Poor Kerala housewife who wowed YouTube gets offer to sing in films

The unusual story of Chandralekha, a poor housewife in Kerala who rose to Youtube fame over the last few days, is turning out to be more exciting with five film music directors in the state offering her a chance to sing in their movies.

The composers who offered to employ her include top names in the state’s film industry such as Bijipal and Rathish Vega. They said that her youtube video, in which she sings a film song in her dilapidated kitchen with her child in hands, has both impressed and moved them.

 Poor Kerala housewife who wowed YouTube gets offer to sing in films

A screengrab from Kairali television

They were more or less unequivocal in their offers - she may get a chance to sing in films sooner than later.

Chandralkeha’s film song video, a modest cover version of a 1990-song that got renowned south Indian playback singer KS Chitra a state award, went viral on youtube and Facebook last week - a year after which it was uploaded by a boy related to her. Some Facebook users resurrected the mobile phone video, and it went viral in Kerala as well as in the diaspora.

Reportedly, it was shared about 300,000 times on Facebook in three days.

On Sunday, TV channel Kairali, featured her story again - this time after her Youtube success. Chandralekha, who had to forgo her dream of a music career because of poverty and household burden, said it was the most remarkable thing that has happened in her life so far. She never thought she would ever be noticed and appreciated like the way it was happening in the state now. Ever since the diaspora heard about her, she is flooded with appreciative calls.

When Kairali connected her to singer KS Chitra, all that Chandralekha could do was cry in overwhelming excitement. Chitra told her that she sang the song well.

Chandralekha is the second Youtube sensation in Kerala after a gawky comic character, Santhosh Pandit, made a career for himself by producing video movies and uploading them on the site a couple of years ago. Although he is ridiculed by the mainstream film industry, Pandit now is a regular on TV and was even featured in a Malayalam reality show that resembled Bigg Boss.

The difference between the stories of Pandit and Chandralekha is that in the case of the former - a complete reject by conventional media - used Youtube with a plan to pursue an entertainment career which otherwise couldn’t have been possible.

In the singer’s case, the sheer magic of social media broke all the barriers that held her captive to poverty and deprivation, and showcased her talent to the world. And not surprisingly, she still can’t believe all this is happening.

In case you missed it, watch the video of her singing here:

Updated Date: Oct 14, 2013 10:11:01 IST