantri Lal Chauhan 2,439
RJPK Rajendra Kumar 2,278
IND Mohammad Irfan 2,164
IPP Prem Prakash 2,155
BSP(K) Jyoti Singh 1,884
MBCOI Ravikant 1,721
IND Shayam Lal 1,477
IND Jaiyantri Prasad 1,335
IND Kripanarayan Rai 1,215

2014 Election Result

62 Sant Kabir Nagar Sharad Tripathi (BJP) Bhisma Shankar Alias Kushal Tiwari (BSP)

Constituency Data 2014

Number of Voters Number of Male Voters Number of Female Voters
1,904,315 1,045,424 858,808

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