The A to Z of style for men: Part 2

by Yatan Ahluwalia

Editor's Note: Our style columnist Yatan Ahluwalia kicked off the new year with the first part of his A to Z of style for men from Armpits to Moisturisers. Here comes part 2.

N: Neck – the sexiest area on a man’s body – both broad and slim necks are desirable. Also for Nude or naked — both refer to the same physical state that we were born in and sometimes yet prefer to be in. And for the Nose – which helps us both smell and defines our facial features and where long or hawk shaped noses top the charts.

O: Olive – the best skin tone to have and the best oil to use to cook in, especially if keeping in shape is important. Also for Overalls, which some of us can look very good in and for Overcoats that we can wear to work or on a business or ‘dress smart’ leisure trip.

 The A to Z of style for men: Part 2

T for Ties, which can make or break our office or formal look. Image courtesy: Yatan Ahluwalia

P: Pleats – the one thing your trousers should not have. Also for Purple – a colour that is fast becoming the new rage for men and for Prints, which most men should avoid – unless of course they are Pin stripes and for Pastels – which refers to a brilliant colour palette (light shades of pink, orange, green, yellow and blue) for the Indian summer.

Q: (Drag) Queens – which refer to some men, including many straight men that like to use makeup and parade around in women’s clothes. Also for Quilt – something we wrap ourselves to sleep in. If you like to create the ideal setting, match your nightwear (boxers, pyjamas, underwear) to your sheets.

R: Red, the one colour men rarely wear and for good reason. Also for Rough – a look that a lot of women and other men get turned on by and for Rich – something you need to be, especially if you want to live the good life and buy luxury and designer brands.

S: Sweater, a must have for winter. Always pick soft lightweight wools. Also for Slim – a clothing fit and something everyone wants to be and for Sexy, which most of us wish we were. Also for Shorts – be it for leisurewear, running or sports, for Shoes and Socks – which we need multiples of and a minimum of one each for the formal, casual and sporty look and for Shirts –in a variety of cuts, styles and colours. Also for Shave – something most men hate doing everyday, for Suits – for all seasons and occasions and for Suspenders that we wear to keep our pants up.

T: Ties, which can make or break our office or formal look. Contrast or match your tie with what you have on under or over it. Also for Trousers – that should always be well fitted, ironed and matching your footwear, for Track pants for sports or to lounge around in, for T-shirts for casual and sports wear and for Tomorrow – the day we finally plan to start our workout, hit the gym or to quit smoking cigarettes.

U: Underwear – something we all need to pay special attention to. Choose a colour that compliments your skin tone, a fit that is just right and a shape that suits your built. Not wearing one is an option – but can be risky. Change daily and never share your underwear with anyone. Also for United – the second name of a popular multicultural clothing brand and the first name of the country that invented the street, grunge and bad boy looks.

V: V – necks – that make your face and neck look longer and the upper part of your body slimmer when you wear them and for Violet – the colour that mostly women wear and the fragrance they often smell of. Also for Vinyl – that looks good on everything else but clothes.

W: Water – a must have for your skin and body. Drink a minimum of four litres a day. Also for Watches – that do a lot more than just tell the time, for Wallets – that should be stocked with whatever you need and some plastic or cash to spend and for Waistcoats – that you can wear with both casual and formal wear and most importantly, for your Waistline – where being anything over 32 is considered big, unfit or out of shape

X: X Ray – a vision most men wished they had and for XXX – a rating for entertainment. Also for Xenophobia - an unreasonable fear of that which is foreign or strange – something some of us have, but not when it comes to picking and choosing our clothes and accessories.

Y: Yellow – the colour of summer 2012. Also Youth – a state of mind and the best time to experiment with your clothes and look and for You – because you (and not a celebrity) should be the inspiration for what you wear.

Z: Zips – of all shapes, sizes and colours. We use them in more ways that one would think – on jackets, jeans, shoes and bags. Also for Zebra stripes – a print some flamboyant men can actually look good in.

 Women feeling left out? Don't worry. Coming up next: The A to Z style Guide for women.

The author is a fashion and image consultant and Director, Y&E Style Media Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading styling & corporate grooming company.


Updated Date: Feb 05, 2012 10:14:41 IST