Watch Priyanka Chopra bust 3 myths about asthma

Priyanka Chopra knows a lot about the myths and so-called mysteries surrounding asthma. Having had the condition since childhood, she, like millions of other asthmatics, has had to bear the brunt of people's misconceptions and unfounded advice on what to do and, more specifically, what not to do.

In an effort to banish all asthma myths from further perpetuation, spread awareness and promote active medical assistance against the disease, she’s made it her mission to speak out against the falsehoods surrounding asthma.

Myth #1: Using an inhaler can stunt a child’s growth

A study was conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine on 211 children to observe the effects of asthma medication on growth. These children were divided into 3 groups – children who used asthma medication, children who did not use asthma medication and healthy children who did not suffer from asthma. It was observed that the difference between the final adult heights between these 3 groups was marginal.


This study provided evidence that regular use of inhaled controller medication did not cause any statistically significant changes in growth rate of asthmatic children.

Myth #2: Asthmatics should avoid exercising

The term ‘exercise-induced asthma’ is widely misunderstood. Exercise is not the cause of asthma, rather it can lead to asthmatic symptoms being triggered. This usually happens during bouts of strenuous activity. Other factors during exercise can also trigger asthmatic symptoms, such as weather and humidity – for example, cold and dry air can aggravate symptoms.

Busted: Even so, doctors recommend that all asthmatics exercise to help improve their lung function. Asthmatics of all severities are encouraged to exercise by doctors to help them improve the strength of their lungs and heart which, in turn, can have a positive impact on asthma control. There are several precautionary measures that can be taken to prevent asthma symptoms from being triggered during exercise, which your doctor can advise you on according to your case. This, in addition to regular asthma medication taken at the right times, can make a world of difference to a patient’s health. Getting the right amount of exercise also helps to prevent obesity, which can aggravate asthma symptoms and make the disease hard to keep in check.


Myth #3: Inhalers are only needed during an asthma attack

Patients are advised by their doctors on the frequency of inhaler usage – this is usually once or twice, daily. Often, as their symptoms subside, patients get lax in their usage or don’t feel the need to take the inhaler regularly. However, it is only through continued, regular doses that asthma symptoms are controlled long-term.

Busted: Inhalers aren’t an emergency solution. They’re used to keep asthma symptoms in check and control the disease. In fact, daily use inhalers are called ‘controller inhalers’ for this very reason. The medication that is contained in them helps limit inflammation, and regular use can prevent the onset of attacks.


If you feel inspired by Priyanka and Cipla’s effort to bust myths around asthma, then you can visit Cipla’s Breathe Free website to share the story of your fight against asthma.

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Updated Date: Jan 31, 2019 11:27:25 IST