Sponsored: A new and easy way to quit smoking this year!

We have rolled into a new year with new hopes, new plans and new expectations. Each year, we choose to pursue new plans, some aim at pursuing an old hobby, or train in a type of sport, or plan to stay fit. If you are one of those who are planning the healthy way for 2016, smoking should be the top habit you want to quit. With a huge number of us who have this indefinable love for cigarettes, we should make a strong resolve to have a smoke-free life ahead of us.

Though it may seem impossible to a smoker, achieving a smoke-free way of life isn’t a difficult target. There are several new age tips available to quit the stick.

Nicotex, one of the top recommendations that are tested and tried medically, is not a normal chewing gum. It is a Nicotine gum suggested by the experts. Nicotex is a nicotine gum that facilitates in quitting smoking using the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). A smoker can spring back to a fresher way of life within a span of three months using Nicotex. Nicotex gum if you #ChewRightToQuit will steadily lower the nicotine intake, making it simpler for you to choose life over smoking. With Nicotex, you have three easy steps to a smoke-free life:

Step 1 - Chew it well. Chew it for a while as long as the flavor releases in your mouth.

Step 2 - After that, keep it between your cheeks and gum for a while.

Step 3 - Once the flavor has faded completely, chew it again.

That’s all. Isn’t it simple? This nicotine gum can be kept handy by someone who is trying to quit smoking. Besides the reasons enumerated below, there are also other personal reasons why people choose to quit. And here is why you should want a healthier life minus the stick:

1.Feel healthy right away – As soon as you reduce or stop smoking your body will start getting rid of tobacco toxins, gradually making you feel regenerated.

2.Quit smoking and quit many related ailments - You can lessen the odds of developing smoking-related hazardous diseases like lung cancer, other devastating lung diseases, a heart attack or a stroke.

3.You stink – No more such complaints. If you give up this habit, you also save yourself from smelling like a chimney. And all of a sudden, your clothes, breath, home and car will smell better.

4.Promise a healthier tomorrow to people around you – Reduce or stop smoking and notice the diminishing number of coughs and earaches around you. Your children and your family can have a healthier future with your one decision to call it quits. Especially, if you are pregnant, you increase your chances of having a healthy baby by saying no to the stick.

5.The sense of triumph – As much as we crave it, we don’t feel accomplished very frequently in life. Feel tremendous just by knowing that now you have more control over your own life and your health.

Quitting may not be easy for you, but there is a better and healthier life after cigarettes.


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Updated Date: Jan 08, 2016 18:40:58 IST