Superheroes do exist amongst us just to make our lives simpler

As much as we might like to grumble about our jobs being difficult that pays peanuts, there are many others out there who do tougher jobs for very little compensation. There are professions that put some people in arduous, risk-taking and life-threatening situations – one that requires them to put their lives at jeopardy to make other lives simple. These people are nothing less than superheroes.

Most times, either in a hurry to reach our destinations or simply because of our limited awareness, we fail to recognize the consistent efforts of some men and women who regularly confront harmful gases emitting from vehicles and toxic air pollution. Besides this, there are always the natural tormentors like rain, scorching heat, sandstorms and heavy cold ready to challenge these superheroes’ health.

Don’t wonder who these superheroes are! They are our very own traffic cops standing still with handkerchiefs over their mouth each day directing the traffic routes, ensuring we move smoothly while they are exposed to skin and lung infections.

Honoring the noble efforts of these selfless heroes, Hawa Badlo - a people's movement backed by GAIL (India) Ltd, has launched a humble initiative of #GiftaMask to help offer the traffic police a mask that could protect their lives from the constant health threats they face. You too can connect with your humanity by paying your tributes to these real life SuperHeroes.

Just a simple tweet using the hashtag, #GiftaMask can help contribute towards a person’s health and his family’s wellbeing. Introduced with the initiative, Hawa Badlo, this gesture supports awareness against the air pollution and its health hazards, termed as the fifth largest killer in India.

Watch the video below and contribute towards the better of the legion of superheroes with your valuable tweets to lend a hand to them in continuing to make your journey seamless.

The initiative has seen great participation by not only individuals, but also respected public and private sector organisations. If you would like to join the cause, to #ChangeTheAir for good, visit

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Updated Date: May 02, 2016 16:58 PM

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