Weekend special: Thai fare

Once you try out these easy recipes for Thai food you won't feel like going out to eat it.

Shaheen_Peerbhai June 03, 2011 16:00:17 IST
Weekend special: Thai fare

Although we like Thai food, we’re probably a little intimidated to cook it at home and almost always resort to ordering in or eating out. Let’s cook Thai this weekend. Let’s make a little effort to go and buy the ingredients that might not be in our pantry, and let’s rustle up a quintessential Thai meal.

On menu:
Chili Martini
Spicy Thai cashews
Thai prawn salad with soba noodles and crunchy vegetables
Thai cucumber relish
Thai red Curry
Lemongrass sorbet

Shopping list:

Vegetables and herbs:
• Mixed veggies for curry (Thai brinjal, mushrooms, baby corn)
• Cucumber
• Bird eye chilli
• Fresh galangal (If this is hard to find, you can use fresh ginger)
• Fresh turmeric (or you can use dried turmeric powder)
• Keffir lime leaves
• Lemongrass (you can substitute it with lime zest to replicate the citrus-y fragrance)
• Thai basil
• Cabbage
• Radish
• Lime
• Chili Martini
• Bok choi
• Red bell pepper
• French beans
• Coriander leaves
• Mint 

• 1 kg  your choice of meat for the curry
• 500g prawns

• Coconut milk
• Distilled white vinegar
• 2 cups cashews
• Fish sauce
• Soba noodles

Peach juice

Chili martini:
Diane of White on Rice Couple says about this martini with a twist, “I’ve had many cocktails in my days, but never anything with spicy, chili undertones. This was like a revelation, it rocked my cocktail world.”

View the recipe on White on Rice Couple

Spicy Thai cashews :
What’s a cocktail recipe without some nuts to munch on? Casey Barber of Good Food Stories states, “I love the contrast of the cashew’s creamy texture with the tangy Thai seasonings.” And I particularly like the earthy sweetness the brown sugar adds to the toasted cashews.
View the recipe on Good Food Stories

Weekend special Thai fare

From Pieforbreakfasr.org

Thai prawn salad with soba noodles and crunchy vegetables :
Chopping ingredients together is what really consumes most of the time. Once you’re past that, and have tossed this salad together, you’re going to have an explosion of flavours in your mouth: sweet(sugar), salty (fish sauce), sour (lime juice), spicy (bird eye chilli). This recipe’s a keeper.
View the recipe on Pie for Breakfast

Thai cucumber relish :
This relish is absolutely perfect for the season where one can’t get enough of the cooling cucumber. When you make this salad, make sure to let it rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator so that the flavours meld together.
View the recipe on Saveur

Weekend special Thai fare

From Dinnerdiary.org

Thai red curry :
The essence of a good Thai curry lies in Thai curry paste made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. Making red curry paste might sound scary but you make this once, and freeze it in little packets, and you can fix yourself a quick Thai curry anytime during the week. Or add it to the Thai spiced cashews. Easy.

On Café Liz you can see how to make your own red Thai curry paste and then transform it into a curry. And this basic curry paste recipe doesn’t include fish sauce, so vegetarians can adapt it by adding mixed vegetables (baby corn, mushrooms, brinjal, etc). Serve the Thai curry with steamed rice.

Brief quote from original source:

“This recipe is based more or less on one I learned at a cooking school in Chaing Mai. It's not spicy at all, if you ask me, and next time I'll probably change the ratio of sweet peppers versus hot peppers. Remember, though, you can always add more hot pepper to your curry itself.”

View the recipe on Café Liz

Lemongrass and mint sorbet :
The refreshing flavours of mint and lemongrass in a light sorbet is just what you need to end this glorious Thai meal. Make sure to add juice of 3 limes for a much needed puckering punch.
View the recipe on Epicurious

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