Third world, third class: Social media reacts to SC 377 shocker

The Supreme Court verdict that effectively re-criminalised gay sex between even consenting adults, has generated a maelstrom of anger, disgust and disappointment. And as is the case with most recent issues, Twitter and Facebook have seen an outpouring of emotion.



The verdict is being seen as regressive and interfering, and an absolute infringement on the rights of liberty and equality that are enshrined in the Indian constitution. And as many social media users pointed out, it was also almost cruelly ironic, given that marital rape is still legal in Indian law.

The resonance of the issue was also reflected in the 'trending tags' section on Twitter where #Section377, #sec377, LGBT, Delhi HC and Supreme Court were all a part of the top India trends.

On Facebook as well, 'status' messages were dedicated to the issue. "I am criminal and so are you..." read one status message by a member of the LGBT community while another lamented, "I cannot believe it. oh my god...crawl back to the closet they say. what a shame!"

Others said that the "The Supreme Court should be held in contempt"

Here are some tweets on the issue:







Updated Date: Dec 11, 2013 12:59 PM

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