To like or not to like? Redesigned Pottermore website leaves Potterheads divided

The news of a complete revamp of the Pottermore website came as an event of huge excitement for Harry Potter fans. And now that the new site has been launched, some of them have mixed feelings about the end result.

Lets just say the website is nothing like it used to be earlier. The interactive format has been taken off to introduce a more news portal-like interface. Yes, so those of you who played all the games on the previous Pottermore site (that means house points, collecting gold coins and so on) it has all been in vain. There will be no more of clicking on objects on the site leading to new discoveries.

 To like or not to like? Redesigned Pottermore website leaves Potterheads divided

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But what is good about the site is that it leads you to a lot more writing and you can actually access all of it without having to complete a level.

The new home page comes with a message, "Welcome to the new Pottermore, there's so much to tell you."

Yes, while one is initially saddened that all the games are gone, the makers of the site make up for it with so many back stories.

But where has the old site gone? The Pottermore Correspondent, it seems, has all the answers. They said, "What is this shiny new website? Where did the old one go? What was Ginny Weasley’s Patronus again? Which dragon did Harry Potter battle in the first test of the Triwizard Tournament? What exactly is a ‘Cursed Child’? Are you sure the stage play isn’t a prequel? What’s Eddie Redmayne really like? Do the Pottermore staff work in a castle?"

The correspondent also says that the Sorting Hat will be brought back so that fans can be sorted into houses (once again?) and find what their Patronus is.

The new website is now divided into different sections — Writing by JK Rowling, Explore the story, Features, News and Shop.

While the news section will have stories and articles on the site (that's where we will be informed about the return of the Sorting Hat, if this new correspondent is to be believed.) the Explore the story section is something that is likely to draw most of a fan's attention.

From The Potter Family to The Hufflepuff Common Room, JK Rowling gives us so much more new information to read up on. There is also more about Draco Malfoy.

Another supercool feature on the site is the 'Explore' option where you can type out what you want to read about. And it has two options — what has been written in the books and the backstory.

But before you go reading every bit of new information available on Pottermore, here's what fans on Twitter had to say:

But at the same time people were so happy about the Potter Family Story:

Updated Date: Sep 23, 2015 13:49:03 IST