This Is why 2 Million people walked 6000 steps for 100 days

From then on, it was just a matter of staying on top of your 6000 daily step count. Easy peasy!

FP Studio June 24, 2019 12:05:51 IST
This Is why 2 Million people walked 6000 steps for 100 days

Are you always chained to your office desk, can't get off the couch or simply cannot make the time to get movin', then you'll totally understand this. A study by Stanford in 2017 showed Indians as some of the 'world's laziest people. We walk an average of just 4,297 steps, daily, which puts us at a dismal 39 / 46 countries surveyed. Ouch!
But, all is not lost. The new guidelines for getting fit make it easier and far more fun than forcing yourself to hit the gym every day. GOQii, India's leading preventive healthcare ecosystem, lead the way to fitness and a healthier lifestyle by launching the GOQii India Steps Challenge in February. Even the Government of India's National Programme for the Development of Sports, Khelo India, knew the timing was perfect! With their support, the challenge was off to a great start. But, what was it all about?


Walking Goals That Are Totally Lit

Two million app downloads across the country showed that this first-of-its-kind, 100-day challenge was all about making fitness fun again. Everyone seemed to be getting in on the challenge! All you needed to do was download the GOQii app on an Android or iOS device, sign up for the "India Steps Challenge" and pick a state to represent. From then on, it was just a matter of staying on top of your 6000 daily step count. Easy peasy!

With over 100 fun levels, prizes for all milestones and - Rs 5 crore mega prize haul, there was plenty of motivation to move it, move it and get fit!


Numbers that will have you shook!

If we weren’t moving before, we certainly got moving after the India Steps Challenge. In fact, according to the Stanford report, the average step count skyrocketed from 4297 to 8637 steps. 2000 extra steps on average being clocked every single day. Now, that's mind-blowing!

Proving that anything is possible when the challenge is fun - Tamil Nadu (9183) and Kerala (9124) were the clear front runners of the average daily steps, with Andhra Pradesh (9102) , Karnataka (8901) and Goa (8858) following closely. And that's not all - Delhi and Maharashtra had some of the most enthusiastic walkers with an encouraging 17.29% and 14.45% of people respectively stepping it up on average.

100,000 prizes from the Rs 5 crore-mega lot have already been claimed to make it crystal clear that GOQii is really on to something. Incentivising fitness made over 40% of people under 25 pick up the pace while the 'lion's share of 59% of participants came surprisingly from the over 26 years category. Who'd have thought it, right?


Walking Is Bae, Because duh!

So many records broken, plenty of first-time enthusiasts and now a 73% active user base - the response to this fitness phenomenon has been fantastic! More people rediscovered walking as the perfect habit to get healthier. It can be done anywhere and is super easy to track, but most of all - it’s totally FREE! While they have taken a step in the right direction and turned their lives around - it’s your turn now. Are you up for it?

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