The A to Z of style for men

by Yatan Ahluwalia

Editor's note: What better way to start off the new year than a handy alphabetic guide to looking good? Our style columnist Yatan Ahluwalia takes us through the do's and don't's, letter by letter.

A: Armpits – Trimmed is always better than bushy. They are best feeling smooth, clean and fresh than stale and smelly. Also for your Ass — which a lot of women and men will look at, and for Abs – where six is always better than none, and of course, Anti ageing products – which never work like they should.

B: Bows – The classic neck accessory has made a comeback. Always contrast your bow with your shirt and jacket. Also for Belts, where the rule is: slim over thick and simple over loud. Also for (eye) Brows – which you should pluck, shape and trim as and when necessary and Bald – something a large number of men (unfortunately) get with age.

C: Collars – Both on shirts and jackets, where short sharp collars look both modern and smart. Also for Coats that you wear in winter, Checks – that should be small, Cuffs that should always be fastened and Cufflinks that will help dress or bring alive, even the simplest and dullest of shirts.

 The A to Z of style for men

J for Jeans – which some of us live in and will probably die in. Choose a snug or straight fit and always keep a pair in a colour that’s distinctly different than blue. Image courtesy: Yatan Ahluwalia

D: Dinner jackets – every mature and young man needs one (or more) for that all-important function, awards night or wedding to attend. Also for Double-breasted jackets – which are outdated and make you look short and boxy.

E: Exfoliate – the process by which we remove dead surface-skin and the key to looking fresh and buffed. Also for Energy – the colours you wear can change your vibe and aura. Red is vibrant, white is peaceful, brown is warm, purple is regal and blue and green can be both serene and soothing. Also Ego – we all have one – the bigger, the better.

F: Face scrubs – To remove blackheads and flaky skin, which you should use a minimum of once a week, more if you are older. Also for Feathers – which ‘real men’ should never wear and for Feet, which need to be soft, clean and need a regular pedicure.

G: Goatee – Trimmed and slim ones are ideal, thick and unkempt ones are (now almost) unacceptable. Also for G-strings, which can look sexy if you have a body to flaunt and goods to be proud of.

H: High neck tops – Ideal for winter, but looks just as good in summer, wear them under a jacket or just on their own. Also for Hairy or Heavy – both of which you shouldn’t be and for Hair, which you should style, nourish and maintain, and for Hats – this years must have Spring / Summer accessory. Also for Hung – because size matters and last, but not the least for Hands – which should always look good and be manicured at least twice a month.

I: Innerwear – the first layer should always be soft, absorbent and light. Also for Indigo – not the airline, but the colour and fabric India gave birth to and for Inseam – an integral part of both your trouser and jacket. Also for Italian – the look men try and copy or the ‘made in’ label they like to flaunt.

J: Jeans – which some of us live in and will probably die in. Choose a snug or straight fit and always keep a pair in a colour that’s distinctly different than blue. Also for Jammies to sleep in – they should be soft and comfortable and be washed and changed on a regular basis.

K: Kink – never give away yours, least of all with what you wear on a daily basis. Some things are best kept in the bedroom or under/over the sheets. Also for Kimonos, which are mostly worn by women, and as a style of bathrobes, by some men.

L: Love handles, which should be avoided and addressed when you first start developing them. Also for Lowers – what you wear under the waist level (tracks, pants, trousers, jeans) and for Lining – which does sometimes show through and is therefore an important detail and for Leather – a material we use to make everything from jackets to most accessories.

M: Midlife – the worst stage in a man’s life, both for physical and emotional reasons. Also for Maroon, India’s favourite shade of lipstick, which you should hope to get all over you and for Moisturisers, which you should use daily at night and for Metrosexuals who will get more pointers by reading this piece, and of course (self-obsessed) Macho men – most of whom will deny it, but are secretly reading and absorbing this article too.

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The author is a fashion and image consultant and Director, Y&E Style Media Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading styling & corporate grooming company.

Updated Date: Jan 19, 2012 16:03:54 IST