Twitter account reveals Germany vs Argentina result before match? Not really

The World Cup 2014 is over with Germany winning its fourth World Cup title after a gap of 24 years, beating Argentina 1-0 in the second half of extra time thanks to a stunning goal by Mario Goetze.

And while the Germans were celebrating their World Cup win, Twitter was going berserk for entirely different reasons. One Twitter account @FifNdhs which claimed to expose the truth about 'corrupt FIFA' had tweeted out what seemed like the actual match result. That the game would go into extra time, that Goetze would score and that Germany would win.

 Twitter account reveals Germany vs Argentina result before match? Not really

Predicting result of the final. Not really.

Check out the tweets by the Twitter account @FifNdhs below. They were 'tweeted' 17 hours before the World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany,

Scandal? Not really.

Thank the guardian angels of Twitter - the people who are always taking screenshots, who have exposed the entire thing as a fake. 

As users replies soon pointed out, the account @FifNdhs had just tweeted out a bunch of World Cup Final scenarios, and then deleted the ones that were wrong and kept the correct ones. One person pointed out that @FifNdhs might have first been private with every possible tweet, then must have deleted all the wrong tweets, kept the right ones, and made the account public. Which is why the timeline ended up looking like he or she was predicting the correct results, when in fact they had just gone and tweeted out every possible scenario. 

One Twitter user Suresh Nakhua managed to get a screenshot of all the wrong tweets as well which included results such as Argentina will win, Tomorrow's Scoreline will be 0-0. In short, this smart user had got all bases covered. Sadly eagle-eyed Twitter users ensured that the person running this account couldn't get away.

Check out some user replies which pointed out how this Twitter account was a fraud.

This person really proved that you can't trust everything on Twitter. Clearly this person was no Paul the Octopus.

Updated Date: Jul 14, 2014 09:30:53 IST