Watch: The Guysexual Guide on 10 things not to say on a date (unless you want it to end)

Dating is tough.

Dating is incredibly tough.

And navigating the roller coaster of emotions and feelings isn't easy for the millennial, even if you're inclined to believe the opposite.

Going on a date is another huge task — you've got to look good, smell good, feel confident and yada yada yada. Want to crack that one-liner to appear witty, don't. Want to make a comment on your date's food habits? Don't. Want to tell them they drink a lot? Please don't.

On the first date, don't be yourself. I know the movies tell you differently. Save the real you for the relationship.

And in that spirit, here are a few phrases you should probably avoid with a 20-foot barge pole:

1. ‘‘You look thinner in your pictures. Are you sure that was you?’’

2. ‘You don’t mind keeping this date a secret, do you? I wouldn’t want my boyfriend finding out that I look around when he’s not in town…’

3. ‘I might be emotionally damaged. Do I look emotionally damaged?’

4. ‘ You do know that every beer that you drink is equivalent to eating a loaf of bread, don’t you? Yes? And you still want to call for a pitcher?’

5. ‘Are you a doggie-style kind of boy? You look like you could be one.’

6. ‘…And that’s the story of how I got arrested, and had to be locked up for a day.’

7. ‘ Is it okay if I call my ex to join us for a drink? He’s totally cool!’

8. ‘I have a girlfriend.’

9. ‘ I think I forgot my wallet at home, do you mind taking this one?’

10. ‘OMG. I know this boy who’d be perfect for you. You guys are so alike!’

Read forty more things you shouldn't be saying here:

 Watch: The Guysexual Guide on 10 things not to say on a date (unless you want it to end)

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Updated Date: Oct 17, 2016 15:06:51 IST