Road safety starts with your family

There is no such thing as starting too early when teaching road safety to your kids. Right from the age where they can walk on their own to the time when they learn to drive, parents and guardians must be present at every stage to educate their children about responsibilities of being on the road. Here are a few steps to take that you are shaping your kids into responsible adults:

Lead By Example

 The most effective and straightforward way to ensure that your kids follow the norms of road safety is by setting the right example for them. When driving with your child, make sure that they observe you as you follow these traffic rules:

  1. Always make sure to wear the seat belt before you drive.
  2. Do not use your mobile phones while driving.
  3. In case of an urgent call, make sure to pull over the car before you receive the call.
  4. Wear helmets while driving a two-wheeler.
  5. Always adhere to the speed limit.
  6. Do not jump the traffic lights.

Start Young

Start teaching your kids as soon as they reach an age where they can understand; even before they start school. Make sure that your younger kids know about the following:

  1. Have defined play areas which are away from driveways.
  2. Understand the meaning of traffic lights.
  3. Know always to hold your hand while crossing roads.
  4. Explain the importance of holding hand around vehicles.

Point Out Mistakes

It is of utmost importance to point out the traffic mistakes that your kids are making or the mistake someone else makes on the road.

  1. Make sure always to point out if they are not wearing their seat belt or if they cross the speed limit or jump traffic lights.
  2. Not only with your kids but when you see other faulters on the road, make sure to point out how their actions are irresponsible.

Discuss Consequences

Apart from talking about the rules, it also becomes of utmost importance to discuss the consequences of breaking these rules with your children.

  1. Talk about the health risk they pose to themselves and the people around them when they do not follow traffic rules.
  2. Make them aware of the consequences of getting into an accident.
  3. Discuss the legal action that can be taken against offenders.
  4. Converse about how getting caught while breaking traffic rules can end up in monetary loss.

Teach Rules Before They Learn To Drive

Timing is the key when teaching your kids how to drive. A lot of kids learn the basics of driving as they watch their elders drive even before they reach the driving age. Therefore, it becomes paramount that:

  1. You discuss the legal driving age with your kids.
  2. Make sure that they learn about the traffic rules before they learn to drive.
  3. Apart from passing the theoretical test about rules, the importance of their practical implementation must be stressed.

Watch the impact that a simple step taken by you, towards road safety, can have on your children and the society, depicted beautifully in this video.

When you take these steps and join the #RoadToSafety movement by Diageo, you take an important step towards making the roads safe for not only your family but the entire family called India.

Updated Date: Oct 18, 2018 17:02:49 IST