Watch Priyanka Chopra bust 2 myths about asthma

Priyanka Chopra wants people suffering from asthma to breathe free. Along with Cipla, she is on a mission to banish all myths that are associated with asthma, promoting the most effective treatment and medication. For too long, asthma has been associated with a lot of misconceptions based on old wives’ tales, lack of awareness and the rejection of scientific evidence. As an asthmatic herself, superstar Priyanka has had enough. She is forging ahead in her mission to shed more light on the truth about asthma, busting ridiculous myths along the way.

Myth: Inhalers are addictive

Besides being based on lies and ignorance, this statement is particularly damaging as it portrays asthmatics as doing something ‘wrong’ by using an inhaler that helps them control their asthma symptoms.

 Busted: Is regular exercise an addiction? How about brushing your teeth? They are both good and healthy habits. Similarly, Asthma being a chronic condition, merits regular usage of inhalers to achieve good control. As compared to tablets, inhalers require a far lower dosage as the medicine reaches the lungs directly. Asthmatics do need medication to breathe normally and prevent attacks. However, this is not an addiction. Using an inhaler helps you breathe, eases the symptoms, and reduces the chances of an asthma attack. It definitely does not lead to cravings or dependence.

Myth: It is better to use inhalers privately and keep your condition a secret

Asthmatics, especially children, are encouraged by elders to keep their ailment a secret. This stems from fears that a sufferer may be seen as ‘weak’, ‘different’ or ‘dependent’.

Busted: The public needs to stop encouraging irrational fears and feelings of shame and embarrassment among asthma patients. Asthma is a common ailment that can and should be kept completely under control with medication. It is nothing to feel ashamed about. Millions of people around the globe are affected by this condition, in all lines of professions such as sports, singing and acting; and are leading joyful, fulfilling lives. People need to know they can too.

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Updated Date: Mar 29, 2019 12:58:51 IST