Trolled: iPhone users try to charge device in microwave after falling for hoax

So now that iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are out, we saw how the first user who bought it in Australia actually ended up dropping the device in this spectacular video.

But it seems that Apple iPhone users also got trolled by the people at 4Chan. For the second time in a row. For context, in 2013, 4Chan had convinced some iPhone users that with the iOS 7 update the smartphone was basically waterproof, which was a smart prank to play since there were already a bunch of Android devices with waterproof features available in the market.

 Trolled: iPhone users try to charge device in microwave after falling for hoaxNow 4Chan's creative geniuses have gone ahead and topped that Waterproof rumour by spreading a new one: the iPhone can be re-charged in the microwave and that this is an iOS 8 exclusive feature.

The 'feature' called Apple Wave said the trolls at 4Chan, was a super-fast way of charging your iOS 8 device. Except of course that it's not.

You can see from the picture of the ad that they've followed the Apple format to the hilt and even though it sounds ridiculous as an idea, this is what probably what fooled a lot of people.

Some users who did find this unfortunate feature ended up microwaving their new iPhones and are now cursing the world. Take a look at some of those tweets:

Of course there were others who were tweeting about how cool the feature was and they couldn't wait to try it. It's hard to say whether these people were being genuine or were just trying to cause some havoc in the lives of Apple fans. Check out these tweets, though we have to admit that the first one is clearly a fake. He did not such thing with his iPhone.

One person might have claimed 500% battery re-charge but not everyone was going not to be fooled by the idea. As this tweet pointed out so wisely, the iPhone can never fit into a microwave oven. Yes, that is the pertinent problem in this hoax. Seriously how tiny is this person's microwave oven.

The joke might be funny, but seriously if you fall for it, your device will be a nice toasted crispy, and no longer an iPhone. To read more about actual iOS 8 features click here.

Updated Date: Sep 23, 2014 07:48:20 IST