The ultimate 7 day hack to get active

Here’s how easy it can be to do 6,000 steps every day!

FP Studio June 24, 2019 12:13:07 IST
The ultimate 7 day hack to get active

You don’t need a fancy gym or expensive equipment to crush this week-long challenge. Here’s how...

We could all use a little push to keep us going and instead of wasting your money on a gym membership you’ll probably never use enough or a health coach with a boot camp regimen, start by doing something simple, consistently. The trick is to make it fun and doable, so you feel like a total badass as the week progresses.

Walking is a great beginner’s exercise. You can control the pace and intensity and with easy health and wellness ecosystem like GOQii, you can combine a Smart Fitness Band, an App and a Care Team to help you transition into a healthier lifestyle easily.

Here’s how you can cover 6000 steps every day...



Yep, we feel ya Garf… Monday’s ain’t easy! But treating yourself to your favourite coffee can be just the thing you need to get you going early in the week. Caveat: You’ve got to walk to and from a coffee shop of your choice and make sure it’s at least a 10-min trip, not just across the road.



Weekday traffic sucks. So unless you can clear traffic like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty or love getting stuck in traffic jams from hell, here’s an idea. If your office is nearby, walk to work and back. If it’s far away, use public transport up to a point and then walk. You see a whole other side to your city - we promise!



Woah! Halfway through the week and an office dance-off is a great way to step into the second half (we’re not kidding!). But, just in case you’re office has a no dancing policy, take the stairs, bust a few moves getting to the printer, take a power walk after lunch or simply pace for a while during a meeting.



Two goals - one trip! Step it up as you grocery shop with new purpose. Walk down every aisle, sideways on the empty ones (it burns extra calories) and you’ll find picking up eggs, milk and bread can be an exercise that can conquer 6,000 steps and your to-do list in a snap! Bonus points for putting the trolley back when you’re done.



#TGIF! Whether Aankh Marey from Simba or Zingaat gets your feet moving, some high-intensity dancing is the perfect way to end a tough week and reach your 6,000 step count. So, get the gang together and get your dance on!



With an energetic Friday night, cut yourself some slack on Saturday. Catch up with your favourite streaming series or latest podcast as you do an easy walk on the treadmill. But remember, you can only continue watching or listening while you’re walking. Who knew binge watching anything could make you fitter?



If you live within driving distance from a beach, Sunday is a great day to head outdoors with friends, have a quick splash in the waves and play a friendly game of beach volleyball. Don’t live near a beach? Cricket, football or even a short hike are all equally fun and will help you complete your daily step quota.

Even though the #IndiaStepsChallenge has concluded after rewarding people who successfully completed the challenge with 85000 prizes worth ₹5 crore for walking 6000 steps every day for 100 days - you can still continue with the challenge to stay active, and your prize will be a healthy life!

The #IndiaStepsChallenge has helped India increase its average step count dramatically from 4297 steps to 8637 steps! Kerala and Tamil Nadu emerged as frontrunners with a daily average step count of 12,200+ steps a day, closely followed by Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Chandigarh of close to 12,000 steps daily!

We can proudly say, we tried making India healthy & active and hope you too can implement these changes in your own lives and challenge yourself to live a better and fuller life. It’s time you take that first step and Be The Force in your life!

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