Watch: East India Comedy's desi carols show you what actually goes down during Diwali

"Diwali Sales, spam emails, shopping fever is here. I'll buy crap that I don't need because it is cheaper."

 Watch: East India Comedys desi carols show you what actually goes down during Diwali

Screenshot from YouTube video.

This has probably become a thumb rule of most of the people in India during Diwali, which is perhaps the only time when most Indians don't think about saving and spend money, shop and burst firecrackers like the world is going to end the very next day.

Singing about the other golden rules of Diwali and making fun of the hilariously cute habits of the people in our country during one of the most loved festivals, a video by East India Comedy shows you what actually goes down during Diwali.

Using the tune of Christmas carols to point out these Diwali quirks, the video has funny takes on almost everything and everyone during Diwali.

After all, it's about time someone made a video about what employees actually feel about office HR Diwali parties and rangolis.

One of the hilarious and creative aspects of the video is also its take on intolerance in the country.

Watch the full video here:

Updated Date: Nov 10, 2015 09:58:43 IST