Viral Video: What's eating Jackie Shroff in polio ad shoot?

It hasn’t always been easy for Bollywood men to slip out of their stud-act in public view. And in 1998, fairness creams weren’t yet made for men, tigers weren’t exactly disappearing and states didn’t have to latch on to actors to be ‘sold’.

There weren’t many reasons why the Bollywood ‘hero’ would need to tone down, button up and talk in a pitch lower than a heroine’s in a scene that has got nothing to do with romance.

Jackie Shroff seems to have the most colourful vocabularies among actors.

These could possibly be the many reasons which can explain Jackie Shroff’s expletive pelting in a YouTube video that has surfaced 14 years after he had shot for a polio awareness ad.

The video where he seems to have to mouth not more than 4-5 lines in Hindi and Marathi, exhorting people to get their children vaccinated, Jackie Shroff kicks up an expletive storm than could leave the Censor Board scrambling to ban either YouTube or him.

While the latter will not be bad idea, the video, on a more serious note actually questions the need to rope in celebrities for public awareness campaigns like these.

Watch video here:

It’s hard to believe John Abraham losing sleep over the number of tigers in Sunderbans, it’s hard to believe Abhishekh Bachchan trying to save electricity and it’s hard to believe Jackie Shroff caring two hoots about polio.

And if you get Amitabh Bachchan in a Gujarati dhoti and turban waxing eloquent about Gujarat, it is because you know how healthy Narendra Modi’s coffers are!

Updated Date: Jul 10, 2012 17:58 PM

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