Viral video: Will Monsters University kick up a monster storm again?

Sequels to a monster hit often take time. Prequels even longer. In Pixar's case they've taken 12 years to come up with a prequel to their 2001 superhit Monsters,Inc and it's called Monsters University and is scheduled to hit screens in 2013.

Monsters,Inc was one of those films pop culture worshippers are tempted to make icons out of and 'Boo' was perhaps one of the best voiced characters in an animation film.

 Viral video: Will Monsters University kick up a monster storm again?

A screen-grab from the Monsters University trailer.

Twelve years on, our favourite monsters are back but they're still in university and apparently Jake and Sully, the lead characters, from Monsters,Inc aren't the best of friends.

The trailor has just one joke about Sully dotting Jake with lights to make him a shiny monster disco ball even as the other monsters party in hallways of a university that seems much like one their human subjects might inhabit.

While there is no indication of the plot and the very lovable 'Boo' from the original film is unlikely to be anything beyond a guest appearance (she's in the future, remember?) let's hope Pixar can recreate some of the magic from the original.

Watch the new Monsters University trailor here:

And if you thought that was good, this is what the original Monsters,Inc trailor looked like:

Updated Date: Jun 23, 2012 16:19:08 IST