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The video will tell you why everyone is talking about this new grocery store

A good grocery store is a shopper’s delight. And why not? They offer so much all under one roof. Though there are innumerable grocery stores around us visiting them is not always a pleasant experience. And the reason is that they are either too cluttered or lack a wide range of products.

So, we prepared a wish list for an ideal grocery store for you.

Innumerable varieties of food: If the store offers nutritious organic food, unique food counters like a granary counter, a fresh spices section, an ice-bed for fresh meats, an exclusive tea and coffee counters to make your shopping a delightful experience, then you know this is the grocery store you were always looking for!

Affordable price range: If you get all the important foodstuff at affordable prices, then it’s an icing on the cake. You always would like to shop at a place that offers a perfect combination of superior quality of food with optimum prices!

Uncompromised quality: Who will not prefer a place that offers quality food? This is a place where you can pick and choose whatever you want without any doubts or hesitations. Here people go an extra mile to provide the customers handpicked variety of food which is devoid of any preservatives and is absolutely fresh.

Fresh fruit and vegetables: Imagine being able to get farm fresh fruits and vegetables that are hand-picked and hand-sorted, so you only get the best of the very best produce from around the world.

Fresh Baked Goodies: Or maybe you need your daily bread to start your day. Imagine a store that has over 120 freshly baked goodies to choose from. Everything from bromate-free to gluten-free to whole wheat and everything else in between. Then there’s the choice of croissants, buns and delicious cakes.

Just Cheese, but so much: If there’s bread, then can cheese be far behind? How about visiting a store that actually stocks Gouda, Brie, Pecorino Romano, Camembert, Cheddar and Manchego to name a just a few of the most popular and exotic cheeses from around the world.

Cold Cuts: Fancy some Chorizo from Spain? Or maybe some Hungarian Salami, or Smoked Pancetta, Honey Roasted Ham, Turkey Mortadella Olives, Parma Ham, Turkey Bacon, Chicken Ham basically a wide variety of the best cold cuts from around the world. You will want to go back for more and then some more.

Indulge your sweet tooth: With some Belgian, Swiss, French, American chocolates from some of the world’s leading chocolatiers including Mason & Co, Delavuida, Heidi, Lindt, Ritter Sport, Whittaker, Alpino and Schmitten to name just a few. If chocolate is not your thing then head over to the breakfast cereals rack to pick from a wide variety of the most popular cereals in the world, or maybe head over to the bakery section to select from fresh baked muffins and pastries.

Stay Healthy: But if it is healthy alternatives you are after then check out the gluten-free bread, or try Amaranth, Couscous and Quinoa. There are also different kinds of nut butter to choose from and a whole range of lactose-free and gluten-free food.

More personal experience: It’s not daily that you visit a grocery store but whenever you do, it must be fun and relaxing at the same time. It should be orderly, well-kept and spacious to let you move freely and explore things entirely.

A variety of gifts: This is one of the main attractions of a great store. You can not only get stuff for yourself but can get a plethora of things for your favourite people! There can be nothing better than to find a range of exotic gifts all at one place and at such affordable prices.

If you are wondering where on earth you can find such immaculate set of products and services then, you must head to Worli where Nature’s Basket store is offering shoppers a more personal experience. Take a closer look at the store that is fast becoming the only fresh food destination for people in the country?

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Updated Date: Jan 10, 2018 12:26 PM

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