Want a right swipe on Tinder? You have a higher chance if you're from these professions

After releasing a list of the “most swiped right” jobs in the US, dating app Tinder has now come out with a similar list for India. And just what sort of career should you have to ensure that more members swipe right for your profile?


Dating app Tinder has released a list of occupations that get "swiped right" the most in India

Well, if you’re an Indian man, then being the founder or managing director of a firm, photographer, lawyer, engineer or financial analyst will get you the most attention, while women who are marketing managers, models, flight attendants, journalists and interior decorators do better on Tinder than others of their gender.

Tinder had introduced a feature called Smart Profiles in its app in November 2015, which incorporated the job and education information of members onto their Tinder profiles. Apparently, there was a huge demand for the feature from Indian users of Tinder.

The list was compiled by Tinder based on the occupations of user profiles that received the highest ratio of right swipes over the past three months.

Updated Date: Mar 07, 2016 17:46 PM

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