These 5 filmy walking styles will make you look super cool. Try them now!

India and diversity are like a couple taking a long romantic walk in a park. Whether its food, culture, language or opinions – variety seems to be our life’s mantra. And one of the most diverse aspects of India, is the way we walk.

Let’s check out 5 peculiar Indian walking styles!

The Sethji walk


Hands behind the back, head held up high and an air of nonchalant swagger – the Sethji walk is basically royalty among all Indian walking styles. So, the next time instead of dropping a ton of money on a fancy smartphone or a watch to up your social status, you can instead opt for the Sethji walk. The bonus is that it's free, and if you keep doing it long enough, you’ll burn a considerable amount of calories!

The Sunny Deol walk


Are you tired of being an introvert? Do you go unnoticed in groups? Is making your presence felt on your to-do list? Wait no more because the Sunny Deol walk will pull you right out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Follow the below steps to do the Sunny Deol walk.

  • Pull your stomach in and put your chest out.
  • Raise your feet as high as your knees.
  • Take a longer stride than usual.
  • Move both of your arms in sync with each step.

The Sunny Deol walk is guaranteed to make you the centre of attention regardless of time and place.

The Chor walk


Most of us at some point in our lives have done the Chor walk. It’s essentially the incognito mode of walking that comes handy in tricky situations like sneaking into your home post the curfew time, avoiding someone you, unfortunately, know on the streets – the Chor walk is a lousy escape assured.

The Bantai walk


Apna time aaega or apun har jagha chal ke jaega”. The Bantai walk is all about walking your attitude on your feet. You don’t need a cool hoodie, and even a pair of chappals will do. Whether its 6 steps or 6000, you’ve gotta take each one with full josh.

The Train Nikal Jaegi walk


Have you ever wondered why Wile E. Coyote was never able to catch Roadrunner? If you haven’t before, then you should now because coyotes can run at a speed of 56-69 kilometres per hour while roadrunners top out at 32 kilometres. The truth is that Roadrunner never ran, it did the Train Nikal Jaegi walk. The Train Nikal Jaegi walk is a phenomenon that occurs when an Indian wants to catch a train that’s about to leave – he or she rapidly shuffles in a series of small movements that affect their surrounding air molecules, eliminating resistance and accelerating them at a deceptively high speed.

These might be the top 5 popular filmy Indian walking styles, but imagine the millions of people actually taking up a 100-day challenge to walk at least 6000 steps daily! Don’t believe us? That’s exactly what GOQii India Steps Challenge in partnership with Network18 did!

As the curtains fall on the India Steps Challenge, which was India’s largest remote mass participation event, more than 1,00,000 prizes worth 5 crore were claimed on the GOQii app. Most importantly, India’s average step count increased dramatically from 4297 steps to 8637 steps! Kerala and Tamil Nadu emerged as frontrunners with a daily average step count of 12,200+ steps a day, closely followed by Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Chandigarh of close to 12,000 steps daily!

We can proudly say, we tried making India healthy & active and hope you too can implement these changes in your own lives and challenge yourself to live a better and fuller life. It’s time you take that first step and Be The Force in your life!

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Updated Date: Jun 06, 2019 12:38:18 IST