The Kolkata rape case: She was just asking for it!

A woman was raped in Kolkata by five men in a car. The operative and most important word here is 'raped' – a fact that seems to have slipped the attention of not only the Kolkata police but certain segments of the Indian public.

Now, the good men in khaki are never ones to shun their duty. But in this case, they were thrown off stride by other pressing details, as, for example, the location where the victim met the perpetrators. She met them in – gasp! – a nightclub. Worse, a nightclub where she remained until two am talking to strangers. The victim told the Times of India that "she was asked uncomfortable questions and jeered at for going to a night club," adding, "Is it a sin to go to a night club? The policemen made me feel like a criminal. I was already traumatised and they made me all the more sick."

 The Kolkata rape case: She was just asking for it!

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Of course, it is a crime for a woman to go to a nightclub. More so when she is a) separated and b) the mother of two kids. As one TOI commenter eloquently put it, "[S[he is just another h00ker or pervert. why else will a 37-yr-old mother of 2 decide to sip beer alone in deserted road @1pm night and than decide to befriend guys half her age (20 yrs) n go with them in a car?"

Umm, hello? What other possible explanation could there be for such deviant and shameless behaviour?

Yes, yes, there are indeed separated, divorced, single and even married men – with or without children – who frequent nightclubs. And they may too have a beer or more with girls half their age. And accept a lift from them in the wee hours of the night. But would that make them hookers? No sirree! Does that give those girls the right to assault, rob, or kill him? Absolutely not. And that's because – duh! – boys will be boys. And boys have the right to have fun and be safe in our great nation – unlike the girl child whose life is in peril from the very moment of conception.

Didn't this chick know that we live in hamara bharat mahaan where safety for a woman is a privilege not a right – and one she ought to exercise with due caution. Women who show bad judgement or make foolish choices are criminals in our country, and deserve to be punished with the direst consequences of their stupidity. As another fine upstanding commenter put it, "If a woman goes to a night club,drinks and then flirts with guys the she deserves what has happened."

And this criminal has the gall to expect to be treated with respect by our police force. So okay, some chaps at the thana asked her out for a drink when she showed up for her medical test. Hey, as they pointed out to her, it was Valentine's Day, people! Besides, if she is willing to drink with perfect strangers, why not raise a glass or two with the poor sods who are now burdened with task of cleaning up the mess she's created.

Worse, she doesn't even appreciate their sincere attempts to solve her case. Here she is whining again, this time about the police interrogation, oops, sorry, interview: "The officer in charge asked me awkward questions in the name of investigation. He asked me how a woman could be raped inside a moving car. Then he wanted me to explain the posture in which the accused had raped me."

Fine investigative minds do need to know. Sure, the law dictates that only a policewoman can examine a rape victim, and only in the presence of her guardians in a location where she is comfortable. But such legalities only delay the justice process. The Park Street officers were clearly men in a hurry – never mind that it took them over a day to register an FIR and six whole days to conduct a forensic test. A minor lapse that ensured any CC footage of the nightclub or the road where she was dumped is irrecoverably lost.

Ah well, it isn't like she was murdered or anything. She was raped. Right, exactly that: raped.

Updated Date: Feb 16, 2012 16:58:04 IST