Stranger Things Indian motorists do that even science can’t explain

Let’s take a look at some stranger things Indian motorists do, that definitely doesn’t need a new season.

FP Studio July 29, 2019 15:20:21 IST
Stranger Things Indian motorists do that even science can’t explain

India is a country full of myths and mysteries since ancient times; strange things that have left both the natives and travellers bewildered. But a modern mystery or a rather strange phenomenon is grabbing everyone's attention - road safety rules or a lack of it. You see, we Indians are always in a rush and sometimes... galti se mistake toh ho hi jata hai!

But these small mistakes can have a huge cost, something which no EMI would be able to repay! Let’s take a look at some stranger things Indian motorists do, that definitely doesn’t need a new season.

Stranger Thing 1

Green means go;

Yellow means slow;

and Red means stop, stop, stop!

This is a nursery rhyme which Indian motorists learned as toddlers, but as they grew up, a remixed version was a hit already.


Green mean go, go, go!

Yellow means ‘go slowly’

Red means ‘go when no one’s looking’!

Stranger Thing 2

On a typical Indian road, you can find a zebra crossing right next to a traffic signal. The job of the traffic signal is to regulate the traffic and allow the smooth and safe flow of both motorists and pedestrians. The zebra crossing provides pedestrians with a passage for crossing the road, but some motorists have different ideas. They want to make things more exciting.


Some halt their vehicle ON the zebra crossing, blocking it! To top it, some motorists refuse to acknowledge that a zebra crossing even exists, and  keep going when no one’s looking! This strange habit of motorists turns a simple act of crossing the road into a steeplechase for pedestrians.

Stranger Thing 3

Good news! We don’t have parking issues anymore as a result of the ingenuity of Indian motorists. Instead of parking their vehicles haphazardly on the side of roads, they have started parking it on sidewalks! This brilliant move has solved India’s parking issue.


(A young motorist on the right explaining the idea to a pedestrian on the left.)

Although, now we have developed walking issues. If they want to use a sidewalk blocked by a car, then they can jump over it, crawl underneath it or take a u-turn and never come back again.

Stranger Thing 4

Talking about u-turns, Indian motorists don’t take them. Why? Because it takes more time, and time is money (duh!), and petrol prices are at an all-time high!


To save time, Indian motorists simply enter a one-way lane instead of going all the way to the end of the street to make a u-turn. Makes sense! Now, this might significantly increase the risk of an accident, but who cares about high risk when you are saving a mammoth 40 seconds?? But here’s some advice for pedestrians: Don’t worry. Just look both ways when crossing a one-way street. Stay alert!

Stranger Thing 5

Unless you have a flying car from the future, you have to drive on the road, and the road’s not going anywhere. All the moving needs to be done by you very much in contact with the tarmac. Self-aware Indian motorists have already realised and found a solution to this problem.


Fast and the Furious!

They drive like people in Fast and the Furious: hit the accelerator all the way down and do Tokyo Drifts to cut lanes. This move probably helps them get ahead of two cars but also ruins the entire flow of the slow-moving traffic, which is now stagnant traffic.

There you have it! We’re sure this isn’t a comprehensive list of the stranger things Indian motorists do on the streets; there will be many more. And if you are a motorist who has done any of the above stranger things on the road, then you need to stop before things go upside down!

Driving during rush hour or traffic can be frustrating, but remember safety always comes first. Let’s make road safety our priority and join the #RoadForSafety movement.

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