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There's 'mo' to Movember than meets the eye: Here's how to get the best looks for the month

Remember, remember! The first of November...

Come November — and unless you live under a rock, or some similarly isolated place where the merest hint of social media doesn't reach you — and you're bound to hear of a movement called 'Movember'.

There seems to be some misconception that Movember (probably because of the tagline that's most commonly associated with it: 'No shave November', or perhaps a term of more recent vintage: #MoThanABeard) is about grooming your beard into a luxuriant mass. That is actually incorret. Movember is all about the 'mo' — or as some of us less woke individuals like to call it, the moustache.

Look to the internet, and you'll see Movember defined as "an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and also suicide".

Movember begins with shaving off your moustache on the first day of November. Then, growing, grooming and styling your 'mo' for the rest of the month.

How it all began

Movember's well-intentioned origins can be traced back to a pub in Australia: the year was 1999, and a group of men decided they would grow their moustaches through the month of November for a charitable cause. In 2004, another (unrelated) group took up the banner — and they became part of the Movember Foundation. In its present avatar, Movember has grown into a global charity event that lasts a month, raising much needed awareness (and funds) for men’s health. The foundation gives out their version of the Oscars — the Moscars! — and there's even an 'International Man of Movember'.

Embrace Movember

If you want to participate in Movember, your focus should be on growing and grooming a sharp moustache. Of course, this is easier said than done. To make matters easy, we've listed here the most popular 'mo' looks for 2017. Take your pick:

1. The Horseshoe Mo — This is almost a goatee but without the hair on the chin. Remember Mitch Johnson bowling with that Mo?

 Theres mo to Movember than meets the eye: Heres how to get the best looks for the month

Aamir Khan sports the Horseshoe Mo in Talaash

2. The Handle Bar Mo — It’s going to take you a bit more than a month to get the handle bar — ironically the logo of the Movember movement. But hey, give it a shot! Because nothing screams 'macho' now than this fine, thick and well-groomed moustache.

(L) The Handle Bar Mo — the symbol of Movember; (R) the Anchor Mo, as sported by Robert Downey Jr

(L) The Handle Bar Mo — the symbol of Movember; (R) the Anchor Mo, as sported by Robert Downey Jr

3. The Anchor Mo — A minimalist look you can easily pull off by the middle of Movember. It is called the anchor because of its resemblance to one.

4. The Pencil Mo — This is possibly one of the easiest looks you can get within the next 30 days. Doesn’t require a whole lot of hair growth.

The Pencil Mo

The Pencil Mo

Groom your mo

Now that you're on board with the mo-vement, here are a few grooming tips to keep in mind:

1. Use a face scrub to get dead skin and food out of your mo. Keep it clean and neat.

2. Use a razor to give it well-defined lines, making it look sharp.

3. The skin under your moustache can get very dry as your hair draws away moisture; this could lead to mo dandruff, especially during the colder months. So moisturise the skin to keep it from chafing.

Finally, take the opportunity this Movember to really embrace and celebrate your mo!

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Updated Date: Nov 06, 2017 14:44:38 IST

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