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Quickly go, 2017: A review of the year gone by, in verse

Editor's note: 2017 was a tumultuous year which gave us much food for thought. Whether it was the passing of veteran Bollywood actors Shashi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna, or the churning in Indian political and social landscape, it was a year which made us reflect on how the world around us is changing. Some things are easier to come to terms with, while others are difficult to wrap one's head around. For everything else, there's always poetry.

A review in reverse
Of the year in verse.
For, Shashi Kapoor we will miss
He has made us dwell on this:
Smile, song and caramel diction
Are all we need to avert friction.

Now, for other tittle-tattle
And a bit of people prattle.
Anushka and Virat tied the knot
Ending speculation and wasteful thought.
The Twitterrati buzzed, as is the norm –
Excited over a wedding it was omitted from.

News of a more mundane kind
Can also bring joy, you will find.
In case you were rushing off to get an Aadhaar Card
Make no haste, says this verse-challenged bard,
There will be time enough for that good deed
So you can dither, and have a read.

Tarry, if you will
Just don’t rack up a bill
At your favourite coffee shop
Don’t you know, food inflation is up!
So you must sup with utmost care
Split your beans, your peas and pears.

Also, when you pick your meat
Be wise in what you eat.
For, when it comes to cattle
You will have to battle
A mob that says, “All cattle are equal,
But some are divine; that is the prequel.”

Other deaths, we must mourn
Before the New Year is born.
Search the kabristan, search the shamshan
There, you will find, a watchful Khan
And other ghosts who cannot sleep
But sit by their tombstones and weep and weep.

There, you will find many a scribe
The most outspoken of their tribe
Carrying urns full of offending words –
They now commune with only beast and bird.
Maybe the ashes of words will scatter
Across hill and dale, and somehow matter.

But, these deaths were not in vain
For we gathered to holler: Not In My Name!
We marched the streets all day long
Shouting our slogans and singing our songs.
So those ashes of words found a voice
And maybe a few outspoken ghosts rejoiced.

People died, but books were born
Wordy reminders to all who mourn –
Literature brings a brief respite
For those fighting the good fight.
And so, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
Landed amid a state of madness.

It was a year of errors and lapses,
And let’s not forget the taxes.
With whatever cash is left, for body and soul
Let’s head to the nearest watering hole.
There, with a few friends who are so dear
Let’s rush to ring in the New Year.

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Updated Date: Dec 31, 2017 11:26:41 IST