‘The Founder’ has 7 simple business tips that will help your entrepreneurial mind figure it out!

Hello, how are you? Do you know anyone who has never been to a McDonald’s or never eaten a McSomething? Don’t even try to think because we are pretty sure that you have no such acquaintance. McDonald’s as a business is an absolute mammoth or a McMammoth as they would call it. But it wasn’t always a smooth sailing for McDonald’s. The difficulties, disagreements, distrust and the drama between the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc who is brilliantly portrayed by Micheal Keaton made the story of the creation of McDonald’s in ‘The Founder’ a must watch.

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Now, let’s take a look at the seven business lessons from ‘The Founder’.

  1. Work ethic

‘The Founder’ has 7 simple business tips that will help your entrepreneurial mind figure it out!

Starting a new business venture is a major responsibility. To successfully tread the entrepreneurial road, you need to drive your startup vehicle with a tank full of good work ethic. That involves meeting timelines, good communication, no five more minutes of sleep and definitely no binge-watching TV shows at work. A strong work ethic can influence how your company is perceived in your industry and by your customers. The McDonald bothers strived for a solid work ethic which made McDonald’s the symbol of Americana.

  1. Customer relations


One of the most important things required to run a successful company is to have a good relationship with your customers. Your primary aim should be to know your customers and the customers to know your company. This is extremely beneficial in the long run. In simple words, do not get friend zoned by your customers. Good customer relations made McDonald’s first outlet a favourite among the people which proved to be a stepping stone towards greatness.

  1. Don’t give up


There isn’t a single business out there that has never faced a single issue in their early days. A new business is a magnet that attracts every single imaginable problem in the entrepreneurial world. But the real concern is how you deal with it? Are you going to buckle under pressure or face the problems head-on to find suitable solutions? A major character in ‘The Founder’ faced many difficulties, but he persisted through all of them.

  1. Prepare a plan B


The latest season of your favourite TV show is now over, and it won’t air until the next year. But you aren’t worried because you already have a bunch of new shows to watch. You aren’t sad like other people who are wondering what they are going to do until the next year. You prepared in advance, and now you are happy. The same principle applies to startups. As we mentioned above, startups are governed by Murphy's Law. Hence, a ‘Plan B’ will be your knight in the shining armour when things go south. One of the characters in ‘The Founder’ nearly went bankrupt but his brilliant plan B changed his fortunes.

  1. Provide encouragement


Encouragement is an essential element required to create a successful startup. Remember the time when you did well in your exams, and your dad actually said “well done” instead of “you can do better”. That must have felt amazing! Similarly, providing encouragement to your employees and peers helps create a positive work environment. Ray Kroc’s encouragement to the right people in ‘The Founder’ turned McDonald’s from a single restaurant to a fast food giant.

  1. Keep innovating

The Founder

Before buying a smartphone, all of us check whether the device has the latest OS, processor among other things. To provide the latest technology to their customers, smartphone brands need to innovate constantly. And innovation isn’t only restricted to tech companies. Just keep asking yourself “What’s next?” McDonald’s revolutionised the restaurant industry by serving food to customers in mere seconds.

  1. The goal


Goals are the first step towards our dreams and also the last. Goal-setting can really help you figure out what, when and how much you want to achieve. Ray Kroc had the goal in his mind from the beginning which made McDonald’s a household name.

Catch ‘The Founder’ on October 29th at 1 PM and 9 PM on &Privé HD to find out how these seven tips made McDonald’s a McMammoth organisation.

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Updated Date: Oct 27, 2017 18:50:44 IST

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