Watch: From governor of India to achche din, DD News anchor brings you IFFI live from Goa

Who knew that International Film Festival in Goa actually meant PM Narendra Modi's magic has worked and 'achche din aa gaye'? Well, that's what a Doordarshan news anchor covering the IFFI tells you in a hilarious video. We would have believed her except for the fact that this was the 45th film festival.

Not just that, she also tells you because the festival shows 'the essence of films' that is why India will walk on the path of development. 'Isiliye to padhega bharat to badhega bharat,' she tells the viewers.

The video has gone viral on social media calling her the 'most stupid DD anchor.'

 Watch: From governor of India to achche din, DD News anchor brings you IFFI live from Goa

Screen grab from the video

But, if you want to watch the IFFI coverage on TV, this may probably be the one video you should. It's so extensive that the anchor picks personalities walking into the festival to basically asks them, "Hello, how are you doing?"

The first delegate she picked, was well, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung. And, the anchor decided to ask him, "Do you like watching movies?"

But, at a point she decides to be really really honest. "I don't know much about films and 'stuffs' and if I can get to know, anybody can," she says. We didn't doubt that.  Here, we are left to wonder does DD not hire film journalists? Or, actually, journalists?

Who would address the Goa Governor as the Governor of India? Clearly, she didn't even know who the Governor is, as she goes on to say, 'let's listen to HIS views', before Mridula Sinha walks before her and takes the microphone. We are not sure how Sinha may have felt about that.

This isn't the first time DD has made some major bloopers. In September, while anchoring the late night bulletin on DD News, a 'casual' anchor, pronounced Chinese President Xi Jinping's name as 'Eleven' Jinping, obviously confusing Xi with the Roman numerical for eleven. The anchor was then removed.

Watch the video above. We promise you some entertainment.

Updated Date: Nov 27, 2014 15:13:36 IST