Regressive beliefs and practices in India that ought to change now

In the recently released romantic comedy movie, Phillauri, a young man is compelled by the society to marry a tree – yes, you heard it right, a tree - before he is allowed to marry his lady love so that the man is able to ward off the ‘dosha’. And this because he was deemed to be a Manglik. The movie bumps off this regressive belief with a humorous twist - the man accidentally gets married to a supernatural spirit living in the tree instead of getting married to the tree itself. However, in real-life one often comes across such annoying, superstitious beliefs that are exercised even today.

Let’s take a look at some of the commonly held regressive beliefs in our country:

A menstruating woman is considered unclean and impure

 Regressive beliefs and practices in India that ought to change now

Women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter the kitchen. They are also supposed to stay away from religious spaces within the house. A regular biological fact on which a woman has no control over is used to discriminate against her!Now, isn’t that ridiculous?

Marrying daughters outside one’s caste is said to be inauspicious


Even today, a considerable section of the Indian society looks down at girls marrying outside their caste. Right from reasons that imply religious transgressions to ones pertaining to the societal pressures of conforming to the expectations of friends and family, are cited to justify this belief. This practice is accompanied by the typical ‘Chaar Log Kya Kahenge’ syndrome.

Those belonging to sections from apparent lower-castes are discouraged from entering places of worship


Even when it comes to something as personal and sacred as faith in God, one comes across regressive discriminatory practices, based on one’s caste. Discriminatory outlooks such as these often turn out to be the root causes of communal disharmony.

Bearing a female child is seen as ominous


Even though so many women have achieved historic feats in our country and around the world, there are so communities in our country that still hold a male child in higher reverence than a female child. In such communities, while celebrations ensue over the birth of a male child, gloom and worry prevail over the birth of a female child in anticipation of the fact that the daughter will not earn and support the family in the future like how a son usually does.

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Updated Date: May 19, 2017 23:19:43 IST